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  • Simferopol
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  • Simferopol
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  • Simferopol
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Simferopol Things to Do

  • Summer House of Vorontsov

    Summer House of VrontsovIn Silgirka or Tavricheskiy park thereis a summer house of Vorontsov,it looks very classical from outside but was luxurious inside at the times of Vorontsov.He bought it from Narishkina in 1834 ,and stayed here when he visited Simferopol.In 1837 one of Vorontsovs guests was tsar Nicholas II. Nowadays on the territory of...

  • Art Museum

    The art museum located in old building that used to be Officers’ meeting house of Lithuanian regiment #51.The museum boasts of its big collection of 6000 pictures .The most impressive is Christian art, which contains mostly of icons and religious pictures, statues. German and Dutch collection that was taken from Germany after the WWII is very...

  • Regional Museum of Local Lore

    Visiting the Regional Museum of Local Lore where you can find informative exhibits about the Crimean nature. There is also a historical section containing some archeological exhibits. Archelogists have found the ruins of the ancient Scythian city that was known from Greek sources as Scythian Neapolis. These ruins lie on the city’s southeastern...

  • Downtown Monuments

    Visiting downtown you can see the famous city monuments, among them the monument to the Russian Field Marshal Alexander Suvorov.

  • Central Drepartment Store

    Visiting the Central Department Store has been a must for us, Ukrainians, for a long time...Now you can see a nice glass pyramid near this store and visit a park with unique wrought iron staties...

  • City Concert Hall

    Visiting the city Concert Hall can be a lot of fun, too...The hall offers its visitors wonderful acoustics and a rich concert program.


Simferopol Hotels

  • Ukraina

    I came to this Hotel only because it was the nearest one to me, right in the center of Simferopol....

  • Hotel Moscow Simferopol

    While I did not stay at this hotel, I did go by it several times and found some information for it...

  • Hotel Zaleski

    39 Kryvyj Val Str., Lutsk, Simferopol, 43025, Ukraine

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Solo

Simferopol Restaurants

  • Pizza place next to Pioneer house

    PizzeriaIt’s a very nice pizza place ,cozy and small. They cook pizza on property and you can see the process. It’s located next to Pioneer club on Kuybishev Market ,on the way to the zoo. Pizza ,italian stylegood and tastful salads and dessert.

  • Fast local (not American) food at the...

    We arrived to the Simferopol' railway station approximately one hour prior to our train's departure. It was about 1.30 in the afternoon. We had already known that there was no restaurant in our train. Therefore it was necessary to have dinner before we get the train. We understood that some time we had to wait for dish preparing in a restaurant....

  • The good English speaking waiter

    The English speaking waiter was Viktor. I was priveleged to be served by him on 25 August 2006. However he told me that he was retiring on 31 August 2006 "to go home and read some more English books". The old Soviet style Moskva Hotel restaurant is being closed on 1 November 2006 so this fantastic Soviet period piece restaurant will be no more!

  • Classy cafe with great location

    While there are a few decent lunchtime restaurants downtown in the pedestrian shopping area, this cafe is head-and-shoulders above all the other eateries. The interior reminds you of a chic cafe in Paris and is decorated very nicely. The location, in my mind, is what really makes this place top-notch. It is located right across the street from the...

  • the Pyramid

    This place serves a wide variety of coffee and tea drinks. However, their breakfast menu is fairly limited and you can just ignore the street signs about the full, fixed-price breakfast. You can find better.

  • English-themed restaurant

    Saw this restaurant's entrance every day as I walked downtown. As with most establishments downtown, they serve a "businessman's lunch" for a fixed price.


Simferopol Nightlife

  • Beautiful Girls

    Very nice and modern spot. This places is where the top DJ's come and play because of the unforgettable atmosphere. Everything is coverd in red and white leather and tv's playing modeling runway models constantly.........what else do you need to have fun. Oh, did I mention the models...........:))) Yeah, this place got face control, just make sure...

  • Pay no attention to the trademark...

    I HIGHLY doubt that this place is actually sponsored by the makers of Martini mixers. That being said, it looked like a nice enough place and has very knowledgeable bartenders. I stopped in to get some help finding some ingredients that I needed to make a Margarita and they were able to point me in the right direction. Nice atmosphere and friendly...

  • No Bubbas at this bowling alley

    Don't expect bowling in Ukraine to be much like bowling as it exists in the United States. Sure, the rules and the game are about the same, but bowling has become a chic pasttime for those with money in Ukraine. The lanes rent by the hour ($20 per hour is about average, I hear) and the patrons treat it more like a bar atmosphere, hanging out in...


Simferopol Transportation

  • Getting from the airport to Kurortnaya...

    upon your arrival to the airport you will be quickly surrounded by numerous taxi drivers offering you rides to any possible destination in Crimea and beyond. they might come out with all kind of stories (no buses to the place you are going, the last one just left, the city center is far away, etc.), to lure you into the taxi/private marshrutka. so...

  • around Crimea on a bus

    Bus is the easiest and the cheapest way to get to any place in Crimea from Simferopol. there are several bus stations in Simferopol. the "Kurortnaya" bus station (servicing Yalta, Yevpatoria and Sevastopol direcition) is conveniently located just at the corner of the central railway station. (if you arrive at the airport, take either a marshrutka...

  • Budget travel: WIZZAIR

    the fastest and the cheapest option available so far - to get to Simferopol from Kyiv by WIZZAIR. it will take you 1.5 hour and could cost you as low as UAH 149 (around $20 one way; all taxes included), if you do your booking in advance. to get this lowest price, you have to make a reservation (via internet) couple weeks in advance, as the regular...


Simferopol Shopping

  • A self-serve grocery

    One of a very few self-serve grocery stores in Simferopol. Rather than having to run around a large outdoor market, you get convenient shopping here....for a price of course. Some of the fruits you won't find at street vendors...especially out of season. Lots of Western European packaged goods. Large selection of wines and beers. They have hard...

  • Outdoor markets

    Outdoor shopping is a mainstay of Ukrainian life. Even old babushkas can pull up a folding table and sell cigarettes at the top of the stairs as you exit an underground walkway. Chances are in the walkway the sides were lined with kiosks as well. This food market at Kuybishcheva square was essential to me, seeing as I was staying in private...

  • Downtown pedestrian shopping area

    Downtown on Pushkin street for a few blocks they have turned the street into primarily a pedestrian shopping district. You can find a number of good book stores, cafes, restaurants, theaters, gift shops, and others.


Simferopol Local Customs

  • Getting stopped on the street

    If someone comes up to you on the street and doesn't look to be selling anything (nor do they look drunk), listen carefully to what they're saying. If one of the words you hear is "chas", they're asking you what time it is. On the other hand, giving people the time would be a great way to make an exit if you were accosted by someone drunk or...

  • Making change

    Businesses in town are almost fanatical about change. I almost started an international incident trying to pay for a 5.25 gryvna bottle of water with a 10 gryvna note. Salespeople and cashiers will almost always ask you if you have the change (kopecks) for whatever your price is. Even though 100 gryvna is about $20, don't expect to be able to use...

  • Simferopol Hotels

    4 Hotels in Simferopol

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Simferopol Warnings and Dangers

  • Be aware of car robbers!

    This tip is about an event which happened with us in Simferopol 40 years ago. I wish it couldn't happen now, but...I have got to Simferopol’ for the first time together with my parents in 1967 when I was 13 years old. We made an automobile trip to the Crimea from Moscow by our "Moscwich-408". We overcame about 1200 kilometers from Moscow to...

  • Pickpockets

    We were already sitting in the minibus that was to take us to Yalta waiting for it fill up with other passengers. We were hugging our daypacks. An old man got on, then two more men which started to make a commotion and distracted the old man and got off again. Sure enough, they managed to steal his money. Consequently, he couldn't pay his fare, he...

  • Hotel call girls

    Chances are if you stay in one of the big hotels, you might get a phone call soon after checking in or sometime in the evening when you are in your room. It's an older Soviet custom that still lives today - offering the services of a prostitute to travellers. Just politely decline and you won't be bothered again.


Simferopol Tourist Traps

  • East or west, taxi drivers are the same

    Taxi are private bus drivers in Crimea will try to rip you off at all occasions possible, first, because you are a tourist and second, because the Crimea tourist season is just three-month long, so they are trying to save for other nine tourist-free months. they are especially inventive at the airports, train and bus stations. they can tell you the...

  • Giving in and going Western

    McDonalds Okay, every once in a while on a long trip overseas you want a taste of back home. They've got a McDonald's in Simferopol and it's located next to the train station. There are tons of other cafes and restaurants in town. At least don't make this your main eatery.

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Simferopol Off The Beaten Path

  • Bakhchisaray Khans palace Fountain of...

    Fountain of Tears whose sad story so moved the Russian writer Alexander Pushkin when he visited it the fountain that he wrote a whole poem to it "The Fountain of Bakhchisaray".The Khan was said to have fallen in love with this slave Polish girl in his harem. Despite his unmoved cruelty, because she rather die than to become his lover. The Khan was...

  • Bakhchisaray Khans palace

    The Khan's Palace is located in the town of Bakhchisaray, Crimea, Ukraine. It was built in the 16th century and became home to a succession of Crimean Khans. The walled enclosure contains a mosque, a harem, a cemetery, living quarters and gardens.Travel to the palace is about 3km from the centre of Bakhchisaray and Bus station. Armed with a map it...

  • Take a look at the nature...

    Take a look at the nature while visiting Crimea. It surely looks picturesque: add together cliffs, rocky mountains, exotic plants and the sea - that's Crimea.


Simferopol General

  • Crimean Tatars

    According to the census of 1939 more than two hundred thousand Tatars lived in the Crimea, or 20 % of the whole population. In 1944 all Crimean Tatars were deported from the Crimea to the Central Asia and Kazakhstan. To Crimea Russians and Ukrainians from various areas of the USSR were moved to the Crimea, and all material and spiritual traces of...

  • The gate to the Crimea

    Simferopol’, as a rule, is only a starting point for travel across the Crimea for tourists coming there to have a rest. During high season there arrive 9 trains from Moscow on the railway station a day (nearby 5000 persons). It will take you 23 hours to get Simferopol’ from Moscow by train. Only 2 trains arrive there in low season. An additional...

  • Visa

    I have lifted this statement off of the Embassy web site in the UK.Ukraine sets visa free regime for citizens of the United States of America starting 1st July 2005, citizens of Canada and Japan starting 1st August 2005, citizens of the European Union countries, Swiss Confederation and Liechtenstein starting 1st September 2005. And you can stay for...


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