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  • Old building @ Altdorf
    Old building @ Altdorf
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    National Emblem of Uri
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Altdorf Things to Do


    Driving through Altdorf, we saw the painted Tower and Monument of Wilhelm Tell. Once we had found a car park, we went walking, and had a look at the Monument. It was created in 1895 on the order of some Politician's.The Sculptor was ordered to depict Wilhelm Tell as a "proud, audacious, determined man wearing a traditional farmer's costume."Infront...


    Fluelen is located only 4kms from Altdorf. It really was a scenic little town, located at the end of Lake Lucerne. There were Mountain's surrounding the Lake, and we could see the highway we had previously driven on from Lucerne. Lakeside, was a nice rock fountain, and also a jetty walk. Somebody was fishing, but I couldn't see any fish in the...

  • THE 'MG' CAR

    At the small Town of Fluelen, which is located beside Lake Lucerne, but on the opposite end to Lucerne, I happened to find my own MG CAR! There it was, sitting in the park, just waiting for me to come along and drive it! I had a bit of fun, hopping into this cement MG Car and then making out to drive it. How clever was the person who made it! It's...


    My photo is of the Arsenal building in Altdorf. I have tried to find information and can't. All I can tell you, is it's a short walk from the Wilhelm Tell Theatre, and is worth a look to see the frescoes.


    The Wilhelm Tell Theatre struck me as a beautiful building. It was built in 1865, and was used as a Town Hall until 1924, when it was made bigger to be the Wilhelm Tell Playhouse. The play "Wilhelm Tell" by Friedrich Schiller was staged every 2 to 4 years, most of the time to a full house. Now, more cultural events are held here.The Tourist...


    Next to St. Martin's Church is a delightful cemetery. It sounds morbid, I know, but I like browsing around cemeteries, especially old ones.This is a good one to have a look at. I found many beautiful, elaborate head stones and statues, and along the wall, there were some old Mural's. It was neat and tidy, with lovely little garden plot's on the...


    The Church of St. Martin I could see on my walk. Up the hill I went to this White Church, built in 1799. I was able to go inside and see the Frescoes and the lovely stucco work, and the black and grey Altar. It really was nice!I don't know if you can see the Treasury, but is known as one of the richest, as it has gold and silver cult objects,...


    As I walked around Altdorf, I could see a Flag flying way above my head. I noticed it was bright yellow, with a black Bull's head, a bright red tongue sticking out, and the Bull had a nose ring!What was this! Then, on some old building's, I found a Bull head sculpture, what was the meaning of this?Since coming home, I have learnt it is the National...


    I had just looked at the Wilhelm Tell Statue, now time to look at the tall painted Medieval Tower directly behind the Statue.It was on this square, where Wilhelm Tell did his legendary apple shot. The painting on the Tower shows the landscape around Schachental, home of the legendary Wilhelm Tell and also a scene of the famous apple shot. These...

  • Suworow House

    The oldest and most important burgher house of the canton Uri is the Suworow House. It was built in 1550 and extended by a Baroque chapel in 1730.On the 26.09.1799 the Russian field marshal and general Alexander Suworow stayed overnight here during his retreat towards Russia; hence the name of the house. The Suworow House was one of the few...

  • Tell Theatre

    The Tell Theatre (Tellspielhaus) was built in 1924 on the site of the former parish hall. The neo-classical theatre hall is the venue of the William Tell plays every few years.Since 1990 the Tell Theatre is owned by the city administration. The building is also home to the Tourist Information Office.Directions:The Tell Theatre can be found at the...

  • Arsenal

    The building of the Arsenal (Zeughaus) was completed at the very beginning of the 19th century. At that time it was a goods reloading point. In 1856 it was converted into barracks. From 1906 until 2006 the building was used as the Arsenal of Altdorf.Directions:Altdorf's Arsenal is situated at the square Lehnplatz; only about 5 minutes on foot south...

  • Tower Tuermli and Tell Monument

    The history of the Tower Tuermli dates back to the middle ages. It is covered with several paintings, some of which in honour of Willliam Tell (German: Wilhelm Tell), a Swiss folk hero.The Tell Monument, which was inaugurated in 1895, stands just in front of the Tower Tuermli. The place is said to be the spot where William Tell shot the apple from...

  • Town Hall

    The current Town Hall (Rathaus) was built in classicistic style at the very beginning of the 19th century. It stands on the place of an even earlier town hall, which was built in 1517, but burnt down in 1799.It is home to both the town as well as offices of the canton Uri administrative authorities. Apart from that it houses a collection of local...

  • Capuchin Convent

    Altdorf is home to Switzerland's oldest Capuchin Convent (Kapuzinerkloster Allerheiligen). It was built in 1581 and it was also the first Capuchin Convent north of the Alps.The convent was completely destroyed during a fire in 1799; so the current structure dates back to 1806.From the hillside of the Capuchin Convent panoramic views of Altdorf, the...

  • Parish Church St. Martin

    The oldest remains of the Parish Church St. Martin (Pfarrkirche St. Martin) date back to the 8th century. The current church was built in classicistic style between 1800 and 1803, just after the big fire in Altdorf.Next to the church a cemetery and the late Gothic St. Anne's chapel (St. Anna Kapelle) can be found. The latter one was built in...

  • Chapel of Mariahilf

    The small Chapel of Mariahilf was constructed at around the middle of the 18th century. It is quite popular for prayers of the local people.The latest restoration dates back to 1996, which was also the year when the chapel was put under protection of the canton Uri.Directions:The Chapel of Mariahilf can be found on the left side of the street...

  • Reformed Church

    The first sight which we spotted on our way from the train station to the town centre was the Reformed Church (Reformierte Kirche). The church, which was built in 1924 and the mountains in the background form a pefect photo opportunity.Next to the church stands a boys' school dating back to the First World War.Directions:The Reformed Chuch can be...


Altdorf Hotels

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Altdorf Restaurants

  • Restaurant Cafe Central

    We chose Restaurant Cafe Central for our lunch break as it seemed to be quite popular with the locals. Interesting enough the interior is held in a Dutch style with many orange coloured decors. A nice outdoor terrace, which faces the square Rathausplatz, is available as well.We took a seat inside and perused the menu, which offers a selection of...

  • Swiss and Italian specialties

    We checked out the menu of the one restaurant recommended in our guidebook, the Goldener Schlussel, and the prices seemed rather high for dinner so when a local offered up a recommendation of one of her favorite places, the Hotel Hofli, we headed off to find it.Our server, dressed in a lovely alpine outfit, was very pleasant, service was quick and...

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Altdorf Transportation

  • To Altdorf by local bus

    We left Altdorf by local bus to Flueelen at the Lake Lucerne (Vierwaldstaetter See).The route is served several times per hour by bus number 1 of the bus company Auto AG Uri. The trip takes only about 10 minutes.Our SBB train tickets were also valid on the bus, so that we didn't have to buy any bus tickets, which are available from the...

  • Explore Altdorf on foot

    With just less than 9000 inhabitants, Altdorf is a relatively small town comfortably nestled at the foot of the local mountains of the canton Uri. It can easily be explored on foot and as usual in most Swiss towns, yellow signs show the walking distances to the nearby places of interest in the surrounding region.

  • To Altdorf by train

    We came to Altdorf by train from Zurich which took only about 75 Minutes with one change of trains in Zug. During the day Altdorf is at least hourly served by a Swiss suburban train from Zug via Schwyz to Erstfeld.Altdorf's train station is situated about 1 km south west of the city centre. The street Bahnhofstrasse links the train station with the...


Altdorf Local Customs

  • Swiss beer: Eichhof beer

    A local beer brand in the central part of Switzerland, including the cantons of Uri and Schwyz, is the Eichhof beer. The brewery was founded in 1834 in Lucerne and since 1883 they deliver their beer also in bottles. In 2008 Eichhof was acquired by the dutch Heineken brewery.The Eichhof brewery produces about 10 different types of beer from classic...

  • Official currency: Swiss Francs

    Although Switzerland is situated in the centre of Europe it is neither a member of the European Union nor does it have the Euro as currency.The official currency in Switzerland is the Swiss Franc (CHF). The smaller denomination is called Rappen (100 Rappen = 1 CHF). As all countries around Switzerland use the Euro as official currency, many shops...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Altdorf What to Pack

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    Free map of Altdorf

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    Miscellaneous: The Tourist Information Office in Altdorf is not only well equipped with all sorts of brochures and maps about Altdorf, but also about the canton Uri.

    The staff was very friendly and helped us with several suggestions about what to see and do in the region. Besides a free brochure about the sights of Altdorf we also took a free map of the town and the surrounding region.

    Altdorf's Tourist Information Office is located in the building which also houses the Tell Theatre. It can be found in the street Schuetzengasse near the square Lehnplatz.

    Website Altdorf:

    Website Uri:

    Free map of Altdorf Tourist Info Opening Times
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Altdorf Off The Beaten Path

  • Side trip to Flueelen

    The village of Flueelen is situated only about 6 km north of Altdorf. It can be reached by both suburban train and local bus from Altdorf.Besides its fantastic location on the southern shore of the Lake Lucerne, Flueelen also offers some interesting sights.The Heart of Jesus Church (Herz Jesu Kirche) overlooks Flueelen from a striking position on...

  • Side trip to Schwyz

    Schwyz is the capital of the Swiss canton of the same name. The town is situated at the foot of the Mythen mountains (1884 m).It can be reached from Altdorf within 20 minutes by an hourly train. Another option is to take a local bus from Altdorf to Flueelen and then change to a train towards Schwyz.The old town of Schwyz is dominated by the Main...

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Altdorf General

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  • Fountains of Altdorf

    Altdorf's city centre is home to about 9 fountains with stonemasonry. We saw at least three of them.At the square Rathausplatz the octagonal Bessler Fountain can be found. It was constructed in 1568 to replace the court lime tree.The history of the Urania Fountain dates back to 1596. Its original purpose was to give the local animals water. The...

  • Canton Uri

    The federal state of Switzerland is divided into 26 cantons. The town of Altdorf is the capital of the canton Uri, which with only about 35.000 inhabitants is one of the smallest cantons of the country.Besides the cantons of Schwyz and Unterwalden, Uri was one of the founding members of the Swiss Confederation in 1291. Many parts of the legend of...

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