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Chiquito Tips (15)

Chiquito @Leicester Square: Authentic food

When we have arrived the place it was busy so we had to wait for a table so at the reception we had been given one of hand held devices that it tells us when our turn will be.We have started the evening by having cocktails at the bar while we have been waiting for a table. the wait it was just over ten minutes which it wasn't that bad but as we was on a very tight time schedule we had to get something quick. We have explained that to the waiter and he did the quickest food item it will be something in Fajita, I have ordered the Texan Rib eye steak with fries, onion rings, cherry tomatoes & corn on the cob. My partner had the steak chilli con carne with salad and coleslaw. I have found the steak to be very tough so I haven't enjoyed that as much as I would have liked. I have tried the steak fajita and that it was nice in a nice soft tortilla wrap.

The service it wasn't bad and we were on time to get out and go to watch the new James Bond movie.

Favorite Dish As I haven't enjoyed the steak as much as I would have like to I would say the cocktails were pretty good.

Galaxy31's Profile Photo
Nov 08, 2015

Chiquito: Mexican delicacy

I'd say that I got to know this place via a friend (off VT). First time I've been there was with marimar_72 and then on the New Year's Eve. Although we had to wait for ages before we got a table, it was all worth it. I loved the atmosphere, the food, the design and even the customer service was really good in such a crammed time of the year!
The place is divided into a restaurant and a bar, of two-floor, and an outside terrace too.

the staff members are really friendly. it was very busy and crazy. i had my dessert before the meal. so i had to wait and wait. the waiter apologised for this and got me a fresh dessert again. my friend also had something wrong with her order so he got her a free coke. they were really trying their best to offer a good service in such a crazy time. thank you people:^)

definitely will visit again

average per person: £15-£25Opening Hours
Open 7 days a week
• Monday to Saturday 12-11 pm
• Sundays 12-10.30 pm

Favorite Dish The menu somehow looks Spanish for a non-native like myself!silly, ha? but there's a difference!
I had Mexican Paella, ie calamari, chicken, quesillodo (or whatever the spelling is,lol) and rice. I really liked it, though i made this order for the sake of the calamri, which ended up with 3 rings only!!!
for dessert i tried something i didn't know, Mexican Drums which turned to be Profiteroles with chocolate sauce. it was very sweet but delicious that i got dizzy drunk,lol.

Jan 02, 2007

Chiqhitos Restaurant and Bar: Good food...great company!

We had a great intimate dinner here with some of my VT mates from London. Jen suggested it as she had been here before...Everyones dinner looked so nice...and after a few ales conversation was flowing freely...The only downer here, was the fact that the staff gave you the bill as soon as the last mouthful was eaten..That was fine there was a little bar just across the square..

Favorite Dish I had the chilli con carne...that was nice...but the pecan pie was even better!!!!

adelaidean's Profile Photo
Sep 28, 2006

Chiquito: Mexican on Leicester Square

Another London VT meeting was happening, and Chiquito was the venue. Located in a prime position right on Leicester Square, this lively Mexican bar & restaurant serves up big plates of decent food to locals and tourists alike.

VT'er Adelaidean (Deb) was over from Australia with her husband Bob, and a few of us met up, relaxing for a drink at the front of the restaurant, before moving upstairs to eat.

Favorite Dish The menu is huge - there is a big selection of food, and the menu itself is very large too! Service was friendly and helpful, and a fun night was had by all.

So, to eat we had El Gringo's Chilli con Carne, Chicken Poblano Quesadilla (with chilli-chocolate sauce!), and Chicken Sizzling Fajitas. The food came in big serves and was quite tasty.

A few of us managed to fit in dessert…..I had the Waffle Toffee Crunch Sundae, others had the Fried Ice Cream, Mexican Drums (profiteroles) and the Pecan Pie. Yum.

sue_stone's Profile Photo
Sep 03, 2006
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Chiquitos: ...or a Mexican't ?

Without drinks, £46 or so for two of us on a Saturday evening for 3 courses hardly puts this Leicester Square Mexican into the tourist trap category. Serves buffalo wings, prawn cocktail, meatballs with rice, mixed grill, banana taquita and pecan pie which was our order with pints of Stella Artiois Belgian lager at £3.25

Always think we should be able to score 7/10 - after all our tips don't get rated on whole numbers - but I'l be generous and go 4 from 5. I ate here the only other time with a Paisley exile in Autumn 1993 and nice to go back nearly 13 years on to find it still gets the thumbs up.
Ay chihuahua !

Favorite Dish Pecan pie ; I am not usually a desert person, but -

Paisleypaul's Profile Photo
Jun 30, 2006

Chiquitos: Mexican on the square!

Feel like a bit of vibe with your meal? This is the place to come!

This was an exciting VT meeting, the first I have organised, and I was so chuffed that so many lovely people could attend! In attendance were AussieMadCow (Anita), benazer (AZ), broadcalling (Ashkat), dejavu2gb (Gareth), haldane (Kay) and her gorgeous daughter Keziah, huggy93, Jenniflower (moi!) and my hubby Lance, parsix (Fiona), pmarshuk (Phil), pocketpiglet (Adri & Raf), shrofc10 (Cyrus), Sun-spot (Josie) and Janko.

I also met JulesRules here with her friend another time.

Favorite Dish I have had a variety of meals here as I have been a few times, with VT friends as well as family and coleagues.

I think my all-time favourite is the platter for two though, this I share with my husband. It has a variety of chickens, potatos bacon pieces, tacos etc. and is really tasty.

Just a warning - they do NOT do bookings here, and on the wkends it is manically busy... so be prepared to put your name on a list and have to sit in the bar for at least an hour before you eat! One GREAT thing about this restaurant is there is no longer a smoking area - yay! It is ALL non smoking.

Jenniflower's Profile Photo
Apr 21, 2006

Chiquitas: VT meets for some Mexican

Well this was my first group VT meet and originally had reservations. I was meeting people that I didn't know and I wasn't too sure how the night would go... what if everybody thought I was a d#ck?! Hahahaha!! Well how wrong I was (well probably not about the d#ck part, but how the night went....hahaha). I had such a good time and we met in Chiquitas early Saturday evening, had a meal and dranks lots and just had a really good chats with people. I hope that I can meet up with the people again and the restuarant had a really nice vibe to it.

Needless to say, I got kinda drunk and ending up turning up to a party that I had been invited to, about 3 hours late... oopps! I hardly even recall being there ;-)

Jen, thanks a lot for arranging this and to the people I met... stay in touch ;-)

Favorite Dish For some reason I wasn't too experimental on the night as was worried that mid conversation, I would drop some boiling hot fahitas, on my nether regions. That wouldn't have been so good.

Anyhow am I woffling? What I ended up eating was a Texas burger with barbecue sauce and it was sooo nice.

I am very fussy with my food but was left extremely satisfied.

huggy93's Profile Photo
May 03, 2005

Chilis and Chiquitos: Some Tex-Mex joints

CHILIS. I love Tex-Mex, but it’s difficult to find in Britain. Chilis was my favourite chain restaurant back in the States so it was a happy day when we found this outpost in Canary Wharf, of all places! Better yet, the food was just as good as I remembered. For about nine quid you can get a huge burger (chicken, beef or veggie) with all the trimmings, salad, spicy fries and a soft drink with free refills. They also do enchilidas, burritos and other Mexican fare. When you get off at Canary Wharf from either the tube or DLR have a look on one of the many directories for a map. It's not easy to find but it's well worth the bother if you're a fan of this type of food!

CHIQUITOS is a more common Tex-Mex chain, but I’ve always felt it lacked that certain something compared to what I’m used to back in the States. They do a pretty good lunch buffet for around six pounds and it was much improved this time. There’s one right on Leicester Square, next to the Mezzanine Odeon.

The TEXAS EMBASSY looks impressive at the junction of Pall Mall and Haymarket near Trafalgar Square, but the prices are ASTRO-turf-y-NOMICAL!

Favorite Dish I'm a sucker for the spicy bean burger at Chilis, stacked high with all the trimmings and a slathering of guacamole. And their chips and salsa are addictive! Shame about the right-wing American owner...I guess as long as I keep voting Democrat that will counteract those donations to Bush and co?

Jan 16, 2005
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Chiquito: Huge portions.....Good food too

After a long day in London we ate in this trendy Leicester Square Mexican restaurant.
We had to wait for a bout 35 minutes for a table but we were given a pager to let us know when the table was free. We waited in the busy bar and drank a couple of the lovely Margueritas!!

Favorite Dish I had the Marinated chicken with bacon and cheese on top which was served with Mexican rice and salad.
We were both too full for desserts but I did notice that they serve fried ice cream so we will have to go back again to try that.

nhcram's Profile Photo
Nov 14, 2004

Chiquito Restaurant and Bar: Bringing out the Mexican in us

Bang in the middle of London, or at least thats what it feels like when youre there, you'll find yourself lost in Mexico!

In Leicester Square, along with all the other famous restaurants and bars like TGI Fridays, Hard Rock Cafe, Haagen Daaz ice-cream cafes,you'll find a Mexican themed restaurant and bar! With an upstairs and downstairs serving a whole range of cocktails and 'typical' mexican food, you'll have a great night here!

The photo here wasnt actually taken in this restaurant, but you can, if you arrive with a party of people, get dressed up in these funny sombreros!

The Mexican interior is wonderful, full bright colours. From what I can remember, the service was fairly good, but it was so packed the poor waiters and waitresses were rushed off their feet!

sugarpuff's Profile Photo
Jan 31, 2004

Chiquito: Viva Mexico!

Chiquito is located right in Leicester Square. The wait can get long on a weekend, but the bar serves great margaritas while you wait. The bartenders are fun, but the waitstaff could use a little help.

Favorite Dish All the food I've had there is good, especially if you've been craving Mexican!

kcochran111's Profile Photo
Jun 02, 2003

Chiquito: Chiquito, Leicester Square

There are a number of good reasons not to eat at somewhere like this. For a start it is part of a chain. Furthermore, it is in one of the most touristy areas of London. Those 2 reasons would normally be enough for me to avoid the place. However, it is not a bad spot.
I first went when I was working with some Americans in London years ago. They discovered Chiquito and really liked it so when selecting an evening venue for some drinks this is where they suggested. The atmosphere is quite fun. As you would expect in this location, there is a good mix of locals and tourists. It always seems to be packed and getting a table, or just somewhere to sit down, can be a problem. I have eaten here 3 or 4 times and the Mexican food is quite acceptable. It is not necessary to book in advance but you may have to wait for a table depending how busy they are and how many are in your party.

phil_uk_net's Profile Photo
Mar 29, 2003

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