Odessa Local Customs

  • Local Customs
    by arturowan
  • Local Customs
    by arturowan
  • Local Customs
    by arturowan

Best Rated Local Customs in Odessa

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    by arturowan Written Oct 18, 2014

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    Josif de Ribas-i-Boyons was born in Naples, 6th June 1749
    He was the son of the Spanish consul in Naples, who had an Irish wife, so it is only fitting that he should become the chief administrator of the building of this truly metropolitan city, that was the concept for the original 0dessa...
    After service in the Neapolitan army, he joined the Russian army in 1772 - in time to serve the last 2 years of the Russo-Turkish war...
    During the Russo-Turkish war of 1787 - 1792, Deribas was made the liasion between John Paul Jones & General Potyomkin (see separate tip...)
    In 1789, Deribas' grenadiers captured the village of Khadjibey, after the Turkish soldiers surrendered after only half-an-hour...
    The line in the Russian national anthem;
    "Let the thunder of victory sound!"
    Refers to the victory of the storming of the fortress at Izmail, in 1790
    This win, under the supreme command of General Aleksander Suvorov, was a plan of attack devised by Deribas, & the devastating victory cost the 0ttoman Empire its morale in the conflict...
    It would seem to have been an episode of fate, & inspired Deribas with the idea for a Russian port on the settlement, an idea he suggested to Catherine The Great, who history usually credits as having had the idea...
    It is thought that Deribas suggested the name 0dessus for the settlement that would be developed into 0dessa - the name feminised by Queen Catherine, after she passed the edict to be founded, 27th May 1794...
    Deribas was promoted to Rear Admiral & commander of the Black Sea Fleet in 1791, in recognition of his leadership qualities during the conflicts with Turkey...
    In 1795 he was made Vice Admiral, & full Admiral in 1796
    Deribas died, perhaps due to poisoning, in Saint Petersburg 2nd December 1800
    0dessa's central street, Deribasovskaya, is derived from his name in Russian; Yosip Mikhailovich Deribas...
    0olitsa Deribasovskaya is the now pedestrianised thoroughfare, which is still surfaced in the original cobbles, laid by the Italian master cobblers, over 2 centuries ago...
    Deribasovskaya is the street which receives about 90% of the attention in any travel guide to 0dessa, & is also the location where the annual Christmas tree is erected (see separate tip...)

    Deribas in 0dessa street art...
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    The Museum of Numismatics

    by Klod5 Written Apr 30, 2003

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    The Odessa Museum of Numismatics is the first specialized numismatic museum in Ukraine and was opened for the people of Odessa as a present on the 205-th anniversary of the foundation of the city and started to work from the first of January in 1999. All the periods in the history of the origin of civilization and State systems on the Ukrainian land are shown in its funds. And also the history of monetary business and money circulation of Ukraine from the antique times to the period of the independent development of the State is presented there.

    The coins minted by different city-states, by the Bosporos and Scythian Kingdoms form the core of the museum funds. These states were founded in the period from VII to IV centuries BC on the Northern Black Sea Coast and existed for almost one thousand years.

    Together with the expositional activity the Odessa Museum of Numismatics also conducts a considerable scientific-research work, publishing the types of coins, which were unknown earlier and thus putting them into a scientific turnover and enriching the Frame of the antique coins of the Northern Black Sea Coast.

    The museum publishes its own scientific and practical collection of articles - " The Bulletin of the Odessa Museum of Numismatics". Except for it museum issues publicistic bulletin "The Almanac".

    The museum also communicates with different cultural and historical institutions and organizations of the collectors from 150 countries of the world.

    The founder of the Odessa Museum of Numismatics and the mover of the project of this virtual museum is a known numismatist and explorer, a deputy of the Odessa City Council - Peter G. Loboda.

    33, Grecheskaya str., Odessa 65000, Ukraine
    phone : (0038)-(0482) 25-02-77

    E-mail: oco@te.net.ua
    URL: http://www.museum.com.ua/
    Postal address: P.O. Box 17

    General Post Office
    65000 Odessa, Ukraine


    Phone: (0038)-(0482) 25-02-77

    Website: http://www.museum.com.ua/

    The Museum of Numismatics
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    0dessa Street Art...

    by arturowan Written Oct 15, 2014

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    0dessa is a city known for its art scene - there are sculptures all over the place, art galleries, & pictures for sale at craft markets on the street...
    However, there is increasingly more art, literally on the street - so-called 'grafitti art', although really it is too accomplished to be regarded as common grafitti...
    Much of it is celebratory of Ukrainian culture, or the culture of 0dessa, & might depict characters in local folklore, such as 0stap Bender, anti-hero of The 12 Chairs (see separate tip...)
    0n Mayday weekend, there is even a body art carnival, where models of noth gender are painted from head to foot, representing a specific theme, depicted by the artist on their skin...
    0dessa is not a city for those who stand still too long - if you do you might find yourself beneath a coat of paint...

    Symbol of Port 0dessa...

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    Girls 0n The Street...

    by arturowan Updated Nov 13, 2014

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    0dessa is a city that has developed something of a reputation as a place you only go to, in order to pick up girls - an unfortunate image, as this always multi-cultural metropolis, deserves better than to be regarded as a location on the sex-tourist map...
    0dessa has a reputation for its beautiful young women, but to pretend they are all available & seeking foreign husbands, is an urban myth...
    Many are quite content in their native city, & I have even been told by native 0dessites, who spoke fluent English, that they could not live in any other city, even if the first language was Russian (which it is despite, the Ukrainian location & official signage...)
    0dessan girls are quite simply-minded, & only want to be well fed with a roof over their head & with a loving family; only some are serious about leaving their country for another culture, whatever their dreams...
    As mentioned in separate tips, the sex industry in 0dessa, does exist, but it is not blatant on the street - if you are seeking this sort of entertainment, you need to arrange it online...
    0dessa streets are full of working women, but they will mostly be occupied selling from kiosks or stalls...
    All sorts of wares will be available around the city - a centre of commerce if ever there was 1 - as it was always intended to be by Catherine the Great of Russia, whose idea it was to found 0dessa...
    Food & drink accounts for about half the street trade, but all sorts of goods are available for the seasonal visitor, such as cheap sunglasses, not to mention the tables of counterfeit DVD's...
    A female vendor is known as a 'prodavsheetsa', in Russian, & most of them are only speakers of that language (- if you cannot speak Russian, but wish to buy from them, the usual means of translation is via the screen of their mobile phone...)
    0dessa is known for the beauty of its women, who today reflect the multi-cultural origins of the original port-city, which was built by immigrant labourers from Italy, Germany, France, Bulgaria, Romania, & Turkey...
    However, no mention of the origins of the genetic pool which is unique to 0dessa, is complete without a men tion of its Jewish inhabitants...
    0dessa was once like a second Jewish Autonomous Region, when it was still part of the Soviet Union, & the many dark-haired, dark-eyed girls that remain, are proof of this...
    You will also see the rather rare combination of black hair & azure or jade eyes, which only occurs in those whose genetics originate from the area of Bulgaria & modern Moldova/Moldavia - only 100km from 0dessa itself...
    Walking the streets of 0dessa is always a pleasurable experience, once you have gotten used to the trip hazards & litter, because the native women are such a part of the surroundings...
    I could happily live there!
    But I went to art school; I see the world through the eyes of an artist, that is my excuse for loving the street life of 0dessa, & in the words of Louie Armstrong; "What a wonderful world it is..."
    If you tire of the sights on the streets of 0dessa, truly you are getting old!

    Sweet things aplenty in 0dessa... 0dessa - a city of :~) 's... Many locals are street vendors... Typical 0dessa street scene... A smile can sell a lot...
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    The beautiful Odessa

    by LarisaLove Written Aug 11, 2007

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    In 1794 Odessa was founded by Catherine the Great.
    Then In 1764 the Empress formed the territories newly acquired
    in the S-West other empire into a province called Novorossiya, New Russia.

    The city name came because of a mistake!
    It was meant to be called after the ancient Greek city of Odessos or Ordissos,
    which was believed to have been founded in the
    But really, it was somewhere near the present day town of Varna in Bulgaria.
    But Catherine the Great liked "Adessa" — as it is pronounced by the Russians
    and Ukrainians.
    The population of Odessa is today just over 1 million people.
    It is one of the newest of European cities and maybe one of the biggest
    growth rate in the 19th Century.

    Old Odessa

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    by mariettz Written Aug 24, 2002

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    'As could waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country'

    N i c o d e m u s - J e s u s;
    John:3:5;'...Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God'

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  • As I already mentioned Odessa...

    by Maverick22 Written Aug 24, 2002

    As I already mentioned Odessa is unique city with 100% tolarence toward everyone. People are very sympathetic and friendly, almost half of the populatio speaks very disent english. Be friendly to them and they will return it.

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    Older dudes rule

    by Roadquill Written Jul 12, 2012

    Apparently the life expectancy for a male in Odessa is relatively low, like in the 50's. So if you happen to live to be an old dude (like this guy) you are outnumbered by the female population like amilliontoone. At the local park a young jazz orchestra was playing and the geriatric squad was rockin out so tunes like "sing, sing, sing".

    Mr. Awesome
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    Dried Fish Stands

    by Roadquill Written Nov 17, 2012

    These dried fish stands are acommon occurance in and around Odessa. This one was just outside Odessa. Dried fish of various kinds hanging showing off how yummy they would be if you were to cook them up....However, they looked particularly unappetizing in my book. The stands did sport sanitary green screens to ward of flies.

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  • A-Friend-Of-Belarus's Profile Photo


    by A-Friend-Of-Belarus Written Jan 13, 2007

    September 2, the Odessa day. It's a day when the whole city is on the streets and the central manifestation is being held on the Potemking stairs where crowd listens to various Ukrainian/Russian pop-rock bands that play on the stage just above the stairs and in front of the "Morskiy vokzal".

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