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  • Peterborough Cathedral at night
    Peterborough Cathedral at night
    by Airpunk
  • Draper's Arms
    Draper's Arms
    by Airpunk
  • Peterborough Cathedral
    Peterborough Cathedral
    by tim07

Peterborough Things to Do

  • Greyhound Racing

    A first visit for years and a first where we didn't lose any money on the racing! several small wins covered the cost, lucky I guess.Anyway, there is a smart race view restaurant, reservations usually needed, see website or plenty of room to mingle with bars and fast food outlets and many opportunities to place bets.An exciting and enjoyable night...

  • The Guild Hall

    In front of the Cathedral, on the former market place (that means: The new pedestrian shopping zone), there's a 17th century guild hall. While the ground floor offers roofed space for market halls, the upper rooms were mainly used for meetings. Today, several plans for the guildhall have been dropped. It seems to be in constant state of some sort...

  • Catherine of Aragon Festival

    Every year, on a weekend in late January, Peterborough Cathedral holds a festival in honour of Catherine of Aragon. Catherine was Henry VIIIs first wife and was buried in Peterborough Cathedral after her death in 1539. There are a number of religious and non-religious activities related to Catherine of Aragon herself as well as to the Tudor era....


Peterborough Hotels

Peterborough Restaurants

  • Brew pub

    City centre brewpub and restaurant, a showcase for the beers of Oakham Ales, and "the largest brewpub in Europe" so they say and I'll not argue.Anyway there is a Thai restaurant on site too with authentic food and it was very popular with a large Saturday lunchtime crowd, a vegetarian sampler plate for us.Obviously the beer is the major attraction...

  • A Wetherspoon's in Peterborough

    Here, we have another Wetherspoon pub: Cheap and cheerful, conveniently located and with some lack of own character. The selection of ales is not bad for such a place and the staff was really friendly. The pasta dish was good (can't remember exactly what it was, I just remember that I haven't seen it on any other Wetherspoon menu). And it was open...

  • Classic pub for almost everyone

    Among the three pubs I visited at Oundle road, “The Office” was the one with the most mixed audience. From youth, to elderly locals, from office workers looking for an after work pint to regular costumers, almost every group was present. It has a traditional atmosphere, although it is not as down to earth (or raunchy...) as the close-by Palmerston...


Peterborough Nightlife

  • Culture

    Nice little theatre (never had a bad seat and have visited many times). There are a number of shows which visit from comedy, through amateur dramatics, agatha christie type dramas, musicals and even opera. You would have to visti the peterborough tourist information or scan the local press to find out what is on. Alternatively details can be found...

  • Yob Culture

    I'd just like to say if you are coming to Peterborough at the weekend it is sad to say that it suffers from the same problem as most UK town centres. They are taken over by youngsters (primarily) who appear to all be competing to drink as much alcohol and act in the most anti social manner possible. Evenings in the city are times for the decent...

  • The play is the thing

    Peterborough used to have a very impressive teatre in the form of the 'Emabssy'. Despite the efforts of Ken Dodd it closed. The building still exists, but is now filled with bars for chavs.The development corportaion in a stunning piece of forward thinking, considered that the 'Key' was enough for Peterborough's cultural needs. At less than 400...


Peterborough Transportation

  • By train to Peterborough

    Peterborough is a major train hub and well connected with many parts of the country. This feature it shares with few other places of similar size in Britain makes the train an obvious choice for your visit to Peterborough. Regular services to London, Stansted Airport, Birmingham, Norwich, Scotland and the industrial north are available. Services to...

  • A choice of companies

    GNER trains ('the route of the Flying Scotsman') leave from King's Cross and arrive in about 50 miutes to an hour. They are fast and comfortable. Some service use redundant Euristar trains.On the downside they cost the earth.I'm afraid the alternative is a bit ropey WAGN (pronounced 'waggen') have some knacked old coaches that trundle up to...

  • Good connections east-west (sort of)

    Unusually for Britain, Peterborough unlike many other places of a smilar size has relatively good east-west connections by all forms of transport.By road the A14 (passing by Huntingdon) is very useful for Birmingham or the East coast portsBy Rail there is a regular service East to Stansted Airport and Norwich/ Ely / CambridgeGoing West there are...


Peterborough Shopping

  • Pork pies and sausages

    This excellent butcher has been selling his own pies and sausages for years. Although they have moved locations a few times over the years, standards have always been really high.Although Lincolnshire and Melton Mowbray in Leicestershire is better known as sources of these products I can throughly recommend these products after years of eating...

  • Now that's what I call a shop

    If you enter just about any baby product on Google UK this shop will come out as the number one choice.The baby superstore is situated in Werrington, about 3 miles north of the city centre. The store stocks every conceivable type of pushchair, baby accessory , car seats and bedroom furniture. Prices are the same as the internet operation which...

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Peterborough Local Customs

  • sourbugger's Profile Photo

    Hereward's spirit is still there !

    by sourbugger Updated Sep 25, 2003

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Something of the spirit of defiance against the monlithic state still seems to linger in the Fen - Peterborough being at the Western edge of the region.

    Hereward the Wake (meaning watchful) resisted the Normans (following 1066) for a number of years - based at his stronghold of Ely.

    His name is still remembered in local building like the Hereward shopping centre, the local radio station and the street leading off Cathedral square : Long Causeway.
    William I had to build a causeway over the then swampy fen to get to Ely. Hereward watched as the weight of the Norman soldiers in all their armour meant they slowly sank into the quadmire, - killing hundred of them. Later attempts worked, but Hereward escaped to continue his guerilla activities.

    His myth has been romanticised at times, most famously in Charles Kingsly's 1865 novel, and some of the stories about Hereward seemed to have in time become attached to Robin Hood.

    Its still good to have our own Che, even if he did fail - vive la revolution !

    What's a radio ? - Hereward the Wake
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Peterborough Warnings and Dangers

  • sourbugger's Profile Photo

    Confusing as hell...I'm told

    by sourbugger Updated Jun 20, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Being a born Peterborian, I had never considered quite how confusing the centre of the city is to anyone travelling to the city for the first time.

    I attended a conference recently at the Bull Hotel, and it was quite stunning the number of other delegates who commented about how difficult it was to find the place.

    Each time they tried to get into the centre, the one way system seemed to spit them out onto another roundabout. Some delegates seemed to have spent ages driving around. The poor signposting didn't help them much either.

    Just in case it is ever of use to anyone, the car park entrance is by the Library, approached from the Northern end of Broadway - easy,. Just hanger right behind the curry house in Fitzwilliam street (on the Broadway side of course, not the bollarded bit, or the other bit of the road by Watkins and Stafford). See, how easy was that !

    Which way now ?
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Peterborough Tourist Traps

  • sourbugger's Profile Photo

    One for the trainspotters

    by sourbugger Updated Oct 27, 2004

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Railworld was originally envisaged as a rival to the excellent National Rail Museum (NRM) at York.

    Unfortunately through years of amatuerish management Railworld, mainly by a well meaning but etheral priest, it is really not worth visiting ; unless you are a die-hard train fan and belong to that bobble-hatted, thermos flask carrying tribe.

    See for yourself at

    Unique Suggestions: It's only 3 pounds and keeps the rain off.

    Fun Alternatives: Enjoy the Nene Vally Railway (adjacent) or visit the NRM in York

    Railworld - theres one !
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Peterborough What to Pack

  • mccrorj's Profile Photo

    Temperate climate

    by mccrorj Updated Aug 22, 2006

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: Peterborough is one of the drier areas of the UK and in the last twenty years I can state that it does not suffer from severe fluctuations of weather although it has four clearly defined seasons. If you are coming in the winter there is no need to pack your thermals, it will be cold but not artic like.

    Toiletries and Medical Supplies: Easilyb accessible throughout the whole of the UK

    Photo Equipment: Plenty of photo oulets printing photos or burning you digital images onto disc or memory stick

    Camping/Beach/Outdoor Gear: When visiting the uk you couldn't be further from the sea than when in peterborough

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Peterborough Off The Beaten Path

  • I only found it myself the other day...

    I must have passed through Peterborough station countless time in my life, although I have never changed trains there. If you have time to kill, then consider a visit to the art gallery that lies directly opposite the station (and to the right a few yards). The 'Bakehouse' of the Great Northern hotel has been converted to a gallery space. The very...

  • St Botolph's

    My daddy says he went to St Botolph's school as a kid, and that this place was jsy fields that he used to catch grasshoppers in.Now it is a housing estate, with a kind of village green and this market cross in the centre. I don't think there has ever been a market here in modern days, but it was a nice walk up from the choo-choo station at Orton...

  • Stilton Cheese Roll

    If you are in Peterbotough for the first weekend in may try and get to the village of stilton, which gives it's name to the cheese. On the mayday bank holiday, 1st Monday in may, they have there annual cheese rolling race. The race now uses wooden cheeses rather than actual rounds of stilton. It does however give locals the opportunity to enjoy the...


Peterborough Sports & Outdoors

  • World Conker Championships

    This began as a child's game. The contestants each have a nut suspended on a string. One tries to break the other's nut by smashing his own against it. If he fails, then the other has a go. This has become an international event, with players from the Continent. Sponsored by Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream, with proceeds going to assist the visually...

  • Swimming in the open air

    I've always wondered why people get out of an open-air swimming pool when it starts raining. Strange that. The 'lido' in Peterborough was opened in the 1930's, as a Grade II listed building it has managed to survive to the modern day, and remains a great place to cool off and to sun-bathe. I loved it as a kid, but I havn't actually been there for...

  • Golf courses

    Peterborough only has three golf courses. Milton golf course is by far the 'poshest' but unless you happen to know a member - forget it.Thorpe Wood Golf course has the honour of being the longest 'pay and play' course in the country at 7086 yrads from the back tees. I have played the course many times, and it has now nicely matured over the years....


Peterborough General

  • What ? Table two ? No,No it's Tuesday.

    Although he looked nothing like him, I found it very hard to conceal my amusement at the Breakfast waiter who runs things at the Great Northern Hotel. He was certainly called 'Manuel', and like his namesake from the series 'Fawlty Towers' he was almost comically inept.I can forgive him never bringing my tomato sauce, but this exchange had to be...

  • Famous people of Peterborough

    Whilst a few famous figures have lived in Peterborough (see other general tips) the city itself has produced few famous faces (sourbugger included)Of the few, three of them are commemorated in the names of the Car Parks to the Queensgate shopping complex :John Clare was a local poet. Never read his stuff, but it it probably witters on about trees...


    We have at last had our promised snowfall, only a few inches instead od the massive blizzards the Met office have been threatening us with for days nowWe rarely get a great deal of snow here on the edge of the Fens, I can only remember three years in the last twenty when it has been very bad one year we had enough snow to make a snowman and the...


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