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Free Public Transportation Tips (6)

Easy, safe and FREE !!!!

If there's one great thing about visiting Geneva is that you receive a free transportation for the amount of days you stay in a hotel in Geneva .... even though the trolley, bus, and train to the airport is on the honor system, you DON'T want to get caught without a ticket ..... fines are big and you can get yourself in huge trouble .... when checking in to your hotel ask for a Transportation card all hotels have them and give them out.

Geneva is a small city that can be easily walked from one point to another but why do that if you don't have to pay for transportation !!!!!

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Jul 21, 2013

Free Transportation From The Airport

Free travel cards are dispensed at the baggage area in the airport. If you are staying in the city centre, make the most of the travel cards and take the train from the airport into Geneva main station (Contrin). This will save lots on taking a taxi, and you're free to take a taxi or tram to your final destination

Apr 01, 2010

Free public transport

If you're staying in a hotel in Geneva ask for a "transport card" when you check in. It should be available at all hotels in the city and gives you free rides on all buses, trams, boats and even to the airport for the duration of your stay. Fantastic!

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Feb 11, 2010

Free transport from the airport!

If you fly into Geneva, you get a free 90 minute transport ticket to get you to your destination.

There is a ticket machine located in the air terminal, in the area where you pick up your luggage, just near the exit. You will pass by it as you walk out, but somehow it is not very obvious to most people.

Most people who are not taking taxis (which are extortionately expensive in Geneva) head for the bus, however in fact, your ticket covers you for the train, which is much faster!

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Dec 24, 2009
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From the airport to the city-center...FREE

When you arrive at Geneva airport, collected your luggage and are about to buy a ticket to use public transport into the city-center: Pick up your free ticket.

There is a ticket-machine before the customs, so make sure you don't overlook it. Simply press a button and it will print your free ticket which is valid from 80 minutes and costs NOTHING.

Caution, this ticket is only valid when you can show a flight ticket of the same day on request.

Btw, you can take Bus. Number 10, but the train(tickets is valid there, too) will be much, much quicker.

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Apr 22, 2009

From Geneve airport to the city and back

In the beautiful expensive Geneva, there is one useful tip for transportation.
Once you are in the airport, in the same hall where you receive you luggage look around and find automat for your FREE ticket to the city. If you leave the hall for luggage and get inside the main building of the airport,- it is no longer available. Another thing is that ticket is valid 80 minutes only. So, take it from the machine last moment, when you have all your luggage with you. The train station is 3 minutes walk inside the main airport building. then it takes approx. 10 minutes by train to get to Geneva train station. The free airport 80 minutes transport pass is valid for train , bus and metro. So, you can get to the hotel without paying. In the hotel (any hotel within the Geneva city territory) you suppose to receive FREE transport pass during all the time of your stay. There will be your name on this pass and duration of your stay and stamp of the hotel. This pass covers buses, metro and lake boats transportation (not all of them, special kinds of). Remember, this is all free of charge. With this pass you can take train back to the airport.
Good luck!

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Dec 22, 2008
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Place du Bourg-de-four

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