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Interlaken Things to Do

  • Jungfrau

    What a delight for train lovers with all these alpine railways. During your journey you will enjoy the great landscape, you just need to choose your destination... The Bernese Oberland Railway (BOB) linked Interlaken Ost railway station to Grindelwald or Lauterbrunnen. A modern, straight-track shuttle service is operated with two train...

  • Thun

    Another recommendable activity for those that don't go climbing mountains is a boat cruise in either lakes Thun or Brienz. That's a great opportunity to watch the lanscape and tour the castles and churches around them. You can see for more info, or, for anything concerning lake Thun.

  • Walking

    This town is breathtaking. The guides are all so friendly (I met three of them). IT's a bunch of local young students who want to show the guests the 'REAL' Interlaken. And that's exactly what they do...We were having a blast and learned so much about Interlaken and Switzerland in general. Check 'em out here and make sure you're joining one of...


Interlaken Hotels

Interlaken Restaurants

  • Well I needed to eat lunch somewhere!

    I was walking up the valley all morning when I reached the Jungfrau train station at Grindelwald. It is about 2500m above sea level and I was exhausted. I needed a warm meal and got one here. Goulash and a schnitzel sandwich. It was truly unremarkable. Once well fed I set out walking down the valley. This place is more interesting for its scenery...

  • Don`t go here to eat

    This place is in Wilderswil just down the street from the Beren Hotel. It`s a good place for drinks with friends but they have really no bar food. I think it`s microwave garbage. None

  • Vis-a-vis the train station

    Very convenient if you travel by train, this self-service restaurant offers you a buffet with different types of meals, and additionally serves some "Tagesteller" - dish-of-the-day - meals.Coop, who is the operator of the restaurant, is known for the good quality of food. The restaurant is only 200 metres from the station. Buffet with very good...


Interlaken Nightlife

  • A Very Comfortable Pub in Interlaken

    I was in Interlaken for four nights and I think I wondered into Buddy's Pub every night. This was because it was just a block from my hotel but I alsofound it a quite comfortable place to sit and have a pint or two after hiking about the Alps. It was a very popular place as other people seemed to regard as compfy too. There is a small patio...

  • Quiet day... Busy night...

    A Rugenbräu as usual ;-)A nice and centrally located place with good mix between local and tourist. Sport fans will be reward by big screen for live events in a warm athmosphere. At bar side, do not forget to taste the local beer named Rugenbräu or the Jungfrau Wasser (sparkling water). Opening hour:FRI-SAT 4PM-1:30AM

  • Jamming in Interlaken

    This is a special little place, a locals hangout with great reggae music. It is a combination coffee shop/bar. Where the local 16 year olds and 50 + year olds hang out together. In discussions with one of the bartenders, Renee, I learned that maybe it is better that the young learn from the old in a comfortable welcoming setting. I don't know but I...


Interlaken Transportation

  • Swiss passes

    I have a tip in my Switzerland page that talks about my experience with Swiss passes and particularly the excellent website that was fabulous for info on what pass to choose, purchasing them online (but otherwise can be purchased from the train stations when you arrive but better if you can online) and timetables.I am not...

  • Save on unlimited rides around the...

    Choose the right regional pass and save on your excursions by boats, buses, trains, cogwheel trains or cable cars... - Jungfrau region(Interlaken, Harder Kulm, Schynige Platte, Lauterbrunnen, Mürren, Jungfraujoch, Grindelwald...)***JUNGFRAU RAILWAYS PASS offers unlimited travel on 6 consecutive days in the Jungfrau region and 50% discount on...

  • The train to Schynige Platte

    The train to Schynige Platte starts in Wilderswil, just about 3 km from Interlaken Ost. At first you take the ordinary train from Interlaken to Lauterbrunnen and change to the cog-wheel-train to Schynige Platte in Wilderswil.The train to Schynige Platte dates back to the year 1893 and was electrified in 1914. The track of the cog-wheel-train is...


Interlaken Shopping

  • Upscale shopping

    Interlaken like many ski destinations is dominated by upscale designer shopping. All the big designer names are here for the rich and famous who come here to vacation and ski. it makes it an expensive city for the average traveler.

  • Watches in all price ranges

    Lots of shops sell watches in Interlaken, even those that are not specialized in this kind of trade. I wanted to buy a not expensive watch as a gift, but I preferred to buy it from a real watch-seller, so after having a look at some shop-windows I found that Wunderli was displaying something of the kind I had in mind. This shop has watches of...

  • Much more than the Swiss Army knife

    Victorinox is the company that invented and launched the original Swiss Army Knife. With its innumerable versions, some of which include also a USB memory stick, some 150 later this company is still going strong and has diversified its production to include travel bags and sportswear. However Victorinox has never put aside its original activity of...


Interlaken Local Customs

  • The local beer

    Beer lovers who like to try the local brews on their travels will not be disappointed in Interlaken. Rugenbräu is advertised as the beer of the Berner Oberalp, and it is in fact produced in Interlaken, where the company had its origin in the early 1800s. The Alpenperle Premium is a lager beer by Rugenbräu that you will find in most, if not all,...

  • Cows here, there and everywhere

    This is actually more a curiosity than a tradition or cultural thing. Cows are certainly important in the economic life of Switzerland and they are very much present in the local landscape. By the way, here cows are not only seen but also heard, because of the cow-bells which, I assure you, are noisy enough. Anyway the noise has its advantages,...

  • Games Children Play

    After our high flying tandem paragliding adventure, Sue and I walked over to an area we had seen from our aerial vantage point. As we sat down and grabbed a pretzel and something refreshing to drink we enjoyed watching these children play some type of board game we were unfamiliar with.If anybody who read this tip knows what they were playing...


Interlaken Warnings and Dangers

  • Ugly building

    The Metropole is probably the ugliest building in Interlaken. It is not the only greyish and box-like modern building in town, but it stands out because of its height, which in my view spoils the skyline of the town. I have chosen to post a picture I took from the other side of the river, to show how this building remains visible even from a green...

  • Falling mountain warning sign?

    The spectacular mass of rock breaking off the Eiger mountain has become an unexpected tourist attraction for the resort of Grindelwald in Summer 2006.Falling rock will occur more frequently around the Alps with the rising temperatures caused by global warming. So be careful on the hiking paths.

  • Jungfrau might be foggy

    The intention of my visit to Interlaken was going to Jungfrau, as I wrote in the intro I had to drop it due to fog. So if that is your intention also; geve yourself a few days there or in the area to better your chances. I am sure there are other things to do there if you have to wait for a couple of days.


Interlaken Tourist Traps

  • Thun Castle in Thun

    After visiting Spiez Castle nearby, I went to look at Thun Castle. Sadly it paled when in comparison to Spiez. Thun Castle is a 12th century castle. It is certainly well preserved but there really is not anything otherwise exceptional about it. There are several rooms here that feature mildly interesting exhibits on local history over the past...

  • Too Taxi-ing?

    Do not use the taxi in Interlaken unless you really need to go out of town (even then only if unavoidable). We were told on numerous occasions by our tour guide that we should take a cab from railway stations West to Ost (east). This was ridiculous, even to walk at a steady pace only took 15 to 20 minutes or take one of many buses or trains (the...

  • In Bad Weather, Don't goto the Jungfrau

    You will see nothing except the inside of a nice rail station and ice sculptures and a small museum for $125+ a person


Interlaken What to Pack

  • What to bring with?

    Luggage with wheels is always a good idea, wherever you are travelling. Whether snowy/wet/sunny/warm or cold weather, layer your clothing. Wear thermal underwear (these are easily bought at the local clothing shops), with warm leggings and a top under a toasty jacket for the cold. I have my trusty grey duffle coat, plus a white snow jacket for...

  • Bring something Warm

    If you are going to the Jungfraujoch (Top of Europe), bring something warm to wear. Also - gloves were good to have. We went in September, and it was the middle of winter up there.

  • Walk Smartly

    Normal size backpack really helps because you need to use both hands on your walking/hiking sticks. leave your fashionable and expensive shoes at the hotel/hostel and take walking shoes instead or better still hiking shoes or else you might get blisters and corns from walking. Take warm clothes with you.Walking inside the tunnel can be a bit...


Interlaken Off The Beaten Path

  • Cruising Lake Thun

    Even if you have come to Interlaken for the hiking like did, you should make some effort to cruise either or both of the two lakes that flank this lovely town. The first lake I cruised on was Lake Thun. I initially took a short bus trip out to Speiz Castle. From there I caught a boat to the town of Thun. After visiting the rather dull castle I...

  • Bakerstreet 221b is just 25km off...

    Meiringen - in a distance of about 25km east of Interlaken - is a must for all fans of Sherlock Holmes : In der very centre of the lovely village of Meiringen you may see the world's first authentic replica of the living-room of Sherlock Holmes in Bakerstreet 221b. This replica was made according to the exlanations, given in the books and it...

  • Trip up the mountain to Jungfrau

    Leave OST INTERLAKEN train station and take a ride up the mountain. Expect to spend the whole day doing it. It's a bit pricey but if your in Interlaken for a few days it's a MUST DO. You'll have to change trains I think two times, take in the unbelievable scenery.TIP:Bring a HEAVY JACKET with you despite the temperature at the bottom of the...


Interlaken Sports & Outdoors

  • Tandem Paragliding

    Let me preface this tip by saying first, I am not a roller coaster fan and I absolutely refuse to ride on a ferris wheel. I mention this because I've talked to a number of people via VT correspondance and people I work with who love roller coasters and ferris wheels but would never think about doing this. Phobias are an interesting thing.That being...

  • What Do You Want To Try Next?

    As this picture shows, if you can think it you can do it. For the adventurous there are a wide range of activities you can try in the Interlaken region. We only had time and the money to try one - Tandem Paragliding. Maybe we should try Zorbing next. Hey, I don't see Trotti biking on this menu.

  • Paragliding

    It is very thrilling watching those paragliders floating high up on the air. Mostly are tourists. You might be one of them!


Interlaken Favorites

  • My Hike to the Bachsee

    My hike to the Bachsee was much easier than my hike of the previous day to Kleine Scheidegg. This was because there was little in the way of up hill walking involved. Instead the took a bus up the hamlet of First and started out from there. The Bachsee are two small lakes that over look the town of Grindelwald The hike was in my opinion very easy...

  • My Hike through the Kleine Scheidegg

    The first major hike I took in Switzerland was also the longest. This was through the famous Kleine Scheidegg, a mountain pass with excellent views of the magnificent Bernese Alps. The Kleine Scheidegg is also the departure point of the Jungfraubahn rack railway up the to Jungfraujoch station, the highest railway point in Europe. I did not take...

  • Travel/train passes for Switzerland

    When you get to this area of Switzerland you may want to think of buying a train pass. I am not familiar with all the different passes, but here is a link where you can read all about your different options: Swiss Regional PassesWe went for the Bernese Oberland regional pass and were very happy with that choice. This pass allows unlimited traveling...


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