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Private Tour: Stockholm City Walking Tour Including the Vasa Museum
"Meet your expert guide near Stortorget the main square in Stockholm’s picture-book Gamla Stan (Stockholm Old Town) and set off on your private walking tour. The old quarter of Sweden's capital is steeped in history. As you stroll listen avidly as your guide shares interesting facts about the people that once lived here and shaped its fortunes including Birger Jarl hailed as the man who founded the city in around 1250.

 Explore the quaint streets and see the top Gamla Stan attractions including the imposing Coronation Church and the statue of St George and the Dragon. Stop to pose for pictures outside Stockhol the official residence of Sweden’s royal family.
From SEK430.00
Gamla Stan Walking Tour in Stockholm
"Meet your guide at Stortorget Stockholm’s oldest square and then set off to explore the beautiful area of Gamla Stan that comprises the city’s Old Town. Brimming with history the medieval neighborhood is believed to date back to the mid-13th century when Stockholm was founded.Hear about the man credited with founding Stockholm Birger Jarls and learn all about the town in its early days. With countless years of history the city has some fine architecture and your guide will point out the most striking examples of its distinctive North German-style buildings. Wander down the narrowest alleyway in Sweden
From SEK150.00
Stockholm Shore Excursion: Private Stockholm City Walking Tour Including the Vasa Museum
"While you’re in port in Stockholm seize the opportunity to see some of the city’s finest sights with a personal guide on a private walking tour. Meet your expert guide near Stortorget the main square in Stockholm’s picture-book Gamla Stan (Old Town). This charming district is steeped in history and your guide reveals interesting facts about the people who once lived here including Birger Jarl hailed as the man who founded the city in around 1250.

 Explore the quaint streets and see the top Gamla Stan attractions including the imposing Coronation Church and the statue of St George and the Dragon. You'll also stop to pose for pictures outside the official residence of Sweden’s royal family.
From SEK430.00

Djurgården Tips (29)

Stockholm Stadion - home of Djurgården

Stockholm Stadion is the oldest stadium in Stockholm, built and used for the Olympic Summer Games in Stockholm 1912.
The stadium should be re-built a bit during this winter, to be a bit more modern.
Djurgården-supporters stands on the long side, while there is also a sitting group of singing supporters at section F, on the other side of the stadium.
Away-supporters stand in a big sector in one of the curve.
Unfortunately, as it was used during the Olympics, the stadium has running-tracks around the pitch. That makes the arena much less genuine, and it’s not among my favourite-stadiums in Sweden.
Best seats for a e neutral should be on the long-side stand, as much in the middle as possible. If you want to stand up I suggest you go to the other side of the stadium, where you’ll find standing places, but still with quite good view.

Try to stand away from the curves, the away-section included, as you’ll have a couple of kilometers from there to the pitch…

Calcio's Profile Photo
Dec 15, 2004

Stockholm - The City of Museums

The Vasa Museum
See this beautifully preserved ship from 1628 in a fabulous museum with eight large exhibitions. “The Age of Vasa” is a journey in time to the country behind this ship. Films and guided tours in several languages. Prize-winning shop and restaurant.

t_cims's Profile Photo
Jul 04, 2007


Djurgården (The Animal Garden) is a recreational isle in the middle Stockholm.

This is the site of the Wasa Museet, the museum of the old ship the Wasa. And also the Gröna Lund, the amusement park can be found here.

But the main part of the isle is just a quiet park in which you don't have a clue that you are even in a city. Only the sporadic horn of a big ship will let you remember that you are in the city.

elPierro's Profile Photo
Sep 03, 2005

Go to Djurgardsbron to...

Go to Djurgardsbron to 'Skepp&Hoj'.
Here you can rent:all kinds of boats (such as kayaks, kanoes and rowing boats), bikes and in-line skates.
It's a wonderful, green area!
Djurgarden has a wonderful park to skate. And is great to go with your boat. You can also stop over for a pcknick at the water side.

G.D.'s Profile Photo
Aug 25, 2002
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The safari in the zoo was great. You go thru the safari with the bus you arrived with. We actually had to stop for a half an hour or so, cos 3 giraffes just stood in front of our bus and wouldn't move no matter what!
Also you must see the dolphins. Unless you've seen them live in an ocean or something, you gotta see them, they're really cute!

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Apr 04, 2011

Take a bus or walk to...

Take a bus or walk to Djurgarden and visit The garden of Rosendal.
They have deliscios pasterys, salads and sandwishes. If it's raining/snowing you can sit in the greenhouse-if not - sit in the garden. They also sell marmelade, lemonade on bottles, honey and more...
It's very popular, among all ages- especially in the weekends.

nickan's Profile Photo
Aug 25, 2002

visit the Island of Djurgården

Home of various must-see Sights such as
Vasamuseet the Wasa Museum, Gröna Lund the amusement park, which is also host of numerous concerts, Liljewalchs Konsthall the Liljewalch art hall, open air museum and zoological park of Skansen.

Maline's Profile Photo
Aug 25, 2002

The perimeter boat cruise of...

The perimeter boat cruise of Djurgaden. Skaansen itself and the Zoo
The zoo is open, many animals are caged but there is an area where they are not, and the lemurs were incredible, as well as small monkeys which appearred very tame and were 12 inches cages! This little guy is about five inches long excluding tail and the species is the smallest in the world.
Skaansen is a fantactic outdoor museum, but there would have been more actiivity after April (in the summer)

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Aug 24, 2002

Top 5 Stockholm Writers

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On Djurgården you can find lots of outdoor activities.

'Gröna Lund' is the place for you if you want to have some fun. Amusementpark with some scaring attractions. If you're afraid of heights (like I am), don't even think about riding 'Fritt fall' (in english free falling), 80 metres of pure fear. But they also have a 6 metres 'Fritt fall' for children - more my kind of ride.

Vasa museum - take a look at the warship that sank on its maiden voyage in 1628.

Rosendals Gardens and Castle - stroll in the beautiful garden and have a 'fika' at the outdoor-café. Yummy sandwiches and lovely flowers.

There are many more museums at Djurgården - Nordic Museum, Junibacken (Astrid Lindgren's world), Aquaria-Water museum etc.

Aug 24, 2002


Djurgarden is one of the islands that make up the city of Stockholm.It is a reen and pleasant area where many of the inhabitants go to relax.A lot of museums are located here and it is a very pleasant area to go walking or cycling.A tram runs from the city centre all the way around the island.

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Oct 16, 2014

A wonderful place to relax

Djurgarden is full of parks and a wonderful place to walk and enjoy a nice warm afternoon. You can visit Skansen, Vasa and Nordiska Museums, or the art gallery of Prince Eugene, or even the small palace of Rosendal. The villas and residences built along the seashore are just amazing!

travelthrough's Profile Photo
Jun 10, 2010


If you will have a chance of a nice weather, you can spent some time in Djurgarden and let your body feel free..

In djurgarden there is a park where you can walk, rest and spent some time and also the Nordic Museum.

There is a ferry crossing from Gamla stan to the island of Djurgarden and it operates in every 20 minutes. The cost for person is around 2,- USD.

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May 05, 2003

Things to Do Near Stockholm

Things to Do


This place looks almost like home to me, as I lived so close to it, and passed it every day. Once in the evening there was a performance, people read poems, played the guitar and sang songs. It was...
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Strindbergsmuseet - Strindberg Museum

The Swedish author August Strindberg (1849-1912) spent the last four years of his life in a building he called The Blue Tower. The reconstructed apartment, consisting of three rooms, and his library...
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Stadshuset - City Hall

The interior of Stadshuset can be visited with guided tours only. It was not on your group's schedule but I really wished to see it, so I went by myself in the last morning. Although Stadshuset is a...
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Kungliga Myntkabinettet - Royal Coin Cabinet

The Royal Coin Cabinet is part of the Museums of National Antiquities of Sweden. It consists of a collection of coins, other means of payment, medals etc. from all around the world. The Royal Coin...
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Boat Tours

There are many companies offering scenic boat trips of Stockholm,and it is interesting to see the city from a different perspective.Trips leave from stromkajen,by the grand hotel,and vary in length...
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The Skeppsholm Church is named after its' locatioin, the islet of Skeppsholmskyrkan in central Stockholm. It was built between 1823-1849 and inaugurated by King Charles XIV John. The Church...
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