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2-hour Guided Tour of the Vasa Museum
"Welcome to the WOW experience that is the Vasa Museum! Our world class guides will take you on a fascinating journey of more than 500 years of Swedish tradition fashion art history and architecture. Together we will discover how a ship that spent 333 years on the bottom of the sea can be so well preserved how many people died as the ship sank who was punished for this failure and how it was salvaged. Our package includes entree into the Vasa museum a professional guide and a tailor made tour designed to give you the most value from your visit. The tour last for 2 hours The price includes entrace fee and a professional guide.  The walking d
From SEK600.00
Stockholm in One Day Sightseeing Tour
"Board a coach outside the Royal Opera House to begin the first portion of your Stockholm sightseeing tour. On your 1.5-hour coach ride see the Swedish capital's best-known attractions including the Royal Palace City Hall the Vasa Museum and the Royal Djurgården. Learn about Stockholm's sights and history along the way from your onboard guide. You may also make a stop at Fjällgatan for a nice view of Stockholm’s islands.Transfer to a boat and cruise around Djurgården you'll pass several historical buildings museums and green areas
From SEK420.00
Stockholm Pass
"Explore the beautiful city of Stockholm with unlimited travel on hop-on hop-off buses and boats with 22 bus stops and 8 stops by boat (the boat runs during the summer only) it is the perfect way to see as much as you can during your visit. In addition to that gain free entry to more than 60 different attractions in this gorgeous Scandinavian city. For additional benefits check out the Itinerary section below.""""Make the most of your time in the Swedish capital with the Stockholm Pass
From SEK595.00

Vasa Museum Tips (134)

home of the Vasa ship

The Vasa ship was constructed in the 1600's but unfortunately sank on her maiden trip. It was salvaged in 1961. The museum opened in 1990 and shows not only the wreck, but also glimpses of how people of that time lived.

marielexoteria's Profile Photo
Nov 24, 2007

Vasa Museum - spectacular ship that sank!

I first saw the Vasa ship through the Travel Channel as I was watching Samantha Brown. I was intrigued with the story and so I booked a flight to Sweden (I am so easy to persuade...hehehe). But I was not disappointed since the ship is truly huge and spectacular. It was a bit dark in the museum and was difficult to take good pictures, but you can really feel the massiveness of the structure.

It is a 17th century warship that went on its maiden voyage in 1628, but sank 20 minutes into the ceremony after the wind messed up the sails! It stayed at bottom of the harbor for 333 years, rediscovered in 1956 and raised up in 1961.

I tried to imagine how grand it looked at the time - 95% of the original wood still remain. There's about 500 carved wooden statues and restorers tried to estimate the original color.

At the upper floor, there is a circular wooden platform (those seen at the top of the sails), and if you go on it --- YOU WILL FEEL DIZZY! I just can't imagine how the sailors could tolerate being at such a small platform at such a scary height over the ocean. Must have been tough to earn a living then! I was born to be on land (definitely). So, try going on that circular wooden platform and see what I mean...

Jun-Aug daily 1000-1700
Sept-May M-F 1000-1600, Wed until 2000, Sat-Sun 1000-1700

jumpingnorman's Profile Photo
Nov 24, 2008

The famous war ship Vasa

At the island of "Djurgarden" you will find one of Sweden's most popular museums, the Vasa museum. It shows, and tell the story, about the war ship Vasa, which sank on it's maiden trip in 1628. In 333 years the ship stayed on the bottom of the sea outside the swedish capital.

In the museum you'll see the original ship, 69 meters long and 52 meters high, weighing 1210 tons.

You'll also find a lot of information and exhibitions, including a movie (texted in english) which tells the story about Vasa. It starts every full hour, and gives a good view of the story.

The museum are in six floors, so you will be able to see the ship from bottom to top. It's not possible to go onboard, but you come really close to the ship, and you'll be able to see all the beautiful details of it.

It was the swedish king Gustav II Adolf who ordered the ship in 1625. It was made for 445 persons, including 300 soldiers, and was made for the 30-year-war, which involved big parts of the western Europe.

In 1628 the ship was done and ready to go on water, but after just a very short time on it's maiden trip the ship overturns, and quickly sunks. Around 50 people drowned.

1956 the ship was found again, by Anders Franzen. And five years later, of hard fought work, the Vasa was again above water. It took 18 years to make the ship ready for life out of the water.

In 1988 the new Vasa museum was built and done and the ship made the last trip.

For me this museum is very special. It shows something very interesting, yet tragic, and gives away a lot of information.

On the basement floor you'll find some computers where you can "build" your own Vasa-ship, and see if you can make it better than they did in the 1600-ties. I've been in the museum three times now, and so far I haven't been succesful... ;)

The museum is open every day, 10-17. On wednesday 10-20. In the summertime it's open 9.30-19.00.

Entry is 80 kronor (around 12 dollar) for adults. Free entrance for persons with the Stockholm card.

Henrik_rrb's Profile Photo
Mar 27, 2005

Don't miss the Vasa Museum!

This museum is really amazing. The whole museum is dedicated to the royal ship the Vasa, which sank in 1628 right after it left its dock. It was raised in 1961 and fully restored and most of what you see is original. It is truly amazing and unique.

I would recommend to ask as soon as you go in when the next tour will take place--the tour is included in the price of entry. You can walk around on your own, but you get so much more out of it if you take the guided tour. The tour takes about 25 minutes. I would also highly recommend the 25 minute movie which is in Swedish (with English subtitles). It runs every hour.

There are three levels to the museum to give you different views of the ship (stairs or elevator) and a very nice gift shop as well as a cafeteria.

wadekorzan's Profile Photo
Jun 03, 2004
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Vasa Museum

In 1628, the mighty warship Vasa was launched on her maiden voyage. Designed to be the mightiest warship ever built, she had one flaw: she was top-heavy. As a result, some 20 minutes into the voyage, a gust of wind caused the great ship to tip on its side and sink to the bottom of Stockholm Harbor.

In 1961, the wreck of the Vasa, kept amazingly intact by the cold water, was raised. Eventually, the current museum was built around her for the purpose of displaying and preserving the ship.

A fascinating 25-minute film documenting the raising and preservation of the Vasa is shown hourly (in Swedish subtitled in English). At 30 minutes past most hours, the film is shown in other languages (Finnish, French, English, German, and Spanish). Check the website for details on the showings.

Admission is SEK 130 for adults. Wednesdays after 5PM, admission is SEK 100. Children under 17 may enter free.

Open daily 10AM-5PM (Wednesdays until 8PM) September-May.
Open 8:30AM-6PM June-August.

travelfrosch's Profile Photo
Jun 29, 2014

Interesting and Sad History

The Vasa Museum is a definite "Must See" from an historical perspective and a testament to the efforts of mankind and perservation. This vessel was the largest of the day when it began its maiden voyage in 1628, but something was not right because it sank with all aboard. Amazingly, the cold waters of the area kept the ship well preserved until it was recovered and raised in 1961. You can walk all around the ship, walk through reproductions of what life on a ship would seem in the 1600's, and even see shoes, belt buckles, and other personal items of its crew. There is a cost of admission but well worth the price.

NC_Ziggy's Profile Photo
Feb 20, 2005

Pride and Punishment

It is definitely one of those places in Stockholm that can't be missed. It houses the royal warship Vasa that sank in Stockholm harbour during her maiden voyage in 1628. Let's imagine hundreds of Stockholmers coming to the quay to admire the magnificent ship - the pride of King Gustav II Adolphus. It's August 10, 1628 - a lovely sunny day. The ship is really beautiful - colourful carvings of noblemen, soldiers, mythological figures cover the sides. They are to symbolize power and invincibility. The stern is decorated with royal coat-of-arms and other intricate ornaments which make it an absolute masterpiece. The sailors have been allowed to take their families aboard. The wives and children are to leave the ship in Alvsnabben, and after 300 soldiers get onboard the ship is to set off against Poland. The atmosphere is joyous, hardly anybody knows about construction defects that came out during the tests. The Stockholmers wave the ship goodbye and suddenly to their horror it begins to rock and tilt and within a short time it disappears under water.

magor65's Profile Photo
Sep 14, 2004

Vasa Museum

This is a museum dedicated to a warship built and sunk in 1628 in the waters of Stockholm. A wave hit it, it took on water thru the portholes, went sideways and over. Most on board lost their lives–sailors couldn’t swim ironically. They found the ship in the 1961, raised it, and it’s in the museum and it’s a site to behold. It’s about 7 floors tall and very informative. English tours available for free.

It also has other things besies the boat, like life on a boat, life in Sverige at that time, how sailors lived, stories about famous battles with Denmark and other countries....Very interesting museum.


Tom_In_Madison's Profile Photo
Oct 11, 2006

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On August 10th 1628, the day of its maiden voyage, the Royal warship Vasa sank after sailing only 1.300 metres, she did not even manage to leave the harbour of Stockholm. On calm sea the pride of the naval power Sweden sank due to the immense weight of the decoration and basic constructional faults (it was, for example, built top-heavy which led to massive instability). Despite all these apparent defects Vasa was allowed to set sail and so the catastrophe ran its course and 50 people were doomed to die. When Vasa was built, by order of king Gustav II Adolf, she was meant to express the dominance of Sweden at the Baltic Sea. She was one of the largest and most heavily armed warships of her time and neither trouble nor expense was spared to equip and decorate her. Obviously that mark was overshot!

After 333 years at the bottom of Stockholms Ström, Vasa was finally salvaged by a group of marine archaeologists. And after almost 17 years of restauration, the ship was 1st brought to a temporary museum (Wasavarvet) before it was relocated to Vasa Museum wher today it can be admired. It is not possible to enter the ship, but the museum's 6 levels allow in-depth exploration of this impressive wreck. Parts of the ship (like the cannon deck) were also recreated (to give an impression of the ship's size and the on-board conditions) and can be visited. Vasa museet also houses various exhibits related to the archaeological findings of the ship and early 17th century Sweden. According to claims on the official web site, it is the most visited museum of Scandinavia.

Elena77's Profile Photo
Nov 15, 2007

Interesting Exhibits

This is just one example of the interesting displays here... there are many of several different levels all open in the center to view the ship from various vantage points. There are also precise and exact reproductions of the living quarters and other ship-board features that allow you to feel where others were centuries ago!

NC_Ziggy's Profile Photo
Feb 20, 2005

Talk About A BIG Boat!

I don't recall how I knew about this ship, but when I first went to Stockholm, I very much wanted to see it, and Im glad I did, because my travel mate and I spent if not- a little more than 5 hours there.... Just staring at this GIGANTIC historical boat.

The boat surprisingly was in complete-- well almost complete grand condition since its sinking in the early 1600's and recovered 300 years later in Stockholm Harbor.

In the museum, there are seven floors that are built around the ship so you can virtually get a 360 degree view. One each floor there are little interactive programs and wall exhibits illustrating the time period and the the circumstances where for the purpose of the ship- since it was meant as a warship.

Just like the Titanic (except the Titanic was bigger and actually made it OUT of the harbor) this ship sank on its maiden voyage with like a couple hundred passengers all men, women and children. On the bottom floor they have artifacts from the actually people on board with descriptions about their lives and their reasoning for being on board.

Its a really interesting museum and it completely blew my mind. The whole ship was decorated so well and all the wood carvings really impressed me. Something with that size and mass definitly is something to be astounded at, even if it never served its purpose, the sad tragedy behind it is as chilling and mystifying as any other...

Here is a good site for better information and some cool photos

GoodGirl16's Profile Photo
Jan 06, 2006

The Vasa Museum

Although I am not that much interested in museums, I visited the famous Vasa Museum and I was very impressed. It is probably Scanadinavia's most visited museum.

It houses the preserved warship Vasa that sank in 1628 and was risen in 1961. The museum has a kind of mysterious atmosphere as the wooden ship needs low light and moist conditions for maintainance. On several floors the museum has many interesting exhibitions including films and a slide show.

The Vasa Museum is situated at the western end of the Djurgarden island.


HORSCHECK's Profile Photo
Dec 07, 2013

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