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Porter's English Restauarant - CLOSED Tips (8)

Porters English Restaurant: Cozy Restaurant on a Quiet Street

Our first night in London and on my birthday we decided to make reservations before we left the USA at Porter's based upon an internet offer of a 3 course 15 pound fix priced dinner which included a glass of Cava for each of us. The atmosphere was OK. Nothing special but within walking distance from our hotel. The main dish I wanted, fisherman's pie was not available so I decided on the salmon and prawn fish cakes. My 3 courses consisted of spicy pumpkin, chili and coconut soup, the aforementioned fish cakes and spotted dick for dessert. My wife had crispy herb crumbled mushrooms with blue cheese dip, a steak, Guinness and mushroom pie and steamed syrup sponge for dessert. All in all very average, although we had not yet had anything in London to compare this to. We didn't want to spend a lot of $$$ in London on food since our next stop was Paris.

Favorite Dish The pumpkin soup was the best part of my meal.

riorich55's Profile Photo
Oct 15, 2008

Porter's English Restauarant: Traditional English Food

Porter's is a traditional English restaurant serving the best in meat pies and English dishes. I had the lamb steak and my wife had the Covent Gardens Pie (vegetarian). Both were good. The desserts and appetizers were better than the main dishes.

Favorite Dish Tthe puddings for dessert. I had the chocolate pudding and Liz had the gingerbread pudding. My wife also found the Cauliflower, Stilton Cheese, and Almond soup delicious. I had the Salmon Parfait and it too was delicious.

seamandrew's Profile Photo
Jan 27, 2006

Porter's English Restaurant: Pure British Dining

Very comfortable, non-stuffy atmosphere. Good prices (about 12 GBP for my meal) and generous portions. Porter's is actually owned by a certain 'Earl of Bradford' who takes a great deal of pride in his restaurant. It's borderline touristy because of the stereotypical British foods on the menu, but they're high quality, and there were plenty of locals around us, too.

Go to the website for combo dinner+theatre deals and a live webcam! I look at this webcam at least once a week and dream I'm right there, strolling past my favorite British restaurant towards Covent Garden. Sigh...

Favorite Dish Veggie pie--made with puff pastry and a light curry sauce, served with great chips.

londonlover's Profile Photo
Nov 29, 2004

Porter´s English Restaurant: Good English Food

We wanted to go to an English restaurant and happened to pass by this one one day. Its a casual, family dining restaurant and pub. There is also a dining room downstairs. The service and the food were both great. There were both tourists and English people dining there. I can´t remember the story of the restaurant but it was started by a Duke or Earl who wanted to start an affordable restaurant with quality English food. Well, he accomplished what he set out to do!
It was exactly the kind of place we were hoping to find.

Favorite Dish We chose the pies that were listed as the favorites and they were great. The soup was great too. Hearty and healthy home cooked food.
The final price was about 29 pounds sterling for 2 people.

Lorro's Profile Photo
Mar 05, 2004
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Porter's: Porter's

The bill for the 6 of us came to just over 100 pounds, so 20 pounds per person covered the meal & tip. That was also with 2 bottles of wine.

Service was wonderful! Our waitress was so helpful, especially when parts of our party's order were a bit delayed from the kitchen. (She immediately took them off the bill, which was a pleasant surprise to us all when the bill came.)

Favorite Dish As an American with a sensitive stomach and wide culinary tastes, I went for distinctively English foods on this trip & just prayed that Montezuma's revenge wasn't transatlantic in nature...

Entree: Didn't have one, although the beau ordered a tasty brown ale soup (much like french onion soup, but with a distinctive ale taste... yummy!)

Main course: Braised faggots... tasty meat dish, very much like meatballs but with a brown ale sauce

Side items: Bubble & Squeak... a biscuit-like cabbage dish. British pals explained that it's normally a breakfast item, made from the cabbage dish from the prior evening's meal & fried with bacon... yummy! (you can guess for yourself where the name comes from...)

Mushy peas... these were scrumptious!
Dessert: Spotted dick... a kind of pudding with raisins in a cream sauce. Not too bad. (The beau had a chocolate pudding in a chocolate sauce, very good & cocoa-ey)

Texapina's Profile Photo
Sep 08, 2002

Porters - English Restaurant.: Porters - English Restaurant.

Porters is a great restaurant, with a warm atmosphere. And don't forget that 'Porters is owned by Richard, 7th Earl of Bradford, whose Ancestral Home is the magnificent Weston Park in Shropshire'.

Favorite Dish Lots of Traditional Dishes, along with 'Porters World Famous Pies' (quoting the menu...), Grills and absolutely great Puddings!

espadana's Profile Photo
Sep 07, 2002

Porter's English Restaurant....

Porter's English Restaurant. This is supposed to be the standard English meal to go by... I have to say, it was the blandest place I ate in the UK. Go for the 'traditional' meal and the atmosphere of Covent Gardens, but don't expect much.

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Aug 26, 2002

Porters English Restaurant: Porters English Restaurant

Another traditional English restaurant but definitely down market compared to Rules. Known for its pies. Reasonably good British fayre at reasonable prices.

Favorite Dish A pie, of course!

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Aug 06, 2003
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Getting to Porter's English Restauarant - CLOSED


17 Henrietta St., Covent Garden, London WC2E 8QH


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