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Small-Group Waking Tour of Kiev Center
"Start your fascinating journey through the central part of the city from a meeting point at Maidan Nezalezhnosti where you will meet a guide and rest of the group. You will discover some popular tourist attractions including the Monument to the Street lights in Love the memorial of Independence the Globe Monument with the distances to the world capitals and the Kiev Founders Monument.  If you’re visiting this square in Summer time
From EUR15.00
Kiev Landscape Alley Walking Tour
"You will start one of the most enjoyable tours of your life once you meet your guide nearby the St. Andrew’s Church. A 1.5-hour walk through the gorgeous Landscape Alley in Kiev full of unique modern works of art will totally enchant you. Situated in one of the most ancient and picturesque areas of the city this park impresses everyone from locals to foreign visitors with its charm and creativity. Walking along the Alley is like being in the fairy tale created by an extremely talented architect K. Skretutsky. Decorated with mosaics the marvellous sculptures of the Landscape Alley Park often remind of the Park Güell. Incredibly beautiful angels that sit on a pile of pillows and two original fountains
From EUR25.00
Military Tour of Missile Force Base from Kiev
"Intercontinental Ballistic Missile base of ICBM silo launcher Pervomaisk was located in the territory of Odessa Mykolaiv and Kirovograd oblast (district) in the area of 3200 ha with permanent disposition in Pervomaisk in Mykolaiv region. ICBM base consisted of 9 groups of launching facilities equipped with intercontinental ballistic missiles: RS-18 - 40 pcs.RS-22 46 pcs. In the housing estate there were 22 military units and subunits located; Barracks - 6 buildings for 2966 persons; Dining rooms - 2 per 1500 seats; Training corps - 2  insisting of 57 classrooms; Vehicle fleet - 79 buildings for 160 unit where special movable aggregates and machinery designed to keep launch silo and command points readiness for action to carry out different kind of maintenance corrective action of missile munitions. Combat alert duty - basic activity of the ISBM Base staff. To carry on the combat alert duty there were duty shifts posted
From $40.00

More Things to Do in Novoaydar


Famous Countryman

The monument to the Soviet poet Ivan Pribludny stands at the entrance to Ultra youth club.Ivan Pribludny (real name: Yakov Ovcharenko) was born in the village of Bezginovo Novoaydar County in 1895. He...
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Visiting the Museum of Local Lore

If you turn left after viewing Lenin monument, you will walk past Pyramid cafe, see the market building in front of you and the building with a wrought iron door (the one the museum employee are so...
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A Stroll Downtown

Lenin monument is a good orientation mark here. It stands in front of the county leisure center called palace of culture here.You will also see the War Memorial opposite the monument and the building...
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Explore the Main Street

Walk or, which is better, drive along Lenin Street (over 4 km), the main street of the town.It leads directly to the river and to the town beach.The street will bring you to the main square with Lenin...
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The Poems of Ivan Pribludny

Here is my translation of one of his poems. I was very impressed by the poem and wanted you to read it, too.Of course, the original Russian rhymed poem sounds much more impressive than the English...
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