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  • Grossmunster and the Helmhaus.
    Grossmunster and the Helmhaus.
    by pfsmalo
  • View from the Grossmunster
    View from the Grossmunster
    by sue_stone
  • visually rich nights in winter
    visually rich nights in winter
    by picek

Zürich Things to Do

  • Grossmünster Churche

    Gross Munster known for its distinctive two towers , which can be climbed. , for the view.The Gross Munster is near the Rathaus., in the centre of Zurich. I thought the front door detail was marvelous. There is a crypt. The church is near the banks of the river Limmat. Building started in 1100 and inaugurated in 1220. Was a monastory church. It is...

  • Lindenhof

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    The "Lindenhof" on a hill close to the Rennweg, is one of Zürichs prettiest squares, named after the many linden trees that grow here and spend shade. The square was historically a place of public announcements and meetings. The Lindenhof area is technically the smallest quarter of Zürich. From Lindenhof, one has fine views on the Zürich oldtown,...

  • Uetliberg

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    From the train, it's only about a 15 minute stroll to the restaurant and lookout at the top. Great views down over the city and the lake and surrounding mountains. There's a quiet forest where evidently sometimes there are even deer, but we didnt' see any or hear any birds....a silent forest is a bit eerie!


Zürich Hotels

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  • Widder Hotel

    A member of the Leading Hotels of the World (www.lhw.com), the Widder Hotel is undoubtedly not...

  • Dolder Grand Hotel

    Dolder Grand Hotel boasts 173 luxurious rooms,fine dining and spa.I personally haven't stayed here...

  • Baur au Lac

    Baur au Lac is considered the best hotel in Zurich and one of its most expensive (its prices are on...


Zürich Restaurants

  • Fish Noudle Soup

    You will find the place inside Zürich central station. At the lower floor.Yooji's is opposite of coop (supermarket)When you finished visiting other parts of Switzerland and you return to Zürich station.Assuming you are a little hungry. There are plenty of options.One options is yooji'sThey offer soups, salads and some other japanese style fast food...

  • Where the opera singers eat sausages

    Photos:1. Sternen Grill (Star Grill)2. Cartoon by Mike van Audenhove3. Eating at the Sternen GrillJust a block and a half from the opera house, at Bellevue Square, is the most celebrated of Zürich's many sausage stands, the Sternen Grill (Star Grill).They serve their sausages with ultra-sharp mustard, so be careful, otherwise you'll feel like the...

  • Large bistro in the centre

    Terrasse is a large art deco brasserie located in the centre of town by the river. It is part of the Bindella group and its menu has a wide menu of well prepared French and Italian dishes. It is a great option that would please everyone.


Zürich Nightlife

  • General nightlife

    The Oliver Twist Pub is one of the more popular pubs in Zurich. It was packed during my visit (a Friday night). Overall I liked the feel this place because it was in an older building which helped with the atmosphere. There was live music here and surprisingly the band was actually good. This is probably because the Oliver Twist is part of a chain...

  • Kaufleuten

    The Kaufleuten is probably the most famous club in Zurich and the place to meet some swiss celebrities. While some people love the unique atmosphere and enjoy the music, others think that the club is rather snobby and full of wannabes. If you dont like the club there are also a restaurant and a smaller lounge.

  • Jules Verne Panoramic Bar

    First, we had to spend some extra time to find how to go to the place. Apparantly, you have to walk through the whole restaurant downstairs to get to the elevator. There is only one super super slow elevator that goes up, prepare for about 30 min wait in the middle of the restaurant. The bar is nothing special, a tiny place. It was extremely humid...


Zürich Transportation

  • Boat trip on the lake

    There are several different boat trips on offer on Lake Zurich and, if the weather is good, they do provide a very pleasant experience with some super views of the lake shore and the sitant mountain peaks.I used my 9 o'clock pass to take the boat to Rapperswil. I'm not sure whether the ticket covers all departure times for that trip; the leaflet I...

  • Trolleybus

    Photos:1. Trolleybus # 34 at Klusplatz2. Electric contacts to double overhead wires3. Trolleybus # 31 on Militärstrasse4. Trolleybus # 46Unlike the city of Basel, which recently phased out its last remaining trolleybus line, Zürich still uses trolleybuses on three routes, numbered 32, 33 and 34.Trolleybuses, which run on rubber tires but get their...

  • Touring the Zurichsee by boat

    Enjoy a trip around the Zurichsee. This seems to be popular no matter what the weather is like. It is an enjoyable journey.


Zürich Shopping

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  • A Very Good and Affordable Department...

    Jelmoli is the largest and oldest department store in Zurich. I was surprised that it was more affordable than I expected. Jelmoli was founded in 1833 All the usual brands are on sale here. The store is not too large that you cannot find anything. Another surprise was the restaurant here. I had a pretty good and very filling tandoori chicken...

  • Bahnhofstrasse, Zurich, Switzerland

    Bahnhofstrasse is Zurich's main downtown street and one of the world's most expensive and exclusive shopping avenues. In 2011, a study has named the Bahnhofstrasse the most expensive street for retail property in Europe, and the third most expensive worldwide.What I like at the Bahnofstrasse is the easy atmosphere, no rush at all, u can do ur...

  • If you must buy water.....

    ......or want to picnic on Uetliberg (or in your hotel room), or want a hot meal without paying a hug amount for it...........and you are near Zurich's Hauptbahnhof...........go to the Coop.Whilst I'm told that it is not the cheapest of Swiss supermarkets, it is certainly worth a visit. Small bottles of water cost 0.6CHF, which is very reasonable...


Zürich Local Customs

  • Banking secrecy aka confidentiality,...

    All the big Swiss banks are based in Zürich, and they all make huge profits thanks to their tradition of banking secrecy (Bankgeheimnis in German), which means that they never divulge the names of their account holders or any information about them.In particular, they never give any information to the tax authorities of the countries where their...

  • A Wallace Fountain from Paris

    In the middle of Zürich there is a Wallace Fountain just like the ones in Paris, with explanatory plaques in several languages.The explanation in English reads:"Fountain from Paris, 1870, to initiate the 1982 World Convention of Water Experts in Zurich. The four nymphs personify simplicity, purity, sobriety and charity. They symbolize international...

  • Luxemburgerli sweets

    Luxemburgerli are Zurich traditional cake-sweets consisting of cream, butter, milk etcsourced from the Zurich region. Luxemburgerli were developed more then 50 years ago by confiserie Sprüngli. Local people are very proud of local sweet products and especially Luxemburgerli. These small cakes have different taste - vanilla, chocolate, chmpagne,...


Zürich Warnings and Dangers

  • A very expensive toilet.

    If you need to use the toilet when you are in Zurich's Hauptbahnhof (or Luzern's, come to that) be warned that the 'McClean' toilets on the lower floors are.........absolutely beautiful, pristine and truly sparklingly clean (with showers available as well as loos).And the toilets will cost you 2 Swiss francs to use! The pissoir is only 1.50 francs,...

  • Red light cameras

    Be aware of the red light cameras in and around Zurich, which are are pretty good hidden.The ticket will be around 200Sfr.Just stop the car if the traffic lights go yellow.Some of them are even enforce speed limits.

  • Speed cameras!!

    Be aware of the speed cameras in Zurich, which are pretty good hidden (see picture). The margin for speeding is just +3km/h!Watch your speed and don't overtake the locals (license number plate ZH). They know where the speed cameras are :-)Just to give you a roughly estimation of the ticket price:Within cities limits:1-5km/h to fast = 40Sfr6-10km/h...


Zürich Tourist Traps

  • The Landesmuseum (the Swiss National...

    I was really disappointed in the Landesmuseum. otherwise known as the Swiss National Museum. There simply was not much here that I found interesting. The museum features plenty of relics from prehistoric Switzerland, a few gothic artifacts of note from the Medieval times and their are collections of furniture from every Swiss canon. . The...

  • Beware of bottled water rip-off @...

    The 'Asia im Foodland' Take away just at the entrance of the Airport Shopping Foodland is selling 0.5l of still water (Arkina) for a whopping sFr. 4.80 (eur 3.20/ usd 4)!! Again just for over the counter sale, not sitting down or anything the like. If you want to have some water on the go please do get it elsewhere, this is even for swiss standard...

  • Adler's Swiss Chuchli -- say nein danke...

    Adler's Swiss Chuchli is a large restaurant in the Niederdorf area (part of the old town, where many many many tourists stroll aimlessly at all hours of the day). They serve Swiss specialities, most particularly fondue. The food is not that good and the prices do not reflect the quality of the food or the service. Your life will not be ruined if...


Zürich What to Pack

  • universal adapter for travellers from...

    If you are travelling from UK Ireland or US it is necessary to bring an adapter for your electric equipment. I was really lucky my B&B had a i-pod dock because I was not able to find an adapter and had forgotten mine at home.

  • Free city map

    Don't forget to take a free city map of Zuerich at the Tourist Information Office.The map includes the locations of the most important sights and an overview of the public transportation network.Zurich's Tourist Information Office is located in the Main Train Station.Website: http://www.zuerich.com/

  • In Your Pocket guide Zurich (IYP)

    On the 1st of October 2010 the no. 1 edition of the Zurich InYourPocket guide appeared and I just had to grab it on its first day out on my way to Germany. I'm a big fan of those city guides and know them from various destinations in Eastern Europe.Zurich IYP will appear 6x per year and has excellent information on various issues like arrival,...


Zürich Off The Beaten Path

  • Uetliberg

    Uetliberg of course makes a wonderful defensive and watchtower position so it is hardly surprising that people have used it as such for millennia. Archaeological excavations have shown that it was an oppidum (fortified settlement) in the Bronze Age and it was almost certainly inhabited long before that. Late, six forts (or 'castles') were built...

  • Daytrip to Luzern

    Lucerne is one of the most scenic towns in Switzerland and well worth to be visited for several days but if you have only little time take a daytrip or a stopover (there are lockers in the trainstation for your luggage). There is every half hour a train from Zurich to Lucerne taking 45 to 50 minutes, the first at 6.05 the last at 0.07.

  • Daytrip to Solothurn

    Founded in roman times as Salodurum and independent city state from 1218 and after the alliance with Bern 1295 part of the Swiss Confederation. From 1530 to 1792 the French ambassador to Switzerland was in Solothurn. Most of todays town center was built in the 16. to 18. century. There is a excellent confiserie, Suteria, opposit the St. Ursen...


Zürich Sports & Outdoors

  • Monday Night Skate (Inline Skating in...

    The Monday night skate is a public inline skating event on the streets of Zurich, which is free of charge on every 2nd Monday, from Mai to September.If you like inline skating, then this might be something for you. You will skate with around 2000-6000 other people, on different public roads through Zurich. The police (on inline skates) will stop...

  • ice skating for children (and parents)

    Okay, we went there with friends and their pre-school kids to the small, provisory ice skating ring by National Museum, in the courtyard that faces park. Looks like a spot local families love to go but it's 'little' crowded. Well, you see funny things and also falls, but there's always someone watching so you're generally safe and enjoy nice...

  • Beaches

    When it gets hot in Zürich in summer (which is quite often I think) locals enjoy a lazy day at one of the many beaches along the lake shore or the river banks. Zürich must be the city with most beaches worldwide!I happened to walk by the Mythenquai beach and saw that entrance was free that Sunday - the watch shop Beyer had an anniversary and...


Zürich General

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  • Zürich views

    We spent New Year count-down on a S-train but it doesn't matter, we didn't miss Zurich highlight of a night - the fireworks. If you want best views it is good to be early somewhere by the Zurich lake shores because it will be the crowdest spot of the city as the midnight approach, with countless people participating - in their best mood, with...

  • Explore the City Streets

    You can have a City Tour with the "Classic Trolley" (styled on those of yesteryear) to discover Zurich. Because the audio taped commentary is available in 8 languages, you will have a far more interesting and comprehensive report solely in the language of your choice. The tour lasts 2 hours and includes the shopping and financial center, the old...

  • Outside Zürich

    Another idea to escape the hectic city - as beautiful as Zürich might be, it *is* very busy - is a day trip to the Alps. They're actually not *that* far away, you can see the Alps on a good day from Bürkliplatz. Sonja, Holger and I decided we wanted to go to the really *high* Alps, see some glaciers, cows, get the full experience. And ride some...


Top 10 European Christmas Markets: Zurich

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Besides being a banking hub and the home of the WTO, Zurich also boasts Europe's biggest indoor Christmas market in its ShopVille-RailCity railway station. In addition to over 160 wooden chalets, there is an enormous Christmas tree, sparkling with over 5,000 Swarovski crystal ornaments.

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