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Private Kaunas and Pazaislis Monastery Tour
"The M.K Ciurlionis Art Gallery and the Devil's Museum are nearby. Philosophical pictures by the Lithuanian artist and composer Mikalojus Konstantinas Ciurlionis (1875-1911) and some rather amusing devils will make your visit to Kaunas really unforgettabl culture and industry.Also you'll visit Pazaislis Monastery of the 18th century. In the last years it became the Center of Culture. Because of its perfect acoustics many concerts take place there in Summer.""""Kaunas is the second largest city in Lithuania and lies within 100 kilometers of Vilnius. It is situated at the confluence of the rivers Nemunas and Neris. Kaunas is charming not only for its historical buildings green parks but it is well known for its museums counted over twenty with all their branches."
From EUR70.00
Basel Zoo Entrance Ticket with Hotel Pick and Drop Off Included
"Basel Zoo is a popular excursion destination and well worth a visit at any time of year. In the summer months the park is an ideal place to stroll in the open air in the winter months the various animal houses guarantee up close and personal encounters with a wide variety of animals. If you wish to discover an underwater world there are several underwater creatures to discover at the vivarium. The recently rebuilt lion enclosure “Gamgoas” and the monkey house are two attractions worth a special mention.The Zoological Gardens known affectionately as “Zolli” by Basel's inhabitants opened in Basel in 1874 and is home to a large number of indigenous and exotic animalsHotel pick-up and drop-off included."
From CHF52.00
Laguna Water Park Entrance Ticket with Hotel Pick-Up and Drop-Off Included
"Begin an exciting day at the Laguna Water Park in Germany with the convenience of hotel pickup service. Choose from multiple pickup times to suit your schedule and inform you driver of your preferred return time.Select from one of the five pools at Laguna Water Park and let the fun begin. Surf waves app 86°F (30°C). Jump into the Adventure Pool offering 1884ft² (175m²) of space for swimming and fun. Splash it up in the Children's Paddling Pool 90°F (32°C) with waterfall water-spraying animals and mini-slides. Check out the 82ft (25m) Sports Pool at 82°F (28°C) and the Outdoor Pool at 90°F (32°C). Treat yourself to the Champagne Bubble Beds. Relax as the massage jets and waterfall gently massage you. Experience t at the appointed time to take you and your party back to your hotel."
From CHF75.00

Muenster Cathedral Tips (20)

Baseler Münster

The Baseler Münster (cathedral) is the main church of the area, built from red sandstone between 1019 and 1500 in romanic and gothic architectural style. The front of the Münster is decorated with staues of St. Georg and St. Martin; inside, many beautiful stained-glass windows, a magnificent altarpiece and medieval sculptures can be found. One tower of the Münster is accessible for visitors after a steep climb. From above, one has a great panoramic view on Basel .

Location: Münsterplatz.

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May 06, 2014

Basel Minster

The Minster was once a Catholic cathedral, but now a protestant church. This fact tells us something about its central role in the Reformation. It was here that the last antipope, Felix V, was elected in opposition to the pope in Rome. Less than a century later the fires of Protestant Reformation swept Basel, and the cathedral was attacked and its precious art destroyed. The church survived, albeit converted, and today its fine red sandstone architecture makes the church a standout sight high above the banks of the river Rhine.

Tip: the Minster's location above the Rhine gives it some of the best views in the city. Head to the small square just behind the church.

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Dec 01, 2013

Basel Muenster (former Cathedral)

The beutiful Gothic Minster was built between 1019 and 1500, giving it a bandwith of Gothic styles throught its construction period. Though a romanesque structure was used in the first decades of construction, an earthquake in 1356 and a larger makeover in 1421 left little of the original Romanesque style intact. Examples are the bottom part of the northern tower (St. George's tower) as well as the Gallus Gate on the northern transept from 1190. The Gallus Gate is by the way the oldest decorated gate of its kind The southern tower (St. Martin's tower) was a later addition finished in the 15th century. In the 20th century, efforts were made to reemphasize the late Romanesque style and reverse those changes made during the neogothic wave of the 1800s. Only the crypt has been largely preserved in the original older style as the Münster was built on the same spot of an older predecessor church. Charactersitically for come larger church buildings in Central Europe and the Alps region, it has a patterned roof. So as the town hall, Basel Minster is built out of red sandstone.

Inside the church, you will a majestic, but still protestantly sober atmosphere. The source of that lies in the inconoclasm of the reformation period, which luckily spared the statues of St. Martin and St. George in the respective towers. With the reformation, the church lost its cathedral status, though the designation is still used sometime. One of my favourite historical figures, Erasmus of Rotterdam, is interred in the church as well as Mathematician Jacob Bernoulli.

Access to both of the towers is possible (4 CHF as of late 2010), though in the winter the towers are only opened to group visits. I had the lucky chance that a group visit was taking place when I arrived and the lady at the counter considered me responsible enough to take care of myself and not to make any trouble. Elevators were not available.

Unfortunately their page is only available in German....

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Jun 10, 2013

Basel Cathedral

With its' red sandstone walls, multicoloured roof tiles, and twin towers this Cathedral sitting high above the Rhine river, is well worth a visit.

Whilst we were there, there was some construction work being carried out, so could not take very many photographs of this magnificent structure.

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Oct 10, 2009
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The Münster, climbing to the top

The cathedral was built in the 13th century of red sandstone. The roof is patterned (tiles?) and adds to its plain looks.

No elevators here! But it wasn't that hard of a climb and once on the top, the view of the city is excellent. You can access the very top by going outside (at the bell level) and around to the water side. Enter the small door that leads to the stairs. When you reached the top level, you can go even higher by doing the same thing, going around to the other side and getting into another small door.

It costs €3 to go up.

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Oct 28, 2008

Basel Munster

The Muenster is Basels Biggest Church.

Towering on Munster Hill over the City, this definetly is the most known Building of the City.

Red Sandstone, two towers (one seems always to be under construction).

It is worth to take a guide and let yourself explain all the things you can see here.

Just some of it:
One one side of the main gate, you see the holy Martin, sharing his clothes. On the other side Georg the Dragon slayer (quite cute dragon, actually).
The gate on the left side of the building has the wheel of fortune over it.
Inside there is somewhere a Jew Star on the ground, there is also an inlay that shows another Basilisk.
Under the Munster (in the so called viererkapelle) are old fondations that go back to roman times, they contain sarcrophages,
the roof with the colorful tiles is supported by a construction of steel - like the Eiffel tower

The towers can be climbed, but I think you have to be announced to do that.
The stairs are small and steep, its a real experience, and they go up very high.

Unfortunately in the last years and in the years to follow there are repairs ongoing on the tower - the sand stone suffers from the acid rain and has to be checked, cleaned and repaired.
In october of 2006 there were 2 weeks where they took the repair construction down- just to put it up on the other tower. But I m anaged to make a picture!

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Apr 07, 2007

Munster Cathedral

Munster Cathedral, made of red sandstone with patterned mosaic roof was built in the 13th century but had to be re-built following an earthquake in 1356.
The Tower of St George, on the left of the main frontage has a thirteenth-century statue of the saint impaling a dragon.
In the crypt there are ninth-century remains of an earlier cathedral along with some late-Romanesque frescoes.

One of the highlights is a wander through the cloisters adjoining the cathedral to the south.

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Jul 23, 2006

M?nster - the Crypt

To both sides of the choir stairs lead down to the crypt. It had to be rebuilt after the earthquake 1356, but some pillars and the walls are still Romanesque.

Please take notice of the very beautiful Romanesque sculptured reliefs on the walls. Absolutely outstanding are, however, the frescos on the vaulted ceilings of the crypt (2nd half 14th century). Excellent quality and perfectly preserved. Yet older are the remains of the frescos of two Bishops of Basel at the outer walls of the crypt - Lütold of Aarburg (Bishop 1191 - 1213) and Adalbero II. (died 1025).

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Jun 02, 2004
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"Basel - Switzerland's Gate to the world"
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"Basel - trinational"
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"Cycling and recycling in Basel"
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M?nster - Cloisters

Not only convents, also Bishop's churches (cathedrals) have cloisters!

The Münster of Basel actually has two cloisters. The small one was built 1467 - 1490. The bigger one was built 1429 - 1470, in the Eastern wing it still has four cross-beams in late Romanesque style (12th century) which survived the earthquake of 1356. The Gothic vaults are magnificent, the one in the Western wing in particular. The walls are decorated with plenty of beautiful epitaphs, among them some from famous citizens, like the reformator Oekolampad, Bernoulli etc.

The small and big cloisters are connected by a hall.

Two chapels border to the cloisters: Nicolas- (not accessible) and Magdalena Chapel, the first built 1270 - 1370 and the latter (again with lots of epitaphs) constructed in the 12th century.

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Jun 02, 2004

M?nster - Western Facade

The Western facade - with two very beautiful towers - is decorated with a number of excellent sculptures. The main portal dates from 1260/70. Some of the figures were unfortunately destroyed during the reformation. The portal is, however, still impressive. Definitely have a look at the four big figures: To the left Emperor Henry II. and his wife Kunigunde, to the right the Duke of the World (the tempter) and the dumb virgin. The tempter smiles at you - but at his back he has awful snakes and other dangerous animals and comes out as the devil himself. The dumb virgin gives in to his charm.

To the left of the portal you see St. George, fighting the dragon; and to the right St. Martin, sharing his coat. Both saints gave the towers their names.

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Jun 02, 2004

Münster church (former cathedral)

The cathedral is the most important late Romanesque building in the Upper Rhine region (stretching from Strasbourg to Basel). It has the earliest portal with figures in the German speaking countries and houses outstanding Romanesque and Gothic works of art, especially sculptures.

The cathedral dominates Basel's impressive silhouette seen from across the Rhine river. Its towers are landmarks of the old town.

The cathedral as seen today was built over more than 500 years. The first church (donation by King Heinrich II.) was dedicated 1019. A fire destroyed large parts of that church in 1185, and it was rebuilt soon afterwards. The devastating earthquake 1356 hit the cathedral hardly. Large parts of the vaults, the choir and the towers had to be rebuilt. The construction was completed 23 July 1500.

Since this amazing cathedral houses so many outstanding works of art it is impossible to list these in only one tip - please let me take you on a tour of the cathedral in the following tips!

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May 30, 2004

Basel Muenster

The Muenster cathedral towers over the city. It is an interesting church, both inside and out (the two distinctive towers are made of red sandstone).

The church was rebuilt in the 1300's following an earthquake. I hear you can arrange to climb the tower. We didn't have time to do that.

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May 04, 2004

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The Basel Zoo is located quite central in the city, therefore being relatively small as there is no additional space for expansion left. It is nonetheless one of the most important zoos in Europe,...
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