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The Lanes Tips (16)

Getting lost is how to visit

The Lanes is a small area of specialist shops (especially jewellers), restaurants and pubs within a stone's throw of the sea and pier. Just wander. People watch in good weather.

All restaurants on a sunny Sunday in June were packed. Where do all these people come from?

miniman2804's Profile Photo
Jul 02, 2008

lanes or laines ?

Somewhat confusingly there appears to be two spellings for Brighons heavily promoted specialist shopping area. The 'south Laines [if i can call it that] seemed the more picturesque and contained more shops that sourbugger could tolerate over his usual shop attention span of about three minutes. The medieval feel of the layout could still be detected amongst the designer Italian gear and trinkitry from every corner of the developing world.

ill also add a plug here for - they do a guided walk of the area.

Men beware - women could spend months in the shopping blackhole that is Brighton's Lanes.

sourbugger's Profile Photo
Sep 18, 2007

Walking in The Lanes

The Lanes is a lovely place to spend time in, there are so many weird and wonderful shops, it's even better than Carnaby Street in London.

There are Cafes, Coffee shops, Jewellery shops, a shop that sells all Hippy stuff, bag shops, shoe shops, etc, etc. But my favourite shops are the old Armoury shops, these have stuff from World wars 1 and 2, Samurai swords and uniforms, guns, knives and swords from all different times, even small cannons!, just about anything that you can think of to do with battle. It makes for very interesting browsing I would say

Elodie_Caroline's Profile Photo
Sep 16, 2007

The Lanes unique shopping experience

Do browse around the area which is know as The Lanes, this collection of narrow streets covering about 1 square mile is the oldest area in Brighton dated around 17th centuary. Home to some unique shops mostly selling jewellery, perfume & antiques. Scattered around the area is a host of coffee shops & eateries.

Prices tend to be on the high side but then again it is a one off shop - you decide

jo104's Profile Photo
Aug 22, 2007
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The old village of Brighthelmstone had 4 main streets in the Medieval Ages: North, East, West and South. What started as a small settlement became a large maze of narrow cobblestone streets which is along the lines of what you see today. In 1514 French ‘visitors’ decided to get really Medieval and burned the place to the ground. The locals, after repelling them, rebuilt along the same narrow twisty mazes as before.

Today you will find Jewellery Shops, designer clothes, historic Pubs, souvenirs and a small square, called Brighton Square. It is well worth getting lost in. Not for long, the area is rather compact.

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Dec 18, 2006

High-end shopping in old fisherman cottages

Near the North Laine, The Lanes is a very charming shopping area, where high end shops are housed in ex fisherman cottages. Cobblestone streets, little sidewalk cafes, and little sidestreets make the Lanes a wonderful place to visit in Brighton even if you do not want to shop. Brighton is a great city to explore on foot, and the Lanes is a big reason why. Like the North Laine, the Lanes are very busy especially on the weekends, when locals come out to shop or relax. This is one of my favorite areas in Brighton!

USCgirlie's Profile Photo
Mar 28, 2006

The Lanes

I spent the most of my time in this area. It's the famous shopping area between North Street and the seafront, in the centre of Brighton. There are narrow streets, a lot of boutiques, restaurants, cafes and pubs in this area.

Jul 02, 2004

The lanes aren't that good

The actual lanes whilst quite pleasant don't really give you an idea of the real Brighton (all antique stores, clothes and US chain coffee bars). head north a little way to the North Laines now that's much more Brighton individual little shops and all the good pubs.

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Dec 24, 2003

Top 5 Brighton Writers

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"Brighton Rocks !"
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"London's naughty seaside retreat"
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The Lanes

It is not easy to get yourself lost walking around the Brighton lanes as they are only a small area between Brighton main shopping area of Churchill sqaure and the seafront. There are plenty of interesting shops, pubs and other eateries!

nigelw6443's Profile Photo
Oct 20, 2003

Walking through the old,...

Walking through the old, picturesque streets...
Here you will find lots of quaint little shops, such as antique shops, flower shops, knick-knacks, and best of all.. gadget shops.. I just went crazy shopping in all the gadget shops I could lay my eyes on!! Just great! :)

Zlur's Profile Photo
Dec 01, 2002

The old town centre is...

The old town centre is preserved as THE LANES, small cottages in twisting lanes, with lots of quaint little shops, restaurants and pubs. It’s great for some relaxed shopping, although it can be very crowded in the narrowest streets.

kwanou's Profile Photo
Sep 07, 2002

The Lanes

A network of twisting, narrow lanes and cobbled courtyards with interesting shops and wonderful pubs. Just wander through and admire all the items in the windows, which is what my Aunt Val and Uncle Doug are doing in this pic.

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Aug 25, 2002

Things To Do Near The Lanes

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West Pier

The team that were behind the 'London eye' are planning to build what they call an 'i-360' structure on the Seafront at Brighton. The design means that a single 'pod' can rise up over Brighton, giving...
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Royal Pavilion

The Royal Pavilion started as a modest lodging owned by George, the then Prince of Wales in 1787 and with the architect Henry Holland it was transformed into a neo-classical villa known as the Marine...
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The Marina

Covering over 126 acres (some of the wet) the building of Brighton Marina began in 1971. it was always a contentious project with locals eho were quick to note that very few of them owned yachts or...
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Preston Park

Little known and very quiet is Preston Manor an old Manor House at the northern end of Preston Park. It is owned by the council and open to the public, furnished as it was in Edwardian times. I think...
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Devils Dyke

If you looking for a special place for having a lunch or picnic, it would be a good answer of that question.- Devil's Dyke. It is close to Brighton city centre. You can take a bus at Churchill square...
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De La Warr Pavilion

I have got to say that I haven’t been inside the De La Warr Pavilion but I have just walked past it but it was nice to see the children enjoying the water fountains on a nice sunny day. The De La...
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Getting to The Lanes


Located in Brighton's historic quarter.


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