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Chocolate and Coffee Traditions of Lviv Private Walking Tour
"Discover a magical world of coffee and chocolate and visit the most noticeable coffee houses in Lviv. The local guide will meet you in the center of the city and lead you through the unique places to learn an incredible story of Lviv coffee and chocolate singers artists and actors. Moreover the guide will tell you about the most popular coffee traditions that locals adhere exciting and funny stories about this delectable drink and even share some secrets of making the local coffee.The famous place “Kopalnia Kavy” will give you impressive emotions thanks to its fantastic coffee and chocolate aromas and creative deco who believe that here
From EUR30.00
Panoramic Lviv Private City Tour
"The 3-hour tour will start at your centrally located hotel. Traveling by a comfortable bus you will see the most important and interesting places of the city as well as get acquainted with its centuries-long history and culture. You will take a leisurely stroll through the Market Square – a real symbol of Lviv. Gothic elements medieval details narrow houses of the Renaissance period stretched out toward the sky fountains and City Hall cannot leave anyone indifferent.Next your bus will take you past the Latin Cathedral and the majestic Cathedral Sv.Yura which is one of the most beautiful religious treasures of the city. You also will see the Dominican Cathedral
From EUR70.00
Private Austrian Architectural Walking Tour of Lviv
"Meet your guide in front of the Lviv Opera and Ballet Theatre to start a joyful walking tour. You will admire a wonderful Lviv National Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet the most grandiose creations of the Austrian period in Lviv. This beautiful theatre is an outstanding architectural masterpiece. Someone sees it as a piece of imperial Vienna and a copy of the famous Vienna State Opera; others find common features with t where you guide will show you the monument to T. Shevchenko and not far from it there is Adam Mickiewicz Monument and a Blessed Virgin Fountain.Then you will walk down to the House of Scientists a former noble casino and one of the finest examples of the neo-baroque palatial architecture. Nowadays its ornate interiors are often used for balls and charity events. Your guide will show you the Palace of Count Patotskih built in French classical style as well as a modern Grand Hotel
From EUR40.00

More Warnings and Dangers in Lviv

Shop and other Doors.

Beware when walking close to shop and other doors , because they open outwards, you could be bashed by one,!!! Im used to doors that open inwards or slide across. ----When i was there it was too cold...
alectrevor's Profile Photo
Sep 28, 2015

City Sidewalks

Since the weather in Lviv is often rainy, it makes walking along the old sidewalk quite a difficult task.The sidewalks tend to be slippery and you do have to watch your step.Thank God nothing happened...
hunterV's Profile Photo
Oct 21, 2014

Always watch prices

Maybe it could look just my small problem, but I would like to suggest you ;) When I came to Lviv the prices looked smaller than in my hometown Vilnius, let say, beer in bars was almost twice cheaper....
Raimix's Profile Photo
Feb 09, 2013

The exception that proves the rule?

Ukrainian is the official language of 'the new Ukraine Republic', however, almost everywhere, Russian is the predominant 'yizik'...L'vov is THE exception - it is THE city where Ukrainian is not only...
arturowan's Profile Photo
Feb 02, 2013

Money exchange

In one of the exchange offices on the central place (near Shechenko monument), the clerk tried to scam me and to keep just a 100 Hryvna bill. But as I had counted immediately, he finally accepted my...
Dec 28, 2010


I have to say that the biggest disappointment in Lviv, for me, is the horrendous traffic in the center area of Svobody Prospekt. My first impression was not that positive. I saw old Russian style...
LoriPori's Profile Photo
Jun 20, 2010
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Taxi cheats

At 6am I'm too bleary eyed to figure out buses and trams and besides there's a herd of us getting taxis and we can share a ride. The 1st guy is following us around the train station, we have no...
Dabs's Profile Photo
Jun 06, 2010

Beward of the Taxi Drivers

As with many cities in Europe, getting an hones taxi driver is an effort. They have large companies that charge a set price per mile and many private drivers who charge whatever they can get away...
smschley's Profile Photo
Dec 30, 2008

Traffic, traffic lights and exhaust gases

As much as I like Lviv, there are two prominent annoyances. The first one is lack of traffic lights. There are some but in general, one has to run across streets or dodge cars, in the middle of the...
lohdennis's Profile Photo
Nov 04, 2008

Hotel Eney

Although it claims to be a top hotel in Lviv, Hotel Eney has been a disapointment to me. I have booked it via I have also been charged 10% of my total fee in advance. When I...
mingul's Profile Photo
May 06, 2008

Language problems

Eventhough Lviv used to be a multiethnic city, it's not the case now. Foreign languages were ralely understood, except for - no surprise - Russian and Polish. The best is the bringing of an Ukrainian...
Sep 27, 2007

Lviv at winter

If you visiting Lviv at winter, keep at mind there can be just a lot of snow and a lot of ice on streets - becouse of bad work of community services, they just dont clear it away even in center...
cold_dead_bunny's Profile Photo
Feb 03, 2007

Buy the train tickets in advance

During my stay in Lviv I had some problems to get a train ticket in the day of the departure and I found out it's almost impossible, so buying tickets to the more popular destinations you should book...
arantha's Profile Photo
Sep 27, 2006


Since everythins is in the crylicalphabet you have to be a bit pations and take your time when you are ordering your tickets and thins like that.Most people did not speak any english, german or french...
Kvamkvam's Profile Photo
Aug 16, 2006

Top Hotels in Lviv

1 Mickiewicz, Lviv, 79000, Ukraine
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6 Mateyko St., Lviv, 79000, Ukraine
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Teatralna 16, Lviv, 79008, Ukraine
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25/27 Staroyevreyska Str., Lviv, 79008, Ukraine
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11, Grabovskiy Str., Lviv, 79000, Ukraine
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13 Svobody Prospect, Lviv, 252001, Ukraine
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Top Things to Do in Lviv

Things to Do

Picasso Club

Is Pablo Picasso in Lviv?! The artist died in Paris, but is still alive in Lviv. Ask how this is possible, answer is the oldest nightclub of the city. Pablo Picasso lives here. The special atmosphere...
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Things to Do

Jugendstil in L´viv

As many former Austro Hungarian towns, L´viv has its share of Jugendstil buildings (quite a lot in need of repair), with a concentation of them in the Akademika Bohomol'tsya Street, with the Center...
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Things to Do

Hovanky Quest Rooms Lviv

Everything is like in computer games, a quest but in a real room with tangible objects. Your aim is to get out of the room you were locked up in 60 minutes! Hovanky quest rooms is an adventure for...
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Things to Do

Memorial Places

Our tour guide Matt took us one day to an open-air museum of city sculpture – Lychakiv Cemetery. Lychakiv Cemetery has been known since 1786 when it was officially established by Austro-Hungarian...
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"The Gateway to the West"
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"Lviv - The princely city of Western Ukraine"
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"Lviv - mix of Western look and Eastern behaviour"
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"City of Lions and Open Hearts"
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"Lviv - the city of the East and the West"
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