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  • Camping at the waterfall
    Camping at the waterfall
    by sim1
  • Dwarf Cornel, bunchberry
    Dwarf Cornel, bunchberry
    by sim1
  • Padjelanta National Park
    Padjelanta National Park
    by sim1

Kartevarekåtorna Things to Do

  • Relaxing at the waterfall

    This might sound like a nightmare to some, but it is a dream to me. It was so perfect sitting lazy on this big slab of rock in the middle of the river, no one around for miles and miles, no sounds to be heard, except the one of the birds singing in the distance and the sound of rushing water at my feet. The sun is shining happily on my face, and I...

  • Walk into the valley below

    So what do you do after a long day of hiking to relax when you are camping in the middle of nowhere far far away from the civilized world? Well, walk a little bit more of course! ;-) No seriously, it really is great to stretch the legs a bit after dinner and explore the surroundings. As you won't have any backpack to carry with you, this will feel...

  • A fantastic place to put up our tent

    About one kilometre, or maybe even less, we arrive at another river a bit wider this one, but at a beautiful location. We are tired, in the body and the mind, but so happy in the soul. Despite the demanding hike, we feel so good. The sun is showing its face and the landscape is stunning. It doesn't take us long to decide, this is 'the place'!!! We...

  • Passing numerous creeks

    This part of the hike is probably the most challenging of the entire Padjelantaleden, as we now start to cross numerous creeks and little rivers. With every creek we pass the crossing seems to get a bit more challenging. There are no bridges here, so alternative routes are the way to go! Our eyes search over the river for the best place to cross....

  • Not really 'out of the woods' yet

    Although the landscape opened dramatically in front of us when entering Padjelanta, we are not really 'out of the woods' yet. For once again we dive into the woods on a winding path that seems to go on forever. It does feel more like wilderness here as the trail isn't that easy to walk. I am manoeuvring left and right to avoid branches hanging over...

  • A shocking change in landscape

    It is only a short steep climb up from the river at Slihtavagge and then all of a sudden the landscape opens up. Before your eyes is the immense landscape of Padjelanta National Park. The sudden change in landscape is so very shocking, from endless days in the forest to, without any forewarning, this wide open valley and views as far as the eyes...

  • The twinflower

    Another flower that seems to enjoy the live in this part of the world is the twinflower, named so after the two delicate twin like flowers. I really like this little flower, which is so easily overlooked. The plant is small and delicate, but so elegant at the same time. The leafs are low to the ground, oval in shape and the two little flowers are...

  • Padjelanta National Park

    In the next few tips and following pages you can read more about my experience in Padjelanta and the beauty this national park offers. But maybe now, while standing at its entrance and at the welcome sign to the park, it is a good time to give you a short intro to the park. Padjelanta, or in the Sami language called Bádjelándda, means the "high...

  • A perfect picnic place

    Once again the trail leads through a forest of birches, leaving not that much chances for a nice place to stop along the way. But no worries, there is a perfect spot for a short break or picnic when you arrive at the river at Slihtavagge. It is roughly about 4 to 5 kilometres from Såmmarlappa to get to the river, so perfect timing for all those...


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    Where is Padjelanta and Tuottar?

    by sim1 Written Jan 20, 2007

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    To give you some idea of where Padjelanta, Såmmarlappa and Tuottar exactly are, I've added some maps for you. The first map is of Sweden with all its National Parks. In the very north of Sweden you can see a little dot where Padjelanta is located. Together with the National Parks of Sarek and Stora Sjöfallet it makes a huge area, also called "Laponia" or "the last wilderness in Europe". The main part of this hike along the Padjlantaleden is through Padjelanta National Park, but you also will go through a tiny bit of Sarek and Stora Sjöfallet.

    The second map is a detailed map of the National Park (from the parks website). On the map you can see the hiking trails, roads how to get to the park, the places where you can stay overnight, etc.

    The third map is a map of my hiking trip through the park, which is also the official route of the "Padjelantaleden / Padjalanta Hiking Trail". The total hike is about 160 kilometres long.

    On my Padjelanta page you can find some more practical info how to get to the park

    Map of the National Parks in Sweden Map of Padjelanta National Park Padjelantaleden
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