Vigo Travel Guide

  • Vigo from the Ayuntamiento
    Vigo from the Ayuntamiento
    by maykal
  • Casco Vella, Vigo
    Casco Vella, Vigo
    by maykal
  • Boat race, seen from Paseo de Alfonso XII, Vigo
    Boat race, seen from Paseo de Alfonso...
    by maykal

Vigo Things to Do

  • Castro Citadel, partly CAT HAVEN!

    This is amazing architectural marvel, withstood the test of time. However we found that a part of it has been overrun and has become a sanctuary to.. of all animals- CATS! There were a lot of them which led my hubby to call it a CAT HAVEN!Se for yourself! It is not clear whether this was intended as there were no one around to ask about this place....

  • Praza do Rey

    Another feature of the Spanish town planning is the many plazas where people congregate and hence, lots of shops around and other businesses. They also lead you around other streets of similar sights. This fortress city is unique for the streets alone are all made up of stone structures and many a time we saw lots of workers with excavation...

  • Around Vigo's City Centre- Be surprised!

    The main feature that will distinguish Vigo from other places is its town layout which is always winding towards the water and consists of many series of stairs made of stone following the contours of the land! It is amazing! There are always lots of surprises that will delight or even scare you like the cat haven we chanced upon on one of the...

  • Port of VIgo

    This is a big port, a vital part of Vigo's economy. It is huge, yet lucky for us we arrived on a Sunday morning and there were hardly any locals around. They must be in church or sleeping in!Just across the terminal area is a massive structure, a modern sculptural work of art which we enjoyed mucking about with!A few other water vessels were there...

  • Park at Plaza de Compostela

    This plaza which covers a good part at the right side of Vigo is filled with eye-catching features especially the soothing water fountains/ water features everywhere, the glorious flowering shrubs, the lush trees, especially the ficus and the many other varities and species of plants and trees that line the walkways and footpaths. There are also...

  • Monument to Vigo's Finest - A. Mendez...

    This monument is found in another leafy part of Vigo, just across the port on the right side. We chanced upon it towards the route we took going back to our ship as we started off to the left side then to the centre then ending near here!Mendez Nunez is a Spanish sailor and soldier from this Galician city and eventaully became an important part of...


    We walked around Vigo from the port and it was a treat- there's always twists and turns and we were pleasantly surprised the whole time- one of the nicest areas is the location of Parque do Castro and its importance to this ancient city. Excitedly, we follow the Castro park´s botanical path filled with leafy plants, showing more than thirty...

  • Vigo

    Personally, I find Vigo a rather sprawling industrial city with little to offer in terms of tourist attractions. I would be bored if I had to stay there for twelve hours. On the other hand, your allocated time is way to short to enjoy an excursion without hassle. I would advice a boat trip to the Cies Islands if the weather is nice. I would also...

  • Graffitti and other street art

    Like many cities, Vigo has a lot of graffitti. I'm not normally one to go round a city taking photos of random scrawlings on walls, but when it brightens up a place, I sort of like it. Much of Vigo's graffitti includes a reference to Galiza, the local name for the region of Galicia, and you see a lot of Galizan flags around...white with a diagonal...


Vigo Hotels

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  • NH Palacio de Vigo

    Avenida Garci­a Barbon, 17-19, Vigo, Galicia, 36201, Spain

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

    Hotel Class 4 out of 5 stars

  • Pazo Los Escudos Hotel And Spa

    Avenida Atlantida 106, Vigo, Galicia, 36208, Spain

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Solo

  • Coia Hotel

    Sanxenxo 1, Vigo, Galicia, 36209, Spain

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

    Hotel Class 4 out of 5 stars

Vigo Restaurants

  • Try something different...

    Tucked away in the Casco Vello (Old Town) of Vigo, the Picadillo restaurant blends the traditional and the modern with it's original and dynamic cuisine, vibrant atmosphere and social setting. The dishes are great as individual dishes but the magic is really in ordering several different ones and sharing them round the table as tapas. That way you...

  • A great lunch

    You either like these or you do not. I happen to love oysters and Vigo is just the place to have them.The old cobbled area of the town has many little restaurants serving oysters, mussels and lobster. We went for the oysters. Washed down with half a bottle of local wine and this lunch was perfect!

  • A square full of restaurants

    As I mentioned before, near the port there is a neighborhood called "Bairro de Berbes" where sailors used to live. It is an ancient part of the city. Nowadays you can find lots of restaurants and tapa bars here. Most of them have open door tables, which are very pleasant on sunny days. As we walked by this area (at lunch time) there were lots of...

  • No question of doing this -...

    No question of doing this - the whole fun is finding your own pulperia or pub - many with quaint customs and very tasty. There are different qualities to different eating places. Some let you choose your size of a thing like a pudding basin for wine! and it's good! Octopus -available everywhere but spider-crab and shellfish available almost...

  • Carnes los Abetos Lenguados...

    Carnes los Abetos Lenguados el 'Mosquito'Langostas Puesto PilotoCaza AlfredoCaza y Vinos Las BridasVino Albariño Terras Gaudas o Fillaboa3500 a 8000 Todos en Guia telefonica.Unos en Centro Vigo Mosquito- BridasOtros taxi Puesto Piloto-AlfredoOtros coche JR (Playa America , y los Abetos

  • I can´t renember actually...

    I can´t renember actually the name. It´s sited in the Port area.There are a few good places there. It´s better to eat in the street, in the external tables. there´s more ambient outside. Ostras con limon, the best ones I´ve tried


Vigo Nightlife

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  • Late start

    Although you can have a great night in Vigo, be aware that unless you are willing to start your night at approx 1 in the morning there will not be much to do until then only cafe bars e.t.c, after that there are alot of bars and discos although alot of them are actually spread here and there. I was out with my cousins who live in Vigo and they told...

  • In O'Grove I spent a night in...

    In O'Grove I spent a night in the discos (oh what a night)They have many discos and one called Mambo was very nice and had good music.Also the restaurants were great and the food!

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    62 Hotels in Vigo

Vigo Transportation

  • Port of Vigo

    Vigo is one of the most important ports in Europe and many cruise liners call into the port each year. It still has a thriving fishing industry.This picture was taken from Parque Do Castro. The views of the port are spectacular.

  • Walking around

    The best way to know Vigo is to walk around the city. Vigo isn't too big so it won't be that exhausting and I surely won’t take too long. If you arrive by car, there is a public (paid) underground parking space where you can park safely your car in a neighborhood called "Bairro de Berbes". This is a nice neighborhood to start your visit since it is...

  • I am a train lover but it is...

    I am a train lover but it is possible to go by bus from Madrid - (Auto-res).By train go either via Zamora - through line to Vigo or Pontevedra - or via Leon - change to train for Vigo. If going to Zamora you may like to get the train as far as Ourense and change to the local train for Ribodavia.If you do stay the night at Ribodavia it is best to go...


Vigo Local Customs

  • nhcram's Profile Photo

    Like em or Loathe em

    by nhcram Written Apr 9, 2006

    3 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Vigo is famous for it's fish and especially it's oysters.
    Half a dozen oysters and half a bottle of good wine costs about 12 Euros

    Preparing the oysters for my lunch!

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Vigo Tourist Traps

  • Be aware when calling overseas!!

    Spanish phones are very, very expensive when calling overseas. After spending in phone booths a lot of Euros, i learnt my lesson! A friend gave me a number that he uses and he gets much cheaper rates. I call through this number which is 902 99 53 01, from any land line or phone booth, and all i pay is just 4 cents a minute at nights and weekends,...

  • Be carefulwith the prices in...

    Be carefulwith the prices in the beaches area, in the port and wiht the guys that find a park place for you. If you don´t givwe them a little money, something can happen to your car.And try not to look very lost.

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Vigo What to Pack

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    Packing List

    by basstbn Written Aug 24, 2002

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    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: If you are making a grand tour of the Iberian peninsula in the summer, you would probably not consider carrying an umbrella or light wrap. However, visitors to Galicia should be aware that it can be damp and a little cool - especially in the evenings.

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Vigo Off The Beaten Path

  • The Bayona

    The Bayona is only a short drive from Vigo and is a lovely harbour area. The picture is of the statue of King Alfonso IX who was the founder and is known as the protector of Bayona.

  • Santiago compostela

    This is about an 11/2- 2 hours from vigo but is well worth the effort once you are there its a beautiful little city and a pilgrimage site. It also has a lots of little shops round about selling things unique to the area (okay mainly for the tourists benefit).

  • The Cies Islands

    The Cies Islands are a cluster of uninhibated islands that act as a barrier protecting the Ria from violent winds and turns it into a natural safe harbour. They are made up of three main islands; Monteaguda, Monte Faro, and San Martino, along with small islets such as Agoeira, Vinos, Carabelos, and O Ruzo. They were declared a natural park in the...


Vigo General

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  • Location

    Vigo is situated in the province of Pontevedra (Autonomous Community of Galicia). Even though Vigo is Galicia’s biggest city (concerning population) and “houses” Spain biggest fishing port it is not the capital of any province. Galicia is situated in the North of Spain, by the Atlantic Ocean, and bordering Portugal.

  • Port

    Vigo has the biggest fishing port of Spain (bathed by the Atlantic Ocean).When you visit the port area you notice that those are big, big infrastructures (and yes, you fell so small!!) and that, in fact, it must represent a major economic activity. As with any other fishing village in Spain or Portugal, when you are near the port area that are...

  • Fishing village

    In the old part of this city there is a neighborhood called "Bairro de Berbes" where sailors used to live. Undoubtedly, a nice place to start your visit.This neighbourhood has a slow paced life, different from the one notice in the newest and modern areas of Vigo. Almost the "old" heart of the fishing village, it is somewhat traditional: narrow...


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