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London Royal Parks Bike Tour including Hyde Park
"The motto is: see more less effort and more fun! It takes less time to ride leisurely between the sights than walk and you will spend more time exploring the city's world-famous landmarks and discover its hidden gems. Watch London life go by as you cycle to the Houses o the most recognized symbol of the city. Discover the infamous Cabinet War Rooms and explore London's fairy tale cathedral Westminster Abbey. Just around the corner you will find Trafalgar Square with its picturesque National Portrait Gallery and Nelson's and enjoy a well-earned lunch stop. You will ride effortlessly through the lushing beauty of all central Royal Parks including Hyde Park Kensington Gardens Green Park and St James Park. See the Royal residencies Buckingham Palace in Hyde Park and Kensington Palace with the Princess Diana Memorial set in the wonderful gardens.The expert guide will lead you through today's London and its past centuries wi anecdotes
From GBP22.00
"London Bike Tour - East
"London is a city of stunning contrasts. Her rich past is well preserved while her modern face shows how architecture trade and culture have evolved in their own unique settings. For those trying to discover London on their own or hoping to glimpse her from bus or coach many of her secrets will remain a mystery.The London Bike Tour is a much more exciting way of exploring the city. You will be provided with a bike and guide and escorted on a tour though the cycle routes
From GBP24.00
Big Bus London Hop-On Hop-Off Tour
"Home to British royalty as well as some of the world’s best-known historical monuments attractions and landmarks London is a city with sightseeing opportunities aplenty. So hop aboard an open-top Big Bus to soak up the sights of the beloved English capital and discover its delights at your own pace. Two routes are included with your ticket: the Red Route which lasts for a full 2.5 hours and includes an onboard guide or the Blue Route which lasts for a full-loop duration of 3.5 hours with audio commentary. The Night Tour lasts 2.5 hours for a full-loop and features the most iconic locations in London
From GBP18.00

Hyde Park Tips (187)

Hyde Park

Hyde Park is one of London's finest landscapes and is the citys largest open space. Itand covers 350 acres.
Hyde Park provides facilities for many different leisure activities and sports as well as being the focal point for public events of all sizes. There is ofetn large concerts or political rallies (eg .Iraq war protest) which occur in Hyde park.
When i used to live in London and miss home i would often walk in hyde park listening to me music or sit down under a tree.
Every now and then you would be visited by squirels and it was cool just to look at them play as if they didnt have a care in the world.

Maximilian21's Profile Photo
Apr 06, 2005

Lido at Hyde Park

If you come to London in the summer and fancy a swim make your way to the Serpentine in Hyde Park. It cost £3 june- aug daily 10am-6pm.

There's changing areas and a small pool but you can also swim in the serpentine - its a area marked off so don't swim in any other part of the serpentine.

Lozza_9's Profile Photo
Mar 22, 2005

Skate the streets

if you have your own skates (or can hire some) then go to Hyde Park on a Wednesday evening during Spring and Summer and join the streetskate. If you can stop on skates then give it a whirl - it's the best adrenalin rush I've ever had in London. Learn to stop before you go on it (I made that mistake once and still feel terrible about parked car's wing mirrors!)

There's also a Friday night skate that I haven't braved as apparently it's quite a bit faster.

jolou's Profile Photo
Jan 16, 2005

Australian War Memorial

This is a must see for all Australians. It is a gentle curve of sculptured granite, emobossed with the names of the theatre of war where Australians have fought alongside the British. Amongst them are the names of all the towns from which the soldiers came from in Australia. It is a truly appropriate and sloemn memorial to those who fought to preserve our way of life.

huwhit's Profile Photo
Oct 14, 2004
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Hyde Park

In the center of London is Hyde Park, much like that of Central Park in New York City. Nice place to take a break from dealing with the city all day. It has ponds and ducks if you want to bring some bread crumbs with you.

adventerrtravel22's Profile Photo
Sep 08, 2004

Hyde Park

This park is London's largest open space. There's a lake filled with ducks that play with each other and lots of green grass ... where I layed down for a while watching the birds and the people passing by... very relaxing!

bambino36's Profile Photo
Sep 06, 2004

HYDE PARK: not only resting

Hyde Park offers a range of leisure activities from informal games of frisbee through to boating on The Serpentine and horse riding.

Most pitch-based sports activity tends to take place on the southern section of the Park between Rotten Row and South Carriage Drive. This area, known as 'The Sports Field' is used extensively for informal games of football, touch rugby, cricket, softball, rounders and frisbee.

Cycling (and related activities such as roller-blading and skateboarding) is allowed on all roads and specially designated cycle tracks in the Park.

The paths and grass areas in Hyde Park are also used extensively for walking, jogging and running.

The Serpentine Lido and its accompanying paddling pool are great for both adults and children. With its waterside tables, it is the ideal place to enjoy a snack, meal or a glass of wine. For swimming, off peak and concession rates for people on low incomes are available as well as reductions for children.

The Hyde Park Tennis & Sports Centre
is located at the western end of the Sports Field at the junction between West Carriage Drive and South Carriage Drive.

The Centre provides high quality tennis facilities, and is accredited by the Lawn Tennis Association. People are encouraged to 'turn up and play' while, for regular players, a range of membership options are available. Coaching courses are run for children and for adults. Tournaments are organised and teams can also play in local tennis leagues.

The bowling green (or an individual rink) is available to individuals, families, groups of friends or established clubs to hire on request and can be pre-booked.

The Centre also has a challenging and well maintained putting course, popular with both groups and families.

shivan's Profile Photo
Jul 29, 2004

HYDE PARK: a poetic moment

how I love to take this kind of pictures!
How I love to play with the sunlight in my digital camera!
See my World Sunset in my homepage to know more about my passion or maybe illness for this kind of natural shows.
I was sitting by the Serpentine watching, since at least half an hour, trying to find something particular to take a picture of, when I finally have risen my eyes to the sky and I saw this wonderful spectacle, with the sun fighting to pass through those dark clouds, that were not in the mood to "cry", lucky me.

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Jul 29, 2004
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"Maybe it's because I'm a Londoner ..."
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HYDE PARK. A wonderful place...

Hyde Park.

The biggest park I've ever seen inside a town.
Sometimes it is difficult to remember you are still in London, it seems to you to be in the wilderness.

London is a big city so everywhere you may find a lot of people but this place is so big that you can relax in solitude wherever you want

A wonderful place to rest, beautiful and well maintained.

shivan's Profile Photo
Jul 29, 2004

HYDE PARK: The Serpentine

Every respectful park has a lake carved inside, and Hyde Park has the Serpentine.
And the Serpentine is an hell of a lake!
It is huge! Many boats sailing its surface, a bridge in the distance, so many gulls fly over it and a great, deserved, peaceful sensation permeating the visitor, tipically sat with a coffee cup in front of the dying sun, tired of long walks up and down the tube and the town.

shivan's Profile Photo
Jul 29, 2004

HYDE PARK: the story

Previously used for the delight of the kings, including Henry VIII, who loved hunting wild boars and deers in its wilderness, Hyde Park has been years or maybe centuries later developed and transformed by tai-chi artists into this lovely and peaceful place.
The park is crowded with people at all times (it is open daily from 5.30 AM to midnight, through the whole year) but it is so large that the visitor is never disturbed by the others, and can enjoy the peace.

shivan's Profile Photo
Jul 29, 2004


Hyde Park is one of London's finest landscapes and covers 140 hectares (350 acres). Hyde Park provides facilities for many different leisure activities and sports as well as being the focal point for public events of all sizes.
Among the most pleasant places in London, it gives the visitor the chance to rest, far from the crowd, the traffic and the noise, pretending to be in the wilderness, thanks to its huge size

shivan's Profile Photo
Jul 29, 2004

Things to Do Near Hyde Park

Things to Do

Speakers Corner

Speakers' Corner is a part of the Hyde Park where open-air public speaking, debate and discussion are allowed. Speakers' Cornet has its root in 1855 when the Chartist movement demanded more...
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Things to Do

Princess Diana Memorial Fountain

Located in the south side of Hyde Park this memorial was opened officically in 2004. Its not what I would expect of a"fountain" really, its more a circular/oval channel that is more reminiscent of a...
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Things to Do

Polish Institute and Sikorski Museum

I had been planning a day out in London, my planning resulted in my last museum of the day being the Sikorski Museum at the Polish Institute. They receive no funding from either the Polish or UK...
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Hanover Square became a fashionable residential address from the 18th Century by Richard Lumley, 1st Earl of Scarborough and who is known for the Glorious Revolution. The residents then supported the...
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Albert Memorial

Located at the southern end of Kensington Gardens is this very grand memorial to Queen Victoria's Prince Consort, Prince Albert. The memorial was complete in 1876. Bronzes and mosaics represent...
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For UK locals or people who loves shopping i guess you know what i am talking about..yeah you are right..the one and only..THE HARRODS..i have checked one coat and wow..the price made my eyes and jaw...
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Park Lane, Bayswater Road, Knightsbridge


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