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Highlights of Sinop Tour with Private Guide
"When you arrive to the port of Sinop your private guide will be waiting to lead you to your own luxury vehicle in which you can relax as your private shore excursion.You will start your tour with Sinop Castle which has a great view of Black Sea.Than you will visit Archeological Museum Ethnography Museum and Pasha Bastions Ethnographical Museum is an unique example of the Ottoman’s civil architecture from the 18th century. The household handcrafts here in the museum describe the traditional residence life of the Ottoman time. The Archaeological Museum is a modern museum in which various art works of the rich cultural heritage of our city belonging to Hellenistic Roman
From EUR670.00
Small-Group Walking Tour of Odessa Highlights
"The glorious building of the world popular Opera and Ballet Theater will be a starting point of an existing 2.5-hour walking excursion of the most fascinating places of gorgeous Odessa. This centuries-old city located on the banks of the Black Sea i you will get a chance to see one of the most popular city’s monuments - the Monument to the 12th Chair. Moreover at the same Deribasovskaya Street you will discover another unique local monument - the Monument to L. Utesov. Then you will pass through an outstanding Primorsky Boulevard and reach famous Potemkin Steps that lead to the Marina Passenger Station of Odessa. Your guide will s on the top of the stairs.A stylish building of the House with Atlantes and an impressive Vorontsov Palace with Belvedere will demonstrate a wonderful architecture of Odessa. A fabulous City Garden with a wonderful fountain will surprise you as well as hear about famous people who used to live there. This tour will not only show you the best monuments of culture and architecture but also allow you to get fantastic impressions of city’s breathtaking panoramas and unique traditions."
From EUR15.00
Private Odessa Jewish Heritage Tour
"Do you have Jewish roots? If yes then this tour is the most important one for you in Odessa. After all it was the Jewish capital of the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union. Are you not a Jew and don’t not you know anything about their traditions? Then this tour is obligatory for you. After all without it you will not understand this city. So Shalom and welcome.It is considered that Jews appeared in Odessa even before its foundation. It is also known that at the first census of population at the end of 18th century there were 106 Russians 213 Ukrainians 224 Greeks and 240 Jews in a new town. Therefore
From EUR70.00

More Transportation in Sudak

from the bus station to the Genoese fortress

there is just one bus route in Sudak, marshrutka #1, which connects two sides of the town, Dachnoe (east) and Uyutnoe (west). the marshrutka stops at the intercity bus station, the mid-way. if you...
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Jul 09, 2009

From Simferopol to Sudak by bus

Bus is the easiest and the cheapest way to get from Simferopol to Sudak. the bus station is conveniently located just at the corner of the railway station. (if you arrive at the airport, take either a...
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Jun 16, 2009
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"Sudak, the old Genoese fortress of Soldaia"
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"Sudak and Noviy Svet"
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"The Nature Paradise"
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"Sudak - an old fortress"
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