Luhansk Local Customs

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  • "The Newly-Weds Bridge" near the hotel
    by hunterV
  • "Druzhba" hotel, Luhansk
    by hunterV
  • Weeping Willow restaurant, Old Town, Luhansk
    Weeping Willow restaurant, Old Town,...
    by hunterV

Most Viewed Local Customs in Luhansk

  • 1. Monuments and Memorials

    There are several war memorials in Luhansk, among them this one in Pobeda (Victory) public garden in October District. The monument commemorates the soldiers of the 569th mortar regiment that was...

  • 2. For English Learners

    East-Ukrainian English Club is a registered youth organization that works on the basis of Taras Shevchenko National Teacher Training University. The university is in Defense Street (Oboronnaya...

  • 3. Everyday Situations

    If you are going to visit Ukrainian families at their homes, don’t forget to bring a gift or a souvenir with you, especially if it was brought from your homeland. A bunch of flowers is a must in this...

  • 4. City Museums

    This is a special subject to see and discuss. If you look attentively at the doors you pass on your way, you will see the majority of them are different and even unique: century-old doors and modern...

  • 5. City Saunas

    There are more than a dozen of saunas in Luhansk now. They have become very popular among the residents and the visitors of the city of late. You can relax there with a company of your friends and it...

  • 6. In Orthodox Churches and Cathedrals

    I must say the rules of behavior in our churches are rather strict.In Orthodox churches women have to wear kerchiefs or scarves over their heads and men have to...

  • 7. Watch the Wedding Ceremonies

    You can watch many newly-weds arriving to Druzhba hotel at the weekend.This place has long become a photo session place for the local newly-weds.They have their...

  • 8. Celebrations in City Districts

    Holiday Program in the City DistrictsArtyom District December 26, 10 a.m. – Dedication of the District's New Year's Day Tree: square in front of the District...

  • 9. Popular Folk Dances

    Another hit of our folk dance groups are Gypsy dances that are often performed at different city festivities at the stage.They use hand-made costumes and...

  • 10. Special Impressions

    You would have very special impressions of these hoilidays if your stay in the city coincides with one of the holidays.Youth Day is celebrated on the last...

  • 11. Winter Holidays

    Note: the year doesn't matter for such events take place every year. This is just an example how we celebrate in the city:Festival program for the residents of...

  • 12. Spring Arabesques

    This is the name of a new festival, International Young People's Folk Dance Festival that takes place in Luhansk on the last week of April at the City...

  • 13. New Streets and Lanes

    We have a brand new tradition: all the new streets and lanes have neutral and very nice names.They are rarely called after people, only perhaps after some...

  • 14. Graffiti of Luhansk

    There is a web site containing major Ukrainian graffiti, among them several from Luhansk.You can see them in many corners of the city, if you are attentive and...

  • 15. Visiting Orthodox Temples

    You might be interested to read special rules for visiting Orthodox churches before going there.I have discovered these rules recently myself and decided to...

  • 16. Movie Theaters

    At present there are three operating movie theaters in the city whose ads can be seen at bus stops:- at the East End (October District):“Mir” movie theater at...

  • 17. Days of Open Doors

    This is an invitation to the Open Doors Day at Shevchenko National Teacher-Training The University Day is held traditionally on March...

  • 18. Friendship Park

    This park is located behind Rossiya shopping mall and Luhansk hotel and faces the main street.Its area used to be a city cemetery, but was closed and turned...

  • 19. Russian Pancakes

    Russian pancakes have always been very popular with us here and not only on holidays.They became a part of our everyday life when such kiosks were introduced a...

  • 20. Happiness Alley

    There is a new tradition in Luhansk.On September 20, 2008 during the celebration of our City Day Happiness Alley was presented to public.In fact, it's just a...

  • 21. Singing Habits

    Singing has always been a part of our holiday making.You can hear choirs everywhere: in the company of friends, at the festivals, on weekends, though not so...

  • 22. Festivals in Spring

    On March 9 the Shevchenko Days are observed all over Ukraine. Taras Shevchenko is called the Bard of Ukraine. March 9 is his birthday. It is marked by concerts,...

  • 23. Celebrate!

    May 31 is the holiday of all school students and teachers: it is the last day of studies that is called The Last Bell Day. It is observed with many concerts at...

  • 24. Orthodox Chapels

    There are a lot of small Orthodox chapels commissioned by organizatons and enterprises.They are mostly located at the entrance to the enterprise or inside it.If...

  • 25. Wedding Ceremonies

    You can observe weddings especially on Saturdays, if you happen to be at the monuments in Sovietskaya Street or in Theater Square where the newly-weds...

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