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Walking tour of Cambridge University
"On this enthralling 90-minute walking tour you will see where the structure of D.N.A was discovered visit famous chapels and libraries listen to anecdotes see where famous alumni studied from Prince Charles Sir Isaac Newton and Stephen Hawking all while taking in views of famous architecture with over 800 years of history.This public tour which will be conducted in English and starts at 1pm at King's College entrance on King's Parade.The tour will cover sights such as Trinity H Trinity College
From GBP18.00
Walking tour of Cambridge University
"On this enthralling 90-minute walking tour you will see where the structure of D.N.A was discovered visit famous chapels and libraries listen to anecdotes see where famous alumni studied from Prince Charles Sir Isaac Newton and Stephen Hawking all while taking in views of famous architecture with over 800 years of history.This public tour which will be conducted in English and starts at 1pm at King's College entrance on King's Parade.The tour will cover sights such as Trinity H Trinity College
From GBP18.00
Punting Tour in Cambridge
"Relax on a punt and hear about the foundations of the University and the city of Cambridge as you glide along on a traditional punt with an accredited guide. See and learn about the famed King's College Chapel the Bridge of Sighs the Mathematical Bridge and many other spectacular sights. This is a shared punting experience that is 45 minutes long with your own chauffeur and guide per a punt. Tickets must be used on a walk up basis with regular tours leaving from Mill Lane"""Enjoy a 45 minute shared punting tour of Cambridge this is a must do when visiting the city. See the sublime architecture and pristine gardens of one of the most beautiful stretches of river in the United Kingdom."title=Highlights&1=Ideal+choice+for+families&2=Romantic+experience%2C+perfect+for+couples&3=Great+overview+and+orientation+of+the+city&4=Once-in-a-Lifetime+Experience&5=Perfect+introduction+for+first-time+visitors&6=Travel+by+boat+and+see+the+sights+from+
From GBP16.00

King's College Tips (24)

Cambridge's Richest College: King's College

I'm not sure if it definitely is Cambridge's richest college, but King's College is definitely not poor! Its sheer size overwhelms every visitor, and if one enters the magnificent chapel one cannot but stand in awe.

Founded in 1441 by King Henry VI, it was not meant to prosper in its first years: the English civil war shelved all expansion plans. Only under Henry VII and VIII, the college was growing. Under Henry VIII's reign, the chapel was finished. It is home to one of the best choirs in the world, and a visit to an evensong is a definite must when you are in Cambridge. They take place almost every day and their exact times can be found on the college's website or by asking the porters. Be there early, however, as the queue can be easily 150m long!

Upon entering the college grounds through the Gatehouse, visitors first see the Great Court with the chapel on the right side, Gibb's Building to the front and a beautiful fountain in the middle of the court. The founder of the college, Henry VI, is the man standing on the fountain. Behind Gibb's building is another large court, the back lawn which runs down to river Cam. You can enjoy a very good view of the college from the river or the Backs on the other side of the river.

Among King's College's most famous alumni are Zadie Smith, John Maynard Keynes, Alan Turing and Salman Rushdie.

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Nov 08, 2016


The chapel is the venue for the Christmas Eve service broadcast all round the world.- In 2015 ,-Kings marks the 500th anniversary of the completion of the Chapel stonework .Kings must be the most recognised building in Cambridge..

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Sep 25, 2015

King's College

Founded in 1441 by Henry VI, King’s was one of the first colleges to admit women. The College Chapel is one of the most iconic buildings in the world, and is a great example of late Gothic architecture taking over 100 years to build in three stages. The full title of the college is “The King's College of Our Lady and Saint Nicholas in Cambridge”.

Monday: 9:45 am to 3:30 pm
Tuesday to Friday: 9:30 pm to 3:30 pm
Saturday: 9:30 am to 3:15 pm
Sunday: 1:15 pm to 2:30 pm

Adults: £7.50
Children and Seniors: £5.00
Under 12: Free


May 2012

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Aug 26, 2012

Kings' College

King's College is famous for its incredible chapel. But the other buildings of this complex are worth a visit too. The most famous building is the chapel, but many other buildings, including the neogothic gatehouse from the early 19th century, deserves a visit too. In the main courtyard, you will find a fountain depicting Henry IV and four virtues. King's College was founded by Henry VI in 1441, shortly after he founded the famous Eton College boarding school. Famous Alumni at Kings’ include former prime minister Robert Walpole and economist John Maynard Keynes. King's once had a conservative reputation, but has become one of the more liberal colleges. A rather unknown fact of Kings’ College is that this was the first one to admit women. Entry is via the chapel, which lies, looking from St. Mary’s church, to the right via the Senate House Passage. There’s an entry fee of 7,50 pounds (2011). It includes access to he chapel and the courtyard from which all buildings can be seen from outside. Some places like the dining hall are usually not open to visitors.

Please check out my tip “Visiting the Colleges” for some details you should know before planning your visit. For further details on Kings’ College chapel, please check my separate tip about it.

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Jun 02, 2012
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What a stunning College is King's College, said to be one of the most important examples of late Gothic architecture.
King's College was founded in 1441 by Henry VI
The original site of the College lay to the north of the current College, between the present Chapel and Senate House Passage.

£7.50 or £5.00 (children, students and senior citizens)
Buy tickets at The Shop at King's, opposite the front of the College.
In the summer you can buy tickets at the North gate of the Chapel. From the entrance to the College, take the path on the right past the end of the Chapel.

OPENING TIMES...................
During term time:
17 January - 16 March 2012
24 April - 15 June 2012
Monday - Friday 9.30am - 3.30pm
Saturday 9.30am - 3.15pm
Sunday 1.15pm - 2.30pm
Out of term Monday - Saturday 9.30am - 4.30pm
Sunday 10am - 5pm

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Feb 02, 2012

King's College: Don't just sit on the wall there

I think one of the most favourite parts of King's College is their wall. There are always lots of tired tourists sitting there. This year we did more, we finally went inside the chapel.
This is one the places which just leave you standing there open-mouthed. It starts with the word "chapel". When I learned this English word, I thought it stood for a small, intimate church. Well, the church of King's College is called chapel, however it's anything but small and intimate.
It's huge! It's also very old and when I read that it had been Richard III who had contributed a lot to this building I felt like I was in a play by Shakespeare.

One part of the chapel is called the "Chapel of all Souls". This is a memorial chapel for college members who had died in world war I and II. When you come in, you can read the names on the wall. Then turn around and look at the wall next to door, there is a single name, all by itself. This is the name of a college member, who also died in the war, but who had been fighting "for the other side", as the leaflet diplomatically puts it.

Entrance fee is 4.50 GBP for adults, well worth it.

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Aug 17, 2007

Kings College

Albert Einstein was the most famous person who studied at Kings College. It is one of the smallest of the colleges in Cambridge.

Kings College was founded by Henry vi in 1441 to be especially for boys from Eton College, they were the first college in cambridge to admit women.

Scenes from Harry Potter were fimed here.

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Jun 13, 2007

Kings College

Kings College is only one of the many Colleges in Cambridge, and one of the ones that actually sit on the river Cam.

This is the home of the world famous Kings College Cambridge Choir - and one of the most visited sites in Cambridge is the Kings College Chapel. Chapel is not really an apropriate word as it more like the size of a cathredral. The building itself is beautiful with astounding acoustic's that have been used in many many famous recordings.

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Apr 24, 2007

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Kings College for Sheer Beauty

In truth the chapel is one of the most beautiful and stunning buildings on the globe.

Marvel at the massive amount of exquisite stained glass and the way the light illuminates the scenes and casts a kaleidoscope of colours across the place.

The dark oak screen is wonderful and the whole building is a hymn to architectural brilliance and technical skill.

A bravura example of how sheer beauty can be enjoyed hundreds of years after a building has been dedicated.

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Sep 07, 2006

The magnificence of King's

Lying at the centre of historic Cambridge is King's College. The front portico will make you go "wow!" because when you take i the view of it together with the other buildings around it like the turreted King's College Chapel, the view just falls into one piece. You would want to take pictures from every angle you possibly could!

Famous for it's choir, King's really is a marvellous set of buildings as its chapel dominates the skyline. You can attend many services in most of the colleges' chapels on Sundays and listen in for voices of angels.

As I have said in my page for C;are College, which is just behind King's, walk through Garret Hostel Lane through the park and you will come to The Backs, a river bank which, if you would walk a little further you will be rewarded with an expansive view of King's College and its grounds! It looks just perfect.

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Apr 02, 2006

King's College

This is probably the most famous, most visited of all the colleges at Cambridge University. The chapel is the most recognizable building, which many people readily identify with this old university town.

Founded by King Henry VI in 1441, King's College has had several major periods of construction. During its long, storied history, the College has had numerous distinguished graduates, including Alan Turing (who played a key role in developing the electronic computer), writer E.M. Forster, and economist John Maynard Keynes.

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Dec 24, 2005

King's College

King's is one of the oldest Cambridge colleges, having been founded in 1441 by Henry VI. It is also Cambridge's premier tourist attraction, due above all to its spectacular Perpendicular chapel.

The chapel dominates the college and took over a century to build and was completed in 1547.

We saw it up close and personal and also whilst having a relaxing punt on the Cam.

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Nov 16, 2005

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King's Parade, Cambridge


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