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Gnesta Things to Do

  • Recognize movie scenery

    Several scenes in the movie based on the award-winning novel The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Män som hatar kvinnor, Stieg Larsson) were shot in central Gnesta.You can follow Mikael Blomqvist's footsteps in Hedestad (Gnesta) and recognize buildings and scenery from the thrilling movie.

  • Countryside Cycling

    You can go biking on the small countryside roads around Gnesta. The bicycle trail Nackrosleden is 700 kilometers long and passes by Gnesta with several stages. Also Malardalsleden passes by Gnesta with connections to stages around lake Malaren.From Gnesta you can bike to the Eriksgatan trail which is an other bicycle trail following the historic...

  • Go flying from Vängsö airfield

    You can visit Vängsö airfield from where you can go flying by small aircrafts or learn sailflying. This small airfield was originally a reserve field for the local air-mail traffic.The airfield is operated by Östra Sörmlands Flygklubb who also arranges a yearly flying day in the late summer.

  • Visit the home district museum

    Take a trip to the outdoor museum with a gathering of typical historic buildings from the district. Frustuna hembygdsförening was founded 1936 and works with preserving the local history.

  • Visit Frustuna Church

    Frustuna church is situated on a small hill on the shore of Lake Frosjon.The construction of this stone church begun in then 12th century. Since then it has been reconstructed several times.

  • Hiking on the Sormlandsleden trail

    The Sormlandleden is an inviting trail of more than 1000 kilometers of paths covering all the region. You can plan and walk prefferred stages in the wilderness passing by lakes, cultural and historic monuments.


Gnesta Hotels

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  • Sodertuna Slott

    Just north of Gnesta there is a manor house called Sodertuna slott in a countryside atmosphere.

  • Gnesta Strand

    Margretedalsvagen 4, Gnesta, 646 34, Sweden

    Satisfaction: Terrible

    Good for: Business

Gnesta Restaurants

  • Perfect place for lunch

    We visited Gnesta to see the sights from the 2009 film "Män som hatar kvinnor." Since the compact town centre can easily be seen in half a day, we stopped at the Humbles bakery for lunch before catching the train back to Stockholm.We had a typical Swedish lunch consisting (beet salad & meatball sandwich, pancakes with jelly). Everything was so good...

  • Tex-Bar

    In this nice restaurant you have a selection of meat dishes including burgers and sausages. The service is very good. Meatballs with mashed potatoes and lingonberry jam.

  • A lakeside restaurant

    The restaurant has a perfect location at the lake-side. Here you can enjoy a variety of dishes with indoor or outdoor seating.

  • Popular Coffeehouses

    The most popular Coffeehouses are in the central area where you can get a good cup of coffee or tea together with a cake while reading the local newspaper.- Humbles Konditori, Torggatan 1, +46 (0) 158 - 10 228- Kafé Thekannan, Västra Storgatan 14, +46 (0) 158 - 13 838 A nice cup of Cappucino and fresh homebaked cream cake with raspberry jam!

  • Pizza restaurants

    There is a great selection of Pizza restaurants offering both classic Italian style and American panpizzas and some of them also have lunch dishes.Most of them can be found in central Gnesta:- Arena Pizzeria, Nibblegatan 1, +46 (0) 158 - 26 337- Lilla Huset, Dagagatan 7, +46 (0) 158 - 10 644- Vita Villan, Västra Storgatan 24, +46 (0) 158 - 12 365-...

  • Pub and Restaurant Oliver Twist

    This restaurant offers local lunch and dinner dishes. The pea soup with pancakes on Thursdays is recommended.


Gnesta Nightlife

  • Pub and sports bar with live music

    This is the best English pub in Sörmland where you can have a beer and chat with the locals. It is also a sports bar showing all major sports events on the big screen.In the weekends there are great live music to listen to. Cheers!

  • Nightlife in nearby Sodertalje and...

    A great variety of nightlife is found just 30 minutes away by local train or car in the nearby Sodertalje. The best selection of nightlife in Sweden can be found in Stockholm just 40 minutes away by the regional/intercity train.

  • Gnesta Hotels

    2 Hotels in Gnesta

Gnesta Transportation

  • By road

    Gnesta is located about 70km southwest of Stockholm. By car it is easy to reach Gnesta from the E4 motorway south of Sodertalje.You can leave the motorway at Jarna junction (exit 141) and then follow the road 57.You can also leave the motorway at Lastringe junction (exit 136, 137) and follow the road 224 to Gnesta.

  • Regional Bus transportation

    A comprehensive bus network covers the whole Sormland region. Gnesta is easily accessible by bus from major locations such as Nykoping, Mariefred, Flen, Trosa.

  • Easy arrival by plane

    Stockholm Skavsta International Airport is just some 50 kilometers away from Gnesta. From the airport you can reach Gnesta by car in 40 minutes.You can also reach Gnesta from the airport by bus via Nykoping.


Gnesta Shopping

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    Daily shopping

    by sssake Written Dec 15, 2007

    A small range of shopping in the village for the daily need.
    For more extended shopping just go to nearby Sodertalje or Stockholm city.

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Gnesta Local Customs

  • Market day - Gnestadagen

    In early summer there is a festivity called "Gnestadagen".In daytime it is a Market day and in the evening all locals go outside to celebrate and have some fun till the sun goes down.

  • Spring celebration with a bonfire

    One tradition is celebrating the arrival of the spring with a bonfire. This celebration happens every year in the last night of April. People gather watching the fire and often singing songs.

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Gnesta What to Pack

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    Summer and winter tips

    by sssake Updated Jun 7, 2008

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: In summertime don't forget to bring bathing-trunks and bikinis.

    In wintertime don't forget warm clothes including caps and gloves.

    A nearby lake Winter image A nearby beach
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    • Beaches
    • Eco-Tourism

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Gnesta Off The Beaten Path

  • Skottvangs mine

    Don't miss Skottvangs gruva, the historic mining area a bit north of Gnesta.The iron ore mining took place her since 13th Century.Every summer the "Charcoal week" is held at the mining are when the ancient charcoal burning will take place in a traditional charcoal pile.

  • Explore the viking history

    There are a lot of ancient remains from the viking era in the region of Sormland. If you are interested in history you should explore the rune stones and rock carvings around Gnesta.More info at the local tourist information office.

  • Klubba caves

    There is a cave close to the Klubba church at lake Baven west of Gnesta. The cave is accessible through several cracks in the rock. The biggest entrance reminds of a church entrance. If you want to enter don't forget a torch.


Gnesta General

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    Tourist information

    by sssake Written Dec 15, 2007

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    Favorite thing: Tourist information of Gnesta village
    Tel. +46(0)158 - 70 666
    Fax. +46(0)158 - 70 295

    Tourist information of the Sörmland region

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