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  • Leaving Evia.
    Leaving Evia.
    by nickandchris
  • The popular and cheapest alternative- Osea shuttle
    The popular and cheapest alternative-...
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  • Bregenz
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Europe Transportation

  • Metro

    Paris Transportation

    The metro (subway/underground) in Paris is one of the best in the world. The maps are easy to understand. The busses and RER trains are also frequent and handy as well. There are visitor passes by zones as well as a carnet of 10 tickets at a time. The transport website is very good, has interactive maps and information on prices and options as well...

  • Trams

    Amsterdam Transportation

    There are a lot of ways to get around Amsterdam, on ground and on water. We mainly used the trams for our public transportation needs. If you have the i Amsterdam card, transportation is included but as we didn't use that, we bought Strippenkaarts (Strip cards). For a few days, it's definitely worth buying the one with either 15 or 45 strips. Two...

  • Taxis

    Rome Transportation

    like in any major city, Rome has an army of taxis plying around the city of which you can hire and take you to your various destinations. The taxis are white in color, with a sign on the roof and the driver's license information on the door and the taxis are either large vans or small mini cars which can sit at least 4 passengers. Taxi rates...

  • Metro

    Barcelona Transportation

    The Metro System in Barcelona works well. It doesn't get you to every area you may want to see so there might be a bit of walking you will still have to do. We probably used the metro once or twice in a day. So, we did not buy a loaded metro pass. We just bought tickets as needed. A single ticket in 2015 cost 2.15€. Keep in mind the time frame it...

  • Vaporetto - Water Bus

    Venice Transportation

    there are many water taxis plying Venice and they are divided into the Private water taxis which are hired by tourists, big tour groups, couples, etc and the Public Water Taxis which are called Vaporetto (little steamer). The Public Water taxis provides Travel between several points in Venice itself and the surrounding Islands in the Lagoon such as...

  • Metro

    Lisbon Transportation

    I was very impressed by Lisbon's metro system during my visit in September 2016. Back in 2012 on my previous visit, I walked a lot around the Portuguese capital and did not use the underground metro system at all. I realise now that I could have saved my feet from a lot of blisters! Lisbon has a fairly extensive metro system which links many of the...

  • Metro And Subway

    Athens Transportation

    Athens underground system is fast, clean, efficient and relatively easy to navigate. Because of the ongoing economic crisis it is currently undergoing regular shutdowns due to strikes, but the website gives you advanced warnings of these so that you can plan around them. It's one of the oldest subways in the world, but it wasn't until the 21st...

  • Airport - Transportation to Copenhagen...

    Copenhagen Transportation

    The metro runs 24 hours a day 24/7. Situated in Terminal 3 and clearly signposted, it's the simplest and definitely the quickest way to get into the city. It costs 36dk and tickets are for sale in the airport or at the machines on the platform. Copenhagen Metro is a joy to use and it's one of my favourite things about the city. The stations are...

  • Bus,tram&Metro

    Vienna Transportation

    I believe I will not be mistaken if I tell you that the metro is the most convenient type of transport in the city of Vienna. It was opened in 1898 and now has six lines designated from U1 through U6. Metro has connections to the railway stations and it makes metro and railways the united network of transport infrastructure. You can buy your ticket...

  • To and From Dublin Airport

    Dublin Transportation

    There are several options, probably the cheapest is by Aircoach to O'Connell Street or Grafton Street, € 7 when buying at the counter at the bus departure (or online € 6); there are ale buses to Cork € 20 and Belfast € 16.

  • Buses

    Florence Transportation

    Take the SITA bus (the bus station is located across the street from Santa Maria Novella train station). 1.20 hours to Piazza Garibaldi which is a easy walk to any of the city's attractions (if you take the train you will have a much longer walk to the center of Siena).

  • Tube (Underground, Subway, Metro).

    London Transportation

    The wonderful schematic Tube map was originally drawn up in 1931 by Harry Beck, an employee of London Underground who was paid just 10 guineas (10GBP and 10 shillings...50p) for his efforts. Although the Tube map is wonderful it gives no idea of the actual overground distance between Tube stations. Many visitors have spent time getting the Tube...

  • Public Transport In General

    Prague Transportation

    As well has Metro, bus and trams, tourists have use of taxi, tour bus, vintage car, and horse and carriage. To used any of these transports you need the currency of the Czech Kruna. or Crown in English.

  • Metro

    Budapest Transportation

    Budapest's public transport system consists of one of the oldest undergrounds in the world, a clattering old tram system, and a plethora of rusty old buses. The stations of the underground that I saw were wonderful: sparkling clean, modern and well maintained. The stations of the old M1 line were evocative of a bygone era, and an attraction in...

  • Public Transportation

    Stockholm Transportation

    Stockholm has an excellent public transport system, including the subway (T-Bana), buses, trams, and even boats. UPDATED Fares as of June 2014: SL has a complicated fare system involving "units" or "coupons." Travel within 1 zone (see a T-Bana Zone map to view the zones) requires the use of 2 "units," while travel among 2 and 3 zones costs 3 and...

  • Métros/Trams/Bus

    Brussels Transportation

    The airport shuttle is inexpensive comfortable and practical and one of the best solutions if you are going to Brussels city. The bus stop near the station in Brussels midi at "Rue de France" very short walk to train station The shuttle bus leaves outside the arrival when you go out directly to your left and you will see those buses stood and...

  • General Public Transport

    Berlin Transportation

    I thought the public transport system in Berlin was going to be complicated but its simple compared to London. I found the ticket machine at Schoenefeld Airport and after few goes managed to get the choice of ticket I required. Most visitors only require a ticket for zones A & B but if you want to visit some of the sights out of town such as...

  • Airport - Connections and Airlines

    Munich Transportation

    I often read reports and reviews about airports and generally they all agree on the fact that best airports are in Asia such as Changi in Singapore, the beijing one, the Incheon at Seoul and so on. I have been on a few of these airports and I thought they were better than Europeans one, until I came back to Munich airport this time. They really...

  • Canal Boat Tours.

    Brugge Transportation

    One of the nicest ways to see Bruges is by taking a trip on the canal, there are five families that are allowed to organise tourist excursions by open boats on the canals. Each family is allowed 4 boats, so prices are regulated. These guided canal trips let you see the hidden corners of the city at water level. The rides last about 40 minutes and...

  • Metro

    Milan Transportation

    It's very difficult to go by metro with luggages because many (all?) metro stations in Milan has no elevator! very ancient system to have no elevators for tourists. The metro is suitable for people with small bags. At the hotels nobody didn't know about the elevators, I still wonder. Milan guide books told there is elevators but few hotel front...

  • Buses

    Santorini Island Transportation

    Santorini has a good bus system. You can go to several villages there by bus. There is no need to rent a car or a bike in my opinion to explore this island. I think buses run until 10 in the evening.

  • Buses

    Crete Island Transportation

    Airport to Kokkini hani,Gouves,Analipsi,Anissaras,Chersonissos,Stalida,Malia, until Agios Nikolaos,Ierapetra and Sitia.This is a route of a bus from the station.The bus always pass in the airport in a certain time,so its easy if you like to take it to reach to your hotel.From the arrival area walk directly to the gate on your right,you will see a...

  • To/Around

    Salzburg Transportation

    Walking is the Best Thing To Do in this Charming Austrian City of Zalburg as the City is not large at all and the main sights in and around Salzburg are relatively near each other and if your hotel is along the Salzburg Train Terminal, Mirabell Gardens is just a 10 minute walk away and from there you can proceed along the schloss mirabell, to the...

  • Bus, tram, metro

    Antwerp Transportation

    My weekend in Antwerp with the VT group meant that there would be a fair bit of walking around the city centre but not much in the way of having to use public transport apart from the connection between where I was staying near Central Station and the city centre. This is such a popular connection that the trams have now been put underground....

  • By Metro

    Moscow Transportation

    I have accidentally run into this collection of professional photos with the most spectacular Moscow metro stations on display – from the oldest, like Kropotkinskaya and Sokol to the fairly new Aeroport. There is one ‘but’: Two of the stations mentioned in the article – ‘Sportiv

  • Ferry Helsinki

    Tallinn Transportation

    We were 5 people and we booked a day trip from Tallinn to Heslinki. They offer day trips on their website for 25 EUR a person. So a good price, WE THOUGHT! In the morning we went from Tallinn to Helsinki. All good. But in the evening we wanted to get back (as we booked a day trip and we needed to proceed our journey the next day) and there was NO...

  • Tickets

    Warsaw Transportation

    Normal fare on public transport in Warsaw, no matter if you travel by bus, tram or the underground is, after the recent price rises, 4.40 PLN. For that price, you can travel on one or more means of transport but only for 75 minutes from the moment of validating the ticket. After that, you must validate another ticket. If you get the ticket directly...

  • Barajas airport

    Madrid Transportation

    Among the busiest of Europe's airports, Madrid Barajas International Airport (MAD) is ten miles (16 kilometers) east of Madrid. It offers flights to most European cities, North America, South America, Africa, and Asia. Airlines serving Madrid Barajas International Airport: Aeroflot-Russian Airlines, Aerolineas Argentinas, AeroMexico, Aerosur, Air...

  • By bus

    Krakow Transportation

    The Krakow bus station (Dworzec autobusowy) is located adjacent to the Krakow main railway station. It offers cheap and convenient buses to places like Zakopane which run very frequently (several departures each hour). Tickets can be bought at the station prior to departure.

  • Bus to Montenegro

    Dubrovnik Transportation

    Blueline has every day a bus from Dubrovnik leaving at 15.30 to Kotor arriving 18.00, from Kotor leaving at 8.30 arring in Dubrovnik at 10.00. Upate: at least in summer there are now buses from Dubbrovnik to Montenegro at 7.00, 8.15, 10.00, 11.00, 15.30, 19.00 and 20.30.

  • By train

    Porto Transportation

    I took the train in Oporto several times, in my way to Guimaraes and also when I traveled south, to Lisbon. In this railway station I spent time taking pictures of the tiles or azulejos, they explain the history of Portugal.


    Granada Transportation

    I do like the way one can pay the driver on ordinary Spanish makes life so much easier than having to find a newsagent/whatever where one can buy tickets!'ve arrived at Granada bus station and you don't want to take a taxi onwards (there are plenty of taxis waiting outside the bus station entrance)? OK, that's easy...

  • Train

    Verona Transportation

    To get to Verona I took the EuroCity train from Munich via Innsbruck. This is a convenient connection, several times daily, with good mountain views along the way. Second photo: The dining car is fine for having a cup of coffee and using one of the big tables to write on, but I can't honestly recommend having a meal here. Third photo: The main...

  • Santa Justa station

    Sevilla Transportation

    Santa Justa is the train station in Seville, and it's in the Nervion district. There are trains connecting Seville to many cities and towns in Andalusia and beyond. It's possible to buy tickets online (either the Renfe website or the Rail Europe site), or at the station (either at a booth with an agent, or at the electronic ticket machine). In...

  • Public Transport

    Hamburg Transportation

    To reach Blankenese, Hamburg’s most beautiful suburb on the Elbe bank, there are two options, depending how much time you have and how adventurous you feel. The quick&easy way: Take the S-Bahn S1 to “Blankenese” station. This takes you there from the city centre in about 15-20 minutes. The mini cruise way: Sadly there are no ferries that go...

  • Metro

    Saint Petersburg Transportation

    When I was tired from walking or I need to travel far I was using city's metro. Saint Petersburg metro system (Russian: Петербу́ргский метрополитен) is very effective public transportation...

  • trams

    Sofia Transportation

    Public transport in Sofia is cheap and reliable. There are 15 tram lines in the city which is easy to used. Our hotel very center, right outside the tram lines which for us easy to take the tram. Sofia is not so big. You always have choice with their public transportation either tram, metro or bus Sofia is easy walking, you can either buy a pass...

  • Train

    Bologna Transportation

    Italian trains are safe, comfortable and efficient enough with an extensive network. Getting to or from Bologna by train is very easy. Bologna Centrale station has been fairly recently extended to cope with the super-fast Freccia trains. I caught the fast Frecciarossa from Milan Centrale, travelling at 296km/h at times and making the journey in...

  • Local Buses

    Palma de Mallorca Transportation

    Whilst I was planning our trip I looked up different modes of transfer options, the taxis are really expensive as are the hopper buses. The Palma number 1 airport bus was 2.50euro per person and was an excellent and reliable service every 15 minutes. On arrival you walk out of arrivals the bus stop is well signposted and easy to get to. Save a bit...

  • Buses and Taxis

    Ibiza Transportation

    Travelling by bus around Ibiza was very simple and the drivers very polite and helpfull the only time we felt we were getting ripped off was at the bus station in Ibiza town after a very hot day and running for the bus we run into the bus station to get a bottle of water the girl behind the counter charged us 1.50 for a very small bottle of water...

  • The train

    Pompeii Transportation

    On the Circumvesuviana Napoli-Sorrento line it takes 30 to 40 minutes to get to Pompeii from either Naples or Sorrento. Get off at "Pompei Scavi". At the station, you can leave your bags for €1,50 (collect by 7:00PM in summer, 6:00PM October to February), or leave them for free at the ruins (pick up by 7:20PM) Train station in Pompeii is a short...

  • Geneva Airport Train Station

    Geneva Transportation

    When you arrive Geneva Airport, you can just follow the signboard heading to the Train station on the G level of the building. Once you arrive at the G level, you will be in a hall with ticket machines, shops, and the railway ticket office (SBB CFF FFS). If you are a foreign tourist like me, you can just take a number at the railway ticket office...

  • Metro (Subway)

    Bucharest Transportation

    Bucharest has one of the best metro systems in Europe with a simple fare system, clean stations and even cleaner cars. It is surely my preferred way of getting around in Bucharest. Every trip has the same fare, no need to pay again if you change lines. There are no single tickets, just two-trip – passes, 10 trip – passes and passes which allow...

  • Public Transport

    Innsbruck Transportation

    The Sightseer is a small, red tourist bus that stops near the main sights in Innsbruck. Once you bought your ticket you can hop on and off this bus as many times as you like. On the sightseer there is a pair of headphones per persons to listen to some information in various languages about the places you see passing by. Tickets are sold on the...

  • By Bus from Airport

    Edinburgh Transportation

    Updated September 2016 The Airlink (Service 100) bus is very easy to find at the Edinburgh airport, just outside the arrivals hall look for the bus platforms heading for Edinburgh's city center, each bus has it's own stop. I bought my ticket at the platform at the kiosk. The cost as of September 2016 is £4.50 or £7.50 open return for adults, £2/£3...


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