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Private Tour: London's National Gallery and The Britsh Museum Guided Tour
"This amazing private tour is led by English speaking guides for an intimate visit inside the British Museum and it’s best-known sculptures objects and artefacts and ending with the highlights inside The National Gallery of London.Join our most cultural tour of the two major museums of London. Perfect for an introduction to The National Gallery of London and the most recognised paint this tour will take you on an artistic and historical journey through the origins up to date revealing the most famous pieces and some handpicked gems.After having a small lunch break your expert guide will introduce you to The British museum’s best collection around the globe of sculptures objects and artefacts that will explain through their origins and stories the societies from the past present and future.Highlights Generally Include: (if artwork is not on loan or being restored etc) A Young Woman standing at a Virginal - Johannes VermeerSunflowers - Vincent Van GoghThe Madonna of the Pinks ('La Madonna dei Garofani’
From EUR185.00
Private Tour: London City Center Historical Walking Tour
"This private tour with an English speaking guide is perfect for a personal introduction to the Royal family history the origins of this massive world capital and it’s best kept secrets walking inside the very heart of LondonNot only will you get your bearings and cover the major landmarks you will also discover the entertaining stories of history's main players: Winston Churchill King Charles II Queen Elizabeth II and many more. Our guides will take you to the hidden spots and along the way they will provide you with insider knowledge and helpful advice so you can to make the most of your visit.The whole experience will be orchestrated t National Gallery Nelson’s Column
From EUR105.00
Private Tour: London National Gallery and East End Street Art Tour
"The tour is led by English speaking guide for an intimate visit to the highlights inside The National Gallery of London to then continue to the contemporary street art at the East End (London) district home of the most attractive art street known today s Cézanne Titian Seurat Monet Rembrandt and many others. So much of London’s history owes a debt to the East End. Colourful characters famous architecture
From EUR185.00

Texas Embassy Tips (9)

Texas Embassy: VT meeting 4th August 06

This was a really good venue for a VT meeting organised by Natalie (nhcram) for 20 or so VTers to get together in London. It is well situated and the upstairs of the restaurant is spacious enough for several long tables.

It has a faux-Texan decor, with bare wood floor, various flags and other ephemera hanging on the walls and ceilings, giving it the whole "Cantina" feel, (see other photos!). It was a really pleasant evening and everyone had a lot of fun. Oh and the staff, whilst not over fast with service, were really nice and friendly - especially the bar man who gave me a free drink! Cheers! :))

Favorite Dish For a vegetarian, the food wasn't brilliant. My enchilladas were with beans and cheese and really not very appetising. The starter had been tortilla crisps and advocada dip, spicy cheese dip etc etc and quite filling so maybe that had something to do with the fact that I didn't have much appetite left for my main course. It was followed by a large chocolate and nut brownie with cream and icecream. The icecream was fine but the brownie was a bit dry. If I should ever revisit, I would try something else, but a Texan style restaurant is probably not the best place for a vegetarian! :)) The whole meal came to £22.50 each.

Apparently they serve a mean Margarita too! Just ask Andy (Fen) :)))

Dec 31, 2007

The Texas Embassy: Close to real tex-mex

My husband and I claim Houston as home, so we are of course huge tex-mex fans. We've been away from Houston for close to 3 months now, so we are definitely having some withdrawals. When we heard that London had a mexican restaurant called Texas Embassy, we definitely had to check it out... and we were not dissapointed!

Its a rather large restaurant with plenty of seating for large groups. The floors and tables are clean and it seemed to be generally loud the whole time we were there. The noise was not a problem for us as most places back home are like that, and then we also didn't have to worry about our son bothering the other patrons.

Favorite Dish Not necessarily my favorite because it was my first visit, but the chicken enchiladas with the sour cream sauce were very good.

They also have a wide range of margaritas available.

crodri1's Profile Photo
Apr 08, 2007

Texas Embassy Cantina: Tex Mex near Trafalgar Square

The Texas Embassy Cantina is located in the heart of London, just around the corner from Trafalgar Square. It was the venue for a fabulous VT Meeting on the 4th August 2006, organised by Natalie (nhcram).

The restaurant specialises in Tex Mex cuisine and claims it is one of the most successful restaurants of its type in London. Its interior is decorated in a Texan theme, with steer heads mounted on the wall for eaxmple, while its drink menu specialises in the Mexican tipples of Margharitas and Tequila.

Dining is split over two levels, with the upstairs section being the perfect place for big groups, and it was less smoky up there as well. This was where the meeting was held - 21 VT'ers sat side by side at a long table, drinking, eating and gossiping, oh and of course taking large amounts of photos!

Favorite Dish We had to choose from a couple of set menus, all costing £22.50 each, including service. To start we were given Tortilla chips with Salsa, Guacamole & Queso (hot cheese dip). For main course I opted for the "Sizzlin' grilled chicken, beef & vegetable fajitas" with assorted sides. There was also the choice of having BBQ Ribs or BBQ Chicken, or vegetarian burritos for those so inclined.

We certainly couldn't complain about the amount of food - there was way too much!! They just kept bringing it out. Unfortunately it wasn't the greatest food, but that wasn't the reason we were there so it didn't really matter.

Desserts was supposed to be Apple Pie or Chocolate Brownies, but I managed to sweet talk the waiter into a slice of Key Lime Pie instead. Wish I hadn't was terrible! Oh well, I didn't need those extra calories anyway ; )

sue_stone's Profile Photo
Aug 06, 2006

Texas Embassy: A blast from the past...

This is now a restaurant/bar just off Trafalgar Square...but was originally the Texas Embassy before the creation of USA...I've only had a beer, or several in here...but a fun place! On a recent revisit I can see why I've never been back...the food looked really naff...and the draught beer was £3.75 a pint...not that it stopped me having quite a few!;)

BluBluBlu's Profile Photo
Aug 06, 2006
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Texas Embassy Cantina: Tex-Mex in London

This was a Tex-Mex place in London, the only one I could find. The atmosphere tried to be authentic but seemed overdone. In Texas I would rate it as average, in London, very good. The actually building the Texas Embassy was in, is a few blocks away.

Wisxox's Profile Photo
May 27, 2005

Texas Embassy Cantina: Ah, Texas the Great Nation

What a sight for sore eyes. A little piece of Texas in the heart of Downtown London. During our trip with a Seattle based rugby team over to England, we were lucky enough to pass a small restaurant with alot of history for 8 of the people on the tour.

The eight of us were all Texans on a Seattle team's tour, so we felt a little out of place... until we came across the Texas Embassy!

As many people know, Texas was its own independent nation from 1836 until 1845 when it joined the United States. One of the few countries in the World to recognize this status was England. They were even nice enough to start an official Embassy with us on British soil.

Without too much of a history lesson, Texas is no longer a country, and now this building is a great restaurant!

Favorite Dish Tequila and Enchiladas.

ATXtraveler's Profile Photo
Feb 23, 2005

Texas Embassy: Cocktails...

This tex-mex restaurant is situated just around the popular Trafalgar Square. The decor is very mexican like, ambiance very friendly and laid back with good music. Although a big restaurant, the service is fast and the food is excellent with really big portion.
They have a huge bar on the first floor, used mainly for private parties or w-e but they have a bar at the ground floor level as well open at the restaurant hours.

Favorite Dish Great cocktails....and fried jalapenos, vegetarian quesadiilas and las tres enchilladas

May 31, 2004

Texas Embassy: Great atmosphere

Great atmosphere. A good selection of cocktails which you can have before being seated which is ideal when it is busy.
The portion sizes are American so beware! Never made it to the dessert yet!!
Waiting staff are very helpful and friendly.
Can be very busy so be prepared to wait on occasions.

Favorite Dish The fajitas are lovely and you get all the side dishes you need to make a really god fajitas.
Check out their web site for the full menu.

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Feb 15, 2004
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Texas Embassy Restaurant: Texas Embassy Restaurant

The 'Texas Embassy' in London is a restaurant that serves Texas style mexican food. At one point in history, Texas was it's own country and we did have an embassy in London. That's where the creator's of the restaurant got their idea (I think they are from Texas). For you Texans far from home, this is a great place to stop by if you're feeling a little homesick.

Favorite Dish The beef fajitas and cold beer.

Aug 25, 2002

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