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2-Hour Zurich City Walking Tour
"During this downtown tour you'll stroll along the most famous street of Zurich the Bahnhofstrasse designed in the 19th century by the engineer Arnold Bürkli as luxury shopping street after Parisian model. You will enjoy the Lindenhof a unique city park the Grossmünster the Fraumünster with its Chagall's windows and the St. Peter's Church with the biggest clock face in Europe. After enjoying the walk along the river and the sights from the Lake Zurich
From $26.00
The Great Tour of Zurich
"This tour shows you the most interesting sights of Zurich and its surroundings! Start with a guided city tour of Zurich which shows you the commercial center a section of the Old Town Fraumuenster Church with its famous Chagall windows historical Limmatquai and the university district. Drive along the Hoehenstrasse which offers spectacular views into the Alps we then drive to Rapperswil which is named the 'City of Roses'. The charming little town of Rapperswil offers unique attractions for visitors - the Rose Gardens the Castle the deer park on the Lindenhof and the picturesque Old Town.After a guided orientation tour and some time at leisure in Rapperswil
From CHF53.00
Engelberg - The Great Mountain Village
"An excursion to the ever popular summer and winter resort in the heart of Central Switzerland. Engelberg (Angel Mountain) was originally founded by the Benedictines and the imposing monastery dominates the center of the village. The Baroque style monastery church which houses the largest organ in Switzerland is open for visits to the public. Enjoy a 2 - 3 hour independent stay in this lovely mountain village to relax or stroll. Return by coach via Lucerne (some time at leisure) back to Zurich.""""Travel by deluxe coach to the resort town of Engelberg (Angel Mountain). You'll have time to wander around this pretty mountain village make sure you don't miss the Baroque-style monastery that houses the largest organ in Switzerland."
From CHF72.00

General nightlife Tips (19)

The Oliver Twist Pickwick Pub: Very popular English style pub

The Oliver Twist Pub is one of the more popular pubs in Zurich. It was packed during my visit (a Friday night). Overall I liked the feel this place because it was in an older building which helped with the atmosphere. There was live music here and surprisingly the band was actually good. This is probably because the Oliver Twist is part of a chain and they can afford to attract decent bands. I am pretty sure I saw these guys in Canada.

Paul2001's Profile Photo
Nov 01, 2015

Paddy Reilly's Pub: My Favourite of Zurich's Many Irish Pubs

Zurich is saturated with Irish Pubs so at least there are plenty of places to find a Harp. Out of the lot, I think the best pub I visited in Zurich was Paddy Reilly's. You might ask why and that is simply because it reminded me so much of a pub I frequently visit in Toronto.
The bar here is quite large. The beers at the time of my visit were not expensive by Swiss standards and they a large variety. There are several massive flat screen TV's where you can watch sports which I was I found the place so welcoming. Finally there is a patio which was not all that common in Zurich. This pub seemed to very popular with ex-pats from across the globe.

Paul2001's Profile Photo
Oct 27, 2015

Plaz(d)a Bar: Plaza Club

We, a few VTers, recently visited the Plaz(d)a Bar on a weekday evening around 11 pm. When we were there it was very pleasant and roomy, but mind you, on weekends it's packed. Note the decorations (lamps, walls) while you are there.

In the same building which used to be a couple of cinemas until not too long ago, there is now a club which features various events and concerts. Check their website for more information.

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Dec 31, 2010

Cinema: Enjoy a film!

Zurich has lots of cinemas. You will find multplex cinemas or studio cinemas. Going to the cinema is very popular and in most cinemas the films are shown in the original language with German and French subtitles. In the programm it will say E/d which means the film is in English with German subtitles. If it says Ov/d then it's in the original language like Chinese, Russian or whatever with German subtitles.

On Mondays cinemas are cheaper with a fixed price of CHF 12.00 (2007).

The link below takes you to a new website about nightlife for the English speaking community in Zurich.

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Jun 23, 2007
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General nightlife: Night life tip

Actually Zurich has an amazing night life szene, You can choose whatever music style you want...

Fisrt if you're in Zurich and you wanna know what's up in the next few can get informations on (just click to the calendar on the left side and you will find a list of clubs and partys on that date u've don't have to understand english, cuz it's simple to figure out the music style, the name of the club and it's directin...)

or (it's an international partycommunity...)

oke: some general nightlife tip...:

check out:

Kaufleuten: every day programm from black music (the best one is costa del soul (every thuesday) switch party on friday once a month) to latino music (sundays) and house (every thursday and on some fridays/saturdays)

mascotte: diffrent music styles from Rock over greek partys to hiphop...

le bal: nice little club near the lake, on thursdays they have some hot latino partys...

dynamo: raggae concerts

club Q: House, trance music

Indochine/ säulenhalle: House, R&B or HipHop partys, sometimes Latino music

we also have a lot of gay/lesbian bars/clubs: the problem to describe it is that they change every week her spot, some names: T&M, Kanzlei (on sundays or some fridays), ask for information at barfussbar or at the lobby in the niederdorf, sure they can help you out;)

and if you like late night clubbin' go to langstrasse it's the redlight area of zurich, but it turned into the secrect hot spot of bars and undergroundclubs (without redlight ambiente..., just watch where you walk in;) ---> ask for latino bars (they got a whole lot of 'em like fuego latino, piranha bar... or nice bars as: longstreet, straycat...or even latenigt opend fast food corners aftre clubbing: new point, mc donalds...

fantasia_saphire's Profile Photo
May 22, 2007

Les Halles: eat and drink and play table soccer

pretty laid-back restaurant and bar, friendly, with annexed small bio-shop.Very good music, mostly rock and alternative. Take a tournament of table-soccer while you sip a cold beer

Dress Code Alternative, or just no dress code

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Jun 16, 2006

Si o No Bar: Just a little bar

A small bar in district 4. Not the average very cool downtown Switzerland athmosphere, just very laid back, cosy and intimate. A nice place to spend an evening with friends, or to drink your cappucino in the afternoon and read a paper.

Dress Code Whatever you like

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Mar 09, 2006

General nightlife: Virtual Partyguides for Zurich

If you are looking for parties that are going on in the clubs of Zurich, have a look at the following websites.
This simple portal lists all parties in and around Zurich, sorted by date (pick it in the calendar on the left side). It is also possible to browse through the different locations (click locations in menu "events"). Also available for Berne, Lucerne, Basel & St. Gallen.
This well-known site works in the same way as does. It covers all parts of Switzerland and offers many useful hints. Have a look!

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Aug 17, 2005
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"Welcome to Zürich - my hometown"
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"My Züri Page"
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"Zurich - Metropolis between lakes and mountains"
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"The world's capital of understatement"
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Indochine: Zurich Clubbing

This place was a refreshing departure from the normally uptight atmosphere in Zurich. Good music and people, but drinks are crazy expensive (this is switzerland, after all!)
I also have it on good word that OXA is a great place to party in Zurich, alas, I had to leave before I could check it out. Maybe next time. Friday nights are a bit younger, Saturdays 25-35 year olds.

Dress Code Guys, make sure you bring a girl unless you've made a career out of talking your way past tough doormen. They were tough, but fair.

brettsworld2005's Profile Photo
Jun 03, 2005

General nightlife: Whatever you want

Well, in Zurich you'll find a club for everything. There are clubs for Jazz, Blues, Classic, House, Techno, Trance, Wave, Rock, Reggae, RnB, HipHop, Latin... -- whatever you want, there is always a certain day in a certain club, where they play your kind of music!

Dress Code Always depends, on what day you visit which club.

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Apr 27, 2005

General nightlife: Bar

When I arrived Davos, it was in the night. Most people spend their night in Bars across the town that is full of hotels. The weather is so cold in this region at this particular time of my visit that most people rather sit around bars and socialise.

Also because of the event that was on going at this time, the world economic forum; most places were fully booked and there was not much fast night life as one would have expected.

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Feb 28, 2005


I never really went out on a big night but theres loads and loads of bars all around by the old town, right near the city backpackers hostel. I went in the Oliver Twist pub alot for a pint and to watch footy. A beer costs 8.80F(£4.40!). Theres loads of clubs too.

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Dec 01, 2003

Things to Do Near Zürich

Things to Do

Opera House

The neo-classica Zürich Opera - located at the Sechseläutenplatz - was opened 1891 and has space for 1100 visitors. An interesting fact is that almost identical copies of the building have been built...
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Things to Do

Kunsthaus - Art Gallery

The Kunsthaus Zürich has a major collection of international and Swiss art, among them many Switzerland artists from the 18th-19th century such as Füssli, Hodler and Böcklin. Apart from the regular...
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Things to Do

Fraumünster Churche

The Fraumünster church is one of the major oldtown churches of Zürich. In the mid-9th century AD a monastery was established here, based around the church. Its main attraction today are five beautiful...
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Things to Do

Zunfthaus zur Meisen

Zunfthaus zur Meisen (meaning: the guild house of the Zunft zur Meisen) is interesting building with great historical value for city. It was build in 1757 in today Lindenhof quarter of Old town...
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Things to Do


Wallace Fountains is nice decoration of famous street. I already read about this statue in another places but even if people dont know about it there is nice description on statue itself. It is...
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Things to Do


Exploring this area is a must. Niederdorf is a lively place in the old town that stretches from Central Square to the Great Church Square. A wonderful place for shopping during the day, and a popular...
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