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Örebro Things to Do

  • The 700-year history of Örebro Castle

    In the Middle Ages the castle was involved in warfare repeatedly, and up to 1568 it was besieged in all nine times. However, there was no question of any major alterations until the latter part of the 16th century.In 1560, King Gustav Vasa’s youngest son, Karl (later King Karl IX of Sweden) began an ambitious extension- and rebuilding programme of...

  • The "svarvarehuset"

    This is the "Svarvarehuset" or the woodworker's house. You can go in here and see him at work, and also have and also browse around in the little shop where you can buy his work. Woodworking is not the only craft you can see here. You can also see blacksmith, painting and the silversmith and of course buy their work.

  • Mmmmm...... the bakery!

    Mmmmm, doesn't it look mouth-watering delicious!! And I can tell you it tastes just as good as it looks! The bakery is not only a 'must see' visit, but also a 'must taste'! The cookies I tasted were fantastic!!! Hahaha, I even would consider driving all the way back to Örebro to try out some more delicious cookies and cakes that they sell here :-)

  • The bakery

    Not that far from the phone booth, there is a little road on the left hand side. This is where you can find the bakery of Wadköping. It looks very picturesque from the outside, but mmmm, wait until you get inside! See my next tip for all the mouth-watering things you can buy here!

  • Why they did they move these houses?

    This is a close up picture of the Cajsa Warg Hus. When you take a closer look like this you can see how crooked it is. I love that though, it looks so picturesque!When I visited Wadköping the thing that questioned me most was why they moved all these houses to this area. But moving houses is nothing new. Old timbered houses have been moved ever...

  • Old wooden houses

    Wadköping is quite new, and at the same time very old. The open air museum of Wadköping exists since 1965, but the buildings are much older. In the village of Wadköping you can see a collection of ancient buildings from Örebro and the surrounding countryside. There are many 18th-century wooden houses in the traditional red colour, which you can...

  • Map of Wadköping

    This is a map of Wadköping that you can see at the entrance of the open air museum. On it you can see the location of the houses in the museum and a short description of them. Wadköping is situated on the banks of the River Svartån. It's not that hard to find, although it is somewhat outside of the city centre. But there are lots of signs pointing...

  • In the middle of the city

    It was a beautiful day when I was in Örebro, and it was nice to walk around the castle in the sunshine. The location of the castle is a bit unusual though; it is in the middle of the city centre of Örebro. In the background on the right side of the picture (click on it to enlarge it) you can see the buildings of the city centre.If you follow the...

  • The jail

    The guided tour continues to the jail of Örebro Castle. This is also the spot where the exhibition about the history of Örebro is. It's not allowed to take pictures inside the castle, except for here at the jail, so this is the only picture of the interior that I have of Örebro castle. Not that I really minded in this case, as the interior wasn't...

  • Separate entrance for the prince

    To make things more complicated, the prince should have a separate door as well. It's located on the other corner of the inner courtyard, and it's now the entrance to the tourist office. You can see two doors here as well, for the two royal children. The fun part is that the two doors lead to the same staircase. The doors suggest real 'separate'...

  • King and Queen door

    The guided tour starts in the courtyard of the castle, and you can hear all about the building history of the castle. You can clearly see at points all the alterations that have been made to the castle over the centuries. A few fun details were pointed out, like the two sets of doors that are in opposite corners in the inner courtyard. The first...

  • The guided tour at Örebro Castle

    To get some idea how life in the castle is, it's a nice idea to take a guided tour. A word of warning though, the castle itself is not so spectacular to see on the inside. So don't get any hopes of seeing a nicely and interesting decorated castle. There isn't anything left of the old interior, only a few items (mainly paintings) you can still see....


Örebro Hotels

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  • Radisson Sas Hotel

    Kungsgatan 14, Orebro, 702 11, SE

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Solo

    Hotel Class 3.5 out of 5 stars

  • Sx Elite Stora Hotellet

    Drottninggtatan 1, Orebro, SE

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Families

    Hotel Class 4 out of 5 stars

  • First Hotel

    Storgatan 24, Orebro, 703 61, SE

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Solo

    Hotel Class 3 out of 5 stars

Örebro Restaurants

  • Wonderful and varied buffet at lunch...

    We got to the museum before midday and were planning to look for a restaurant in downtown to have lunch later, but we felt hungry before we finished seeing everything there was to see and we were lazy to walk all the way to downtown and back to the museum again. We then realized that they had a small dining room in the second floor of the cafeteria...

  • Best in town!

    This restaurant is very special: the style is Greek -Turkish and the food is superb. The prices are rather low, and the crew will certainly do their best to make you feel comfort. I like it very much! Kebab or peppersteak. Mmmmmmmmmm!

  • Örebro Hotels

    19 Hotels in Örebro

Örebro Transportation

  • Pavlik_NL's Profile Photo

    By airplane the gateways to...

    by Pavlik_NL Written Sep 8, 2002

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    By airplane the gateways to Sweden are Stockholm, Goteborg or Malmo. Coming by car or train from mainland Europe one needs a ferry. From Helsingborg to Helsingor there is a short connection (trains are driven onto it in total). From Kiel (Germany) a Stenaline-ferry is a pleasant connection to Goteborg if you go by car. The driver can find some rest on the boat.
    Trains are great for the longer distances. By car the whole country is open for you, though the further North, the worse the condition of inlandroads can be. Hiking around is ideal in this country of nature. Going from 'Hutan' to 'Hutan', blockhuts in the middel of nowhere that all hikers can use for free. Some even have stretcher-beds ready and a closet with some groceries. One expects that if you take something out, you put something back into the storage. Also by bike the country is open wide. However it is a shame that you are restricted to the asfalt.

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Örebro Shopping

  • gunnor's Profile Photo

    IKEA, El-Giganten, Mariebergs shoppingcenter: Visit Marieberg!

    by gunnor Written Nov 8, 2002

    You can get almost everything you want in this shoppingcenter. Mostly I go there to buy clothes, electronics and furniture. Open all days, even on sundays.

    What to buy: Kapp-Ahl, H&M, Dressman: clothes.
    El-Giganten: TV, video, computers, cameras, and much more.
    IKEA: Furniture and almost everything for your home.

    What to pay: Less than average

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Örebro Local Customs

  • Nobbe's Profile Photo

    Nowadays Wadköping is...

    by Nobbe Written Aug 24, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Nowadays Wadköping is thriving, with a café, craftsmen, shops, museums, exhibitions, a theatre, puppet shows, a hair-dresser’s and lots more besides.

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Örebro Warnings and Dangers

  • Potential danger in Sweden is...

    Potential danger in Sweden is drinking too much. Babars in Orebro is a great place to catch the locals.

  • The pricelevel in Sweden, as...

    The pricelevel in Sweden, as well as the rest of Scandinavia is high. Especially alcoholic drinks and smokeware have enormous taxes and the prices are skyhigh. However, also average groceries have a price that is almost double the prices on mainland Europe. Reckon with this fact in your budget if you go there.

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Örebro What to Pack

  • Sunset and Sunrise

    The daylight hours (hours between sunrise and sunset) vary a lot between the winter and summer months. People may expect to see the midnight sun during the summer, because they are in Scandinavia. But this is not true for Örebro, because you are not far enough north in the country. In December you will only have 6 hours to enjoy the day. The sun...

  • Climate in Örebro

    There is no special rainy seasonAvg. Temp. in Spring: max.: 4 – 16°C ( 39 - 60°F ); min: -4 - 5°C ( 25 - 41°F )Avg. Temp. in Summer: max.: 19 – 21°C ( 66 - 70°F ); min: 9 - 11°C ( 49 - 51°F )Avg. Temp. in Autumn: max.: 4 – 16°C ( 39 - 60°F); min: 0 - 8°C ( 32 – 47°F )Avg. Temp. in Winter: max.: 0 – 1°C ( 32 - 34°F); min: -4 - -3°C ( 25 - 27°F )

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Örebro Off The Beaten Path

  • Swimming in Gustavsvik

    Gustavsvik is the name of a bath-complex located a few minutes south of Örebro center. It has long been a favourite of families with children. Here is an "adventure bath", outdoor bathing facilities with a sand beach, a realxation area and more. However, during the spring of 2003 the bath has been subject to repeated closures due to persistent...

  • If you get the chance you...

    If you get the chance you should go camping. One of my favourite nights was when a friend of mine took me up to the near by hills and forrests for an outdoor bbq and berry picking. My one regret was that I didn't take my camera with me. Sitting on a cliff top above a still lake, surrounded by forrests with a crackling fire near by is my idea of a...

  • Go into the country as Sweden...

    Go into the country as Sweden is a country-country (hmm, sounds stupid, but is true). The hills, the fields, the forests and especially the thousands of lakes, make Sverige to a natural paradise where you can hike for miles and not meet a living soul (except that big moose, a little beaver and - in summertime) the magificent flowers that blossom...


Örebro General

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  • The main church in town

    My friends and I just walked by this nice church..... it was the weekend and it was already late so it was closed and we couldn't take a peek inside. But I was very impressed with the building itself so I made this picture. Probably the inside isn't as spectacular anyway because it's a lutheran church and they tend to have a very modest...

  • Janellabel's General Tip

    When I was still wandering around one morning aimlessly I found this man in Orebro square painting the medieval St. Nicolai Church . So I sat and watched him paint this church from scratch which turned into an amazing painting.

  • Janellabel's General Tip

    Going for a bikeride early one morning and just wandering the streets taking in the local sights and then buying danishes at a local bakery and doing my best impression of a Swede, of which I failed dismaly at but I did get my danishes and I did get a laugh out of the whole situation.


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