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Lucerne Things to Do

  • Old Town - Altstadt

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    Many of the buildings in the old town are adorned with elaborate frescos. This was a local custom in the 19th century and many of the old town buildings are adorned this way. The frescos range from simple patterns to elaborate stories painted on the walls.

  • Mount Pilatus

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    The Bustling Town of Kriens is a suburb of the tourist friendly City of Lucerne and is located 6 kilometers west of the Downtown of Lucerne. The town is a popular spillover town for the tourists who visit Lucerne as the hotel and motel rates in the town are cheaper than staying in Lucerne Proper and there is an efficient public bus and train system...

  • Kapellbrücke - Chapel Bridge

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    final part of my tips with pictures of the frames which were restored and with some burn out remains as reminders of the f1993 fire. this will be a four part tip with pictures of the bridge, the restored areas after the disastrous 1993 fire which destroyed parts of the bridge (and the charred remains of the previous paintings) and the preserved...


Lucerne Hotels

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Lucerne Restaurants

  • Dinner Cultural Show

    This restaurant serves a traditional fondue Swiss meal followed by a cultural show. The show includes folk music, dancing and standard local yoldeling. The food was OK but not great, same with the show.

  • Fresh Sandwiches, Gelato, Macarons and...

    This will be my restaurant tips on the Confiserie Bachmann, which has a large store in shwanenplatz which has a take out counter for the fresh sandwiches and fast food goodies and sweets beside having a larger convenience store in the premises. they also have three stand alone take out stands around Lucerne and one along the shores of Lake Lucerne...

  • Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria

    This Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria is located along the corner of Hertensteinstrasse and Wegenbachgrasse and is one of the fine dining restaurants in the area and is among the many shops along the shopping street of Hertensteinstrasse, Einhorn Restaurant might be it's name by it serves Italian Cuisine and Pizzas and their menu list is quite...


Lucerne Nightlife

  • All good Clubs around town

    As i have been travelling quite a bit as well, and got quite annoyed by the lack of clubguides here is my personal one. It should cover most of the Nightclubs in and around the city.If you want to have the address of each club just google it and you will find it.My personal favourite is the ROK (see description pretty far down)Roadhouse: More a bar...

  • Wunderful view

    The Penthouse is a wunderful place to drink something. The Penthouse in the upest floor of a hotel. In the summer it is beautiful beacouse there is also a terace with lounges and high tables. The style inside is very noble but also friendly! For the nightlife is there also a dancefloor. You have to wear neatly clothes. The mans have to look more...

  • Club

    Do you want to party? Do you want to have a great night with your friends? Soo than you have to go to the Vegas Club in Kriens. It is a new Club and it is great. There are a lot of famous DJ's. There is one big Dancefloor and a big balcony around the Dancefloor. If you're a smoker there's also a big lounge for smookers. The music is like HipHop,...


Lucerne Transportation

  • Dragon Ride or Aerial Cableway or Rota...

    the Rota Air (they call them Aerial Cableway or Dragon Ride) is a relatively new addition to the cable car ride to Mount Pilatus. Before, they only use the old 40 seater gondola to go to the top and back from Kriens to Pilatus Kulm. But since April 1, 2015, they made this new Aerial Cableway available to take the riders from Frakmuntegg to Pilatus...

  • Cable Car from Kriens to Frakmuntegg

    If you are going to Mount Pilatus via the Cable Car in Kriens which is available all year round except during maintainance days (unlike the cogwheel railway which is closed for late fall, winter and early spring. In the Kriens Cable Car Company, they use cable cars for the first three stations of the Pilatus Cable Car and then the larger rota air...

  • Lucerne SBB Train Station (Bahnhof...

    Since the City of Lucerne has no nearby airport as the nearest airport is at the City of Zurich which is 68 kilometers and more than 1 hour away. Many tourist going from other areas of Europe come and depart Lucerne via Trains going to and from the SBB Train Station in Zentralstrasse (unless you are in a multi country group tour package) which is...


Lucerne Shopping

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  • Luxe Swiss Chocolate (2)

    this will be my pictures store and the chocolate goodies I boughtbeing a chocolate lover and who love luxe chocolates, before I went to Switzerland, I only knew and liked the typical swiss chocolates such as Toblerone, Lindt, Suchard, Sugus and Riccola but they are not the upscale variety as I love the luxe chocolates around the world such as...

  • Luxe Swiss Chocolate (1)

    this will be my pictures of the freshly made chocolate area of the storebeing a chocolate lover and who love luxe chocolates, before I went to Switzerland, I only knew and liked the typical swiss chocolates such as Toblerone, Lindt, Suchard, Sugus and Riccola but they are not the upscale variety as I love the luxe chocolates around the world such...

  • Bakery Products, Cakes, Desserts, and...

    This will be my tips on the Store section of the Confiserie Bachman, I will have a separate tip for the food section.Confiserie Bachman is a chain of Swiss Bakery and Stores with branches across switszerland and they now have branches in other countries as well. Their main branch is Luzern is along Schwenenplatz area just beside the tourist bus...


Lucerne Local Customs

  • Swiss Fondue

    One must never visit and leave Switzerland without trying the Swiss National Dish which is the Swiss Fondue! although the Swiss fondue is now popular worldwide and many restaurants around the world serve this Swiss Specialty, you must try it in Switzerland too. The Swiss fondue is made of the Fondue Pot, lighter by a candle lamp or liquefied...

  • Yodelling

    Another famous attraction all throughout the Alps Region in Europe is Yodelling and is promoted heavily to tourists in the attractions in Switzerland, particularly at the Big Cultural Restaurants in Lucerne and at the Mountains such as Pilatus or Rigi. Yodelling is a traditional form of enternatinment in rural Alpine Areas but nowadays, hardly...

  • Free Pull Up Maps & Brochures at Hotels...

    In this modern age of the internet and the advent of the smartphone, tablet and phablet, you can just download the various maps and the layout of the various attractions in and around Lucerne from either their website or other related tourist friendly apps and then use them on your tablets or smartphones and phablets to get around the nooks and...


Lucerne Warnings and Dangers

  • The Pilatus gondolas

    If you choose to do the golden tour to Pilatus please be warned about the gondolas. When coming down from the mountain you will board a cable car which really affords the most magnificent views over the Alps and Lake Lucerne and of course the lush green mountainsides and valleys.When you alight from the cable car you will then be routed to the...

  • Do Not Litter: Under penalty of guilt!

    Lucerne is the cleanest damn city on the face of this earth! From the absence of garbage on its sidewalks and streets to the amazing fact that there is no gum stuck underneath the benches at bus stops, Lucerne gleams with cleanliness! For the briefest of moments I considered dropping the wrapper from a Jolly Rancher candy onto Lucerne's pristine...

  • Switzerland has a low Crime Rate

    Switzerland has a relatively low rate of violent crime but the usual petty crime still exists in the form of pick pocketing and purse snatching especially during the tourist periods at Christmas and Summer. You should also exercise caution on trains, especially on overnight trains to neighbouring countries. Just a little common sense and awareness...


Lucerne Tourist Traps

  • Expensive in Switzerland

    Switzerland is known as one of the expensive places to visit in Europe so don't be surprised if you are eating at restaurants in and around Lucerne and that the prices of the meals are quite high such as having a three course meal with wine will cost you more than 40 swiss francs per person. bottled water at restaurants cost 4 swiss francs and...

  • Pickpockets at Lucerne rail station

    My brother almost lost his passport pouch! Two sophisticated looking European youths, boarded the train to Lugano along with our family group and started assisting my brother with his baggage. As my brother was hauling up his suitcase inside the compartment's rack, he suddenly realised that his passport pouch was missing. His sixh sense alerted him...

  • Alpineum

    Just across the road from the Lion Monument is this shop and panorama theatre - showing film of the peaks in Switzerland, such as Jungfrau, Pilatus, Titlis etc.... It was only for 15 minutes and cost Sfr 5 - although lovely to see its much better to see in real life and hike some paths alongside if you are able.


Lucerne What to Pack

  • Bring Apropriate Wear for the Season

    although Spring and Summer are the Best times to visit Lucerne in Central Switzerland (you can still see snow capped peaks of the central swiss alps even in summer for the summits above the tree line of 2,744 meters (9,000 feet) and above), you must be prepared for any eventuality as even though spring weather in Lucerne is cold, you can...

  • Bring Universal Plug Adaptors &...

    different countries have different socket plug ins and there are many power plug configurations like the two pin (which we use in the Americas, Parts of Asia and Africa and Americas, the two rounded pin used in Most of Europe including here in Lucerne and Switzerlan and Some parts of Asia and the Middle East and the Three pin configuration used...

  • Bring Powerful Optical Zoom Cameras

    If you are the intrepid shooter of lots of films and videos on your travels, then you must have a powerful optical zoom camera like a canon sx60 (which has a 50x optical zoom) or a nikon coolpix 610 (52x optical zoom). They are less bulky than the DSLR cameras and the zoom capacity lets you view and shoot objects, the central swiss alps from...


Lucerne Off The Beaten Path

  • Western Side of Lake Lucerne

    while the eastern part of lake Lucerne is shared by the city of Lucerne and the town of Meggen, the area where meggen is remains idyllic and rural and filled with barns, vinyards and some castle and houses while at the western shore of lake Lucerne is still part of Lucerne and is now home to many lakeside villas, small boat docks and piers,...

  • Ice Cave in Mount Pilatus

    there is a small entrance in the lower observation deck (covered part) of Pilatus Kulm that leads to the ice cave going around one peak of Mount Pilatus (although the ice melts during late spring and summer as the mountain is below the 9,000 feet permanent ice cap line needed for all year round ice caps. The ice cave has several openings with vista...

  • Other Attractions in Mount Pilatus

    besides spending time at the observations deck of Pilatus Kulm and enjoying the view, there are other attractions in and around the wonderful mountain such as a large toboggan ride along it's slopes plus a ropeway park in the Frakmuntegg Area and Camping and playground facilities plus a restaurant along the Krienseregg area and even a large cross...


Lucerne Sports & Outdoors

  • Frakmuntegg

    Again is you are going to pilatus via Cable Car in Kriens instead of the cogwheel in Alpnachstad, Frakmuntegg is the third station of the Pilatus Cable Car and where you need to transfer from the 4 seater cable car to the more larger and newer 56 person capable Aerial Gondola going to the top of Pilatus Kulm. Frakmuntegg is about 20 minutes of...

  • Krienseregg

    If you are Going to Mount Pilatus via the Cable Car in the town of Kriens, Krienseregg is the second station of the mount Pilatus cable car and is a famous stop for hiking enthusiasts who want to trek up to the top of mount Pilatus via the old hiking trails. the area also has children playground facilities and a children castle and some restaurants...

  • Hiking to Mount Pilatus

    for the able bodied tourists visiting Lucerne, many go for climbing to the top of Mount Pilatus from the various base areas around like in Alpnach-Stad at the Cogwheel Station, at the Kriens area near the Cable Car Station, Hergiswil area in the north, Eigental area from the northwest and other hiking trails. the trails are well marked and the rock...


Lucerne General

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  • Swiss Soft Drinks

    If you are a softdrink lover and is staying in Switzerland, particularly in Lucerne and in need of a carbonated sugar fizz, fear not as your favorite carbonated bubbly is readily available everywhere in and around Lucerne. Like in restaurants, hotels, pubs, bars and at the Supermarkets and Convenience Stores too. Your favorite Coca Cola Products...

  • Bottled Water and Mineral Water

    First, Don't be surprised that bottled water is expensive in Lucerne, This is Switzerland after all where the prices are high and the cost of living is high too. Like in other Countries in Europe, There are two kinds of Containers where the Mineral and Spring and Distilled and Sprakling Water are sold here in Lucerne, namely via the Plastic PET...

  • Alphorn

    one of the famous scenes you would see in the high areas of Central Switzertland in the areas of the Central Swiss Alps is the Alphorn. The Alphorn is somewhat of a musical instrument, messaging system all in one and is usually found in the Alpine Countries where the Alps are located from French Alps to the Carpathians way east and is most...


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