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Sherlock Holmes Tips (7)

The Sherlock Holmes: The Sherlock Holmes

I thought this would be a jam-packed-full-of-tourists kind of place. It turned out to be an uncrowded, cozy, quiet, quick, and friendly little pub. It even had a bit of a seedy appearance on the inside, like it wasn't overly done up. There's lots of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Sherlock memorabilia throughout the establishment to look at: posters, photos, and props; the replica head of a dog from "the Hound of the Baskervilles", mounted on the wall, encased in a plastic box, and back-lit in alien green light stared menacingly down at me throughout the evening. "I'm going to have jowls like that someday," I keep telling my companions, keeping one weary eye on the disembodied canine's head in case it breaks free from its silicon prison.
So why's everyone in here drinking so much Foster's ale anyway? I thought this was jolly ole' England. Australian beer? No way, I opt to try the "Sherlock Holmes Ale," assuming it's a locally produced beverage. "Blech! Gawk! This is hands down the worst tasting beer I've had in the UK... maybe the worst I've had in years!" I somehow managed to choke the poisonous tar-tasting substance down. I blame it for my intense hangover the next day. That Sherlockian ale in reality was some kind of demon licorice oil... blood from the body of the mummified Baskerhound they had stored out back.
The Sherlock Holmes opened on December 12, 1957 in what used to be the Northumberland Arms Hotel.
The food (as opposed to the ale) at this pub, served in the restaurant upstairs, is reputed to be very, very good. I also found out later (to my annoyance) that there's a reconstruction of Holmes' 221B Baker Street study on display, also upstairs. I didn't even see the staircase... so much for my sleuthing abilities... must've been the beer... be sure to ask them about it.

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Oct 22, 2009

The Sherlock Holmes Pub & Restaurant: Elementary, my dear Watson

The Sherlock Holmes Pub & Restaurant offers an interesting eating experience, especially for fans of the famous sleuth. At ground level is the pub with a well stocked large horseshoe shaped bar. They serve their own Sherlock Holmes Ale but as this is a Green King pub I suspect it is one of their regular brews that has been re-branded. Hot and cold food is available from a food counter in the main bar. There is also an a la carte menu in the restaurant upstairs. The pub shows old Sherlock Holmes movies and various pieces of memorabilia are dotted around. But the biggest attraction is a replica of Holmes' and Watson's sitting room and study full of authentic Victorian items. This can be viewed either by windows in the upstairs hallway or in the restaurant itself through a large glass partition. Sherlock Holmes souvenirs are on sale as you would expect. Decent place for a beer if that is all you want and despite its theme it doesn't seem too touristy.

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Feb 04, 2006

The Sherlock Holmes: Nice Pub

not far from Trafalgar square and Charing Cross is the Sherlock Holmes Pub. I would have thought it would have been a lot busier than it was but i found it to be quite quiet and friendly, they have a wide variety of Sherlock Holmes memorabelia on the walls and shelves as well as showing some old and new Sherlock Holmes films on the tv's. They serve food at reasonable prices and beers at a comparative price to the nearby pubs.
It is certainly a nice place to visit and to relax a while befor continuing your London Adventures!

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Mar 26, 2013

The Sherlock Holmes Pub: Pubtastic

Sherlock Holmes himself would have approved of this pub that carries his name. The food is very good. I had the shepherd's pie which was the best I've ever had and my wife enjoyed the fish and chips. It cost us 23GBP including a pint and a coke. The atmosphere was so London with locals enjoying a good conversation with their pints. I would certainly eat there again

Favorite Dish The shepherd's pie was the best I've ever had.

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Sep 09, 2012
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Having read all the stories, I...

Having read all the stories, I naturally had to visit The Sherlock Holmes Pub.
Good draft ales, located right near Trafalgar Square / Charing Cross Station, and a replica of Holmes' sitting room upstairs.

Favorite Dish I had the Shepherd's Pie

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Aug 26, 2002

Sherlock Holmes Restraunt: Sherlock Holmes Restraunt

Very cute restaraunt with a Sherlock Holmes theme. They also sell Holmes merchandise. Food is much cheaper in the bar area.

Favorite Dish Fish'n'Chips

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Aug 24, 2006

The Sherlock Holmes: A pub at Charing Cross

Pubs. The UK are litterally filled with them! And what a blessing! Here's a website where you can find everything about pubs.

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Feb 08, 2007
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Getting to Sherlock Holmes


10 Northumberland St, St James's WC2N 5DB


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