Europe Tourist Traps

  • Hofbräuhaus
    by Trekki
  • The reality
    The reality
    by Jim_Eliason
  • Glaidators at the Coliseum
    Glaidators at the Coliseum
    by aukahkay

Europe Tourist Traps

  • Montmartre - Sacré Coeur

    Paris Tourist Traps

    NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! One million times NO! I went to the romantic square of Tertre and couldn't believe what I saw: the artists, expelled from the square by a dense esplanade! No! I can't believe that the good old Tertre was killed! It was the effect of the rain! It only could be! I hope! I will never go...

  • Red Light District

    Amsterdam Tourist Traps

    In the summer this place is heaving with tourists and where there are lots of tourists there are lots of undesirables such as heroin junkies, aggressive beggars, pickpockets and some real ugly looking prostitutes and seriously if you ain't going there for sex there no point going. If you have to go do it in the early evening as it is slightly...

  • Colosseum Gladiators

    Rome Tourist Traps

    not only in the vicinity of the Colloseum would you see locals dressed as Roman Centurions or Gladiators but also at the other attractions such as around the Roman Forum, around the Pantheon, Piazza Del Minerva and other Roman Inspired attractions around Rome. Don't pose with these Centurions or do selfies with them as they will forcefully charge...

  • Places To Avoid

    Barcelona Tourist Traps

    I'd read that this square was really nice and while parts of it ARE it just feels very seedy still. A lot of graffitti and homeless people lying in corners. There are a bunch of cafe terraces and it seemed fairly busy but I think there are prettier squares that feel safer

  • Gondole

    Venice Tourist Traps

    I have included the Gondola Ride in my tourist trap section as if you are a tightwad or cheapskate then you would not pay 40 euros per person for a 30 to 40 minute ride in a gondola that goes from the smaller canals to the Grand Canal and back at the atrocious price! don't forget the tip which cost 5 euros per person. the horror! but if you are...

  • Taxis

    Athens Tourist Traps

    Around 1 pm, June 26, we hailed a yellow taxi, late model Mercedes C200 CDI, license number TAB 6180. We had just arrived in Piraeus about an hour late due to a delayed ferry. As I hailed the cab, I was holding my small dog in a satchel. My husband was by my side with our other small dog also in a pet carrier. We asked the taxi driver if he could...

  • Street crime

    Lisbon Tourist Traps

    It's true Lisbon can be dangerous at night (especially certain areas) mainly the downtown, but a lot of it is exagerated. I've been to Rossio many times at night (not alone obviously) and have never been mugged, robbed or even close to that. Ok so it was before 11pm... still it was already dark. After 11 would be a different story though, so alays...

  • Little Mermaid

    Copenhagen Tourist Traps

    I think that the famous mermaid is the least interesting thing, several kilometers around. So take my advice: when you go there (because you will, like everybody else...) use your time, looking around: the harmonious strength of a fountain, the calm of the park, the art pieces on parade, and... yes, somewhere by the canal there's a little common...

  • Guinness Brewery

    Dublin Tourist Traps

    So before i visited the brewery i read lots of fellow VT'ers opinions on it. I have to say for the most part they were correct. Altough there were a few intresting things to see and you get a "free" pint of guinness, there is nothing great about this place. As you have undoubtable read it has not been a working brewery in a long time. So you do not...

  • Euronet ATM

    Vienna Tourist Traps

    Euronet ATM is charging an extra € 1,95 per transaction on all their ATM machines in Austria. They are mostly at supermarkets and in shopping centers, also in the airport (but there are also other ATM's), the Marriott, the Intercontinental, the Hilton Danube... also the A&O Hostel..., watch out for their blue rhomboid logo! There is only a...

  • Madame Tussauds and Planetarium

    London Tourist Traps

    We went to Madame Tussauds today and after queuing for 2 1/2 hours realized it would take another 1 1/2 to 2 hours just to get to the ticket booth. We decided to leave and we were all very stressed. When you see the queue on the outside you would be mistaken to think the ticket booth is just on the inside of the door. When we went inside the queue...

  • Changing Money

    Budapest Tourist Traps

    At train and bus stations as well as at the airport you get a very bad rate at money changers (up to 30% difference between buying and selling), use ATM or change only €/$ 5-10 (at Keleti Pu train station you can find persons hanging around to change money, if you are careful and show them only €/$ 10-20 they should be all right) to get you...

  • Nightlife

    Stockholm Tourist Traps

    It will be you and other tourist if there are any in there at the same time as you. It is a small bar and they give you coats and gloves to wear. I cant remember but I think it was like $30 to get in with 1-2 drinks. I would still go again even though it was a trap. its in the nordic sea hotel, go in the main...

  • Oktoberfest

    Munich Tourist Traps

    Most tents at the Oktoberfest are already closed early in the morning, because they are simply overcrowded. No chance getting in without a reservation... Last year, my friends and I decided to follow the advice of a local friend and tried an alternative: "Das Wiesnzelt am Stiglmaierplatz". Though it is not directly located at the Oktoberfest, it's...

  • Restaurants too expensive.

    Brugge Tourist Traps

    I went to one of the brasserie/cafes where they have a table service on the main square with my nearly 60 year old parents. I can't remember the name any more because we were just passing by Brugge on our way to Germany and were not there to stay. The waiter told us to sit and when came around we ordered three coffees. Little did we know that it...

  • Wall pieces

    Berlin Tourist Traps

    The last version of the Berlin Wall was over 140 Km in circumference, 3.6 metres high and 1.2 metres thick which makes for a total amount of concrete of around 604,800 cubic metres. For a "do-it-youselfer" you can buy ready-to-mix concrete at about 10 Euros per cubic metre these days and so I'd assume that back in 1961 the cost for a major project...

  • Sunset in Oia

    Santorini Island Tourist Traps

    The sunsets in Santorini are awsome! However because of the crowds of people it is hard to enjoy them. The alleys are filled and people are found standing for hours waiting for the moment the sun sets. You can stay at one of the hotels facing the caldera and then you have the sunset all for yourself on a balcony near the pool with a glass of white...

  • Excursion's

    Crete Island Tourist Traps

    prices for 2012 if you need to book with the above, Spinalonga 99 euros premier Taste of Greece of Crete 69 euros Heraklion market 35 euros plus others please expand photo for full list try the local companies will be around 20% cheaper hire a car!!!!

  • Restaurants around Grand' Place

    Brussels Tourist Traps

    The Rue des Bouchers looks very tempting in summer with all the tables spilling out of it's restaurants onto the narrow cobbled street but try not to be tempted by the pushy restaurant owners trying to drag you in to their establishment for their special "Tourist set menu". Whilst these 3 course meals for €12 seem a great deal they usually leave...

  • The Duomo

    Milan Tourist Traps

    Be very careful with guys who come up to you and thrust corn into your hands to feed the pigeons in from on the Dumo. Even though this makes a fantastic picture with the dones eating from your palm... they guys who give you the corn try to rip you off. They are you where you are from and ask to be compensated like wise... as we were from New York...

  • Prices Old Town

    Tallinn Tourist Traps

    Raekoja plats is the place to be if you want to grab a beer, relax and watch people pass by. Unfortunately, the pubowners have understood this, so they charge ridiculous amounts for drinks that elsewhere is cheap. So, if you can avoid it, do. If you still have to go here, try to ignore the prices and enjoy your company and the beautiful buildings...

  • Taxis/Transportation

    Moscow Tourist Traps

    I don't care how experienced you are as an international traveller, the taxis is Moscow and St. Petersburg WILL cheat you. Big time. Even the guidebooks direct you to the "taxi desk" at Sheremetyevo Airport. This desk will cheat you MORE than any other taxi source in either city. MUCH better to have your hotel order a taxi to meet you. Sounds...

  • Disapointing, not worth seeing

    Antwerp Tourist Traps

    Many people (esp. Dutch people...) go to Antwerp to visit the "Vogelenmarkt" ('bird market'). Don't be fooled: it is a (flea) market as any other and the time when all sorts of birds were on sale is long gone. At present, only a small part of the market is dedicated to pet animals following protests of the animal rights organizations a couple of...

  • The Sound of Music Tour

    Salzburg Tourist Traps

    I did a Panorama Sound of Music tour not because of any interest in the film (I've never even seen it, though I've heard the songs, of course), but because I was in Salzburg for less than a day and it seemed a convenient way of seeing some of the sights of the city and the surrounding countryside. It worked well. Someone came to the hotel as...

  • Taxis

    Warsaw Tourist Traps

    If I had to point a few very positive things in Poland, I would definetly consider the taxis. of course if you know the rules such as don't pick up a taxi from those guys waiting at the exit of the airport (some of the tem are not legal and they will charge your more) and the fact that is not possible to pick a taxi just stopping one in the street....

  • Eating & drinking

    Madrid Tourist Traps

    Do not be influenced by all the hype surrounding this restaurant. It does have a colorful historical past. Today it is surviving on its past laurels. If you are interested in food and quality then this is not the place for you nor for me. I took 4 people there for lunch April 8th 2012. Dinning room is elegant. Bread and Butter was brought to the...

  • The West End, San Antonio.

    Ibiza Tourist Traps

    Great if you like hoards of drunken Brits marauding around the streets looking for members of the opposite sex in a drunk enough state not to reject them, puddles of vomit and urine (I'm not exaggerating!) karaoke bars and Irish theme pubs. The morning light brings a place for these people to return for their full English Breakfast at Koppas Cafe...

  • Wieliczka Salt Mine

    Krakow Tourist Traps

    Wieliczka caters to about 1 000 000 tourists a year (thats a VERY large amount) - during the summer months they average about 6000 tourists a day... by my rough calculations that equates to about 75-100 people per tour. Way too many for my liking! Go in Winter - we were there in January, and our tour group consisted of 11 people... very pleasant!...

  • Dodgy deals / scams

    Palma de Mallorca Tourist Traps

    The Inca Market is something the tourist board advertizes as something to see. We went. It was nothing more than a large flea market at best. Nothing of real interest was sold here - leather purses, kitchenware, t-shirts, underwear, plants, etc. Also, the prices aren't really all that great. The shopping along the strip in Alcudia is actually...

  • Red Light District

    Hamburg Tourist Traps

    Okay, as everyone knows the Reeperbahn is the historically infamous red light district where in addition to the usual club, theatre, and restaurant venues, there are scores and scores of sex shops, strip bars, and brothels. Apparently, it's just always been that way, since the area is bordered by the Hamburg Harbour, and has been a hangout for...

  • Promenade Des Anglias

    Nice Tourist Traps

    the wide 7 kilometer stretch of pebble beaches along the Promenade Des Anglais is a mish mash of Public and Private Beaches of which you will see that the private beaches are enclosed by wooden spikes of which you need to pay from 15 to 20 euros to enter the private beaches, which are owned by the different hotels fronting the beaches (a caveat!...

  • Taxis

    Saint Petersburg Tourist Traps

    I had read that taxis will try to rip you off - I was ready for it and it still happened!! We had caught the free shuttle from the ferry to St Isaac's and found a taxi immediately. I had a map showing our hotel and the address in Russian. The driver spoke a little English and I asked the cost, he said no problem, meter. Once we got into the taxi he...

  • Flamenco

    Sevilla Tourist Traps

    Even though the flamenco show is meant for tourists, it features excellent bailaores, guitarists, and cantaores. The food is acceptable. What is not acceptable is that our camera with more than 300 photos from Cordoba disappeared. My wife forgot it on the way out. Just as we arrived at the hotel, she realized she'd left it there and started to call...

  • Beaches

    Majorca Island Tourist Traps

    Beware of the very tall man 6ft 4" who slowly walks round the three beaches of Palma Nova pretending to look at the ladies when in fact he is looking for the ladies bags. He carries a towel over his shoulder and also a T Shirt which he puts on and off regurlarly. He walks up beside people and drops his t shirt over the purse or bag to make it look...

  • Tours Etc.

    Edinburgh Tourist Traps

    There are many walks that claim to show you 'Underground Edinburgh,' but only one shows you the part of the city that was buried many years ago: Mary King's Close. Other tours will dub themselves as "underground," but only show you vaults under a bridge (South Bridge). You will not be allowed to take any photos or videos, but they will try to...

  • Swarovski Crystal

    Innsbruck Tourist Traps

    The best part of the visit was the trip by the public bus from Innsbruck Railway Station to The Swarovski Crystal World, as one could enjoy the beautiful Innsbruck suburbs. We took the public bus as we had just missed the free shuttle and did not have time to wait for another shuttle which was after 2 hrs. Once we got off the main road, the signs...

  • taxi service

    Sofia Tourist Traps

    I have travelled with OK Taxi last month and have paid 3 times of that I should have paid! The rates have been displayed on the front window but at the destination the driver said they are only valid for journeys in the city centre not from the airport. The driver did not switch the meter on which they should have done by law. I paid over 33 lev...

  • Palexpo

    Geneva Tourist Traps

    Now going to a convention isn't ever something to get excited about. You're usually stuck indoors all day in a great big grey building that doesn't have much personality going in. And a lot of the networking you do involves going back to the hotel bar or being whisked place to place in a taxi. When i recently had to visit Gevenca though, I got...

  • Linnanmaki Amusement Park

    Helsinki Tourist Traps

    Okay, it's an attractionpark and it's very close to the city. But that's about it. It's mind of rundown, no atmosphere andn no special attractions. Though not cheap. If you want to go to an attractionpark, better go to some other place (Germany, France, the Netherlands). If you want to do sightseeing in Helsinki, better spend your time enjoying...

  • Geordie accent

    Newcastle upon Tyne Tourist Traps

    Geordie. AA. Pronoun of the first person. Aa divvint knaa. I do not know. AAFUL. Awful. AAKWAAD. Awkward. AALL. All. AALWIS. Always. AAN. And. ABOOT. About. AMOONT. Amount. AANLY. Only. ANYHOO. Anyhow. AV. I've. BAIT. Food. Bait box. Something to carry food to work. BLIDDY. Bloody. Bliddy hek. Bloody hell. BOONT. Boont tu de it. Bound to do...

  • Shopping in touristic areas

    Pisa Tourist Traps

    There are small markets everywhere that charge anywhere from two to four times what you would pay for staples in a supermarket. Prices can vary widely for anything from bottles of water and especially if you need something like shampoo or shaving cream it's like shopping in an American convenience store with a 200% markup. Ask the hotel where the...

  • Bus from the Airport

    Reykjavík Tourist Traps

    K*Express bus advertises on EasyJet the self checkin printout K*Express bus for € 8 (about 1250 Island Kronen)return to Reykjavik center. which would be a excellent price but their 4 buses per day don't connect with the plane, the office is in quite a distance together with a rental car company you might end up after dragging all your luggage there...

  • Old Trafford

    Manchester Tourist Traps

    If you travel to Manchester, a sight worth seeing is the Manchester United Stadium, although there have been reports of tourists beeing robbed in this area. If taking photographs do not allow anyone to take a picture of you in front of the stadium as some tourists have done so only to find someone else comes up behind them, whips their trousers...

  • Fish Market

    Bergen Tourist Traps

    All of the guidebooks said you had to visit the fish market but our first reaction upon seeing it was that we weren't at the right place. But of course we were and what we found was a lot of vendors who didn't strike me as even remotely Norwegian selling a lot of fish that wasn't locally harvested, some of it clearly frozen, some of it marked with...

  • Taxi fares

    Thessaloniki Tourist Traps

    I live in Thessaloniki and I have to warn you that taxi drivers are RUDE and they will try to cheat you, they will tell you to pay more than the real fair. Do not trust them cause they r trying to steal even us, who r Greeks and will live here. Public buses are better, more cheaper and there are signs everywhere to help you. Or you can ask someone,...


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