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London Old City Bike Tour
"Starting from Waterloo the tour discover hidden back streets old shipping docks an ancient Roman wall Harry Potter film locations  and much more! Along the way we stop for a pint of traditional ale in the oldest Thames riverside pub in London. Hear tales of sailors and smugglers from your guide and see the noose where pirates met a grizzly end! After a refreshing drink over iconic Tower Bridge past the Tower and then through the sights
From GBP28.00
"London Landmarks
London Landmarks Bike Tour - with Local Guides - Historic Ale Pub and British Bicycles"Get ready for an entertaining small group guided bike tour of London and discover London like you have never seen it before. Riding a classic English Pashley bicycle you will cycle along the quiet back streets of Westminster and Royal London with frequent stops to soak up the atmosph or a visitor to London you will find the London Landmarks Bike tour informative and fun with amazing facts and stories from your local native English speaking guides that will give you a fresh perspective on the city.You can discover all London has to offer on the Landmarks Bike Tour. The tour begins with meeting your guide and selecting your beautiful handbuilt British Pashley bicycles. Start by exploring th cycling along the river Thames
From GBP25.00
"London Bike Tour - East
"London is a city of stunning contrasts. Her rich past is well preserved while her modern face shows how architecture trade and culture have evolved in their own unique settings. For those trying to discover London on their own or hoping to glimpse her from bus or coach many of her secrets will remain a mystery.The London Bike Tour is a much more exciting way of exploring the city. You will be provided with a bike and guide and escorted on a tour though the cycle routes
From GBP24.00

London Eye Tips (33)

The London Eye

The Queen’s Walk has any number of things to see and do - and there’s one attraction that seems to lure people more than any other - the London Eye.
Situated next to County Hall, it now appears to be part of the Merlin Entertainments empire, which includes Shrek’s Adventure, the London Dungeon, and the Sea Life Aquarium, all of which can be entered along the Riverside at County Hall, so it probably won’t come as any surprise to learn that this is also where you get your tickets for the London Eye.
This giant Ferris wheel was opened on New Year’s Eve 1999 and called the Millennium Wheel, but has changed names several times since. Its official name at the moment is the Coca Cola London Eye.
It’s not difficult to see why it’s so popular. It’s a massive 443 ft (135m) high and has far reaching views across the capital from the enclosed capsules that hold up to 25 people. Seats are provided but you’re able to walk around the capsule if you wish.
The wheel rotates slowly enough for people to get on and off without stopping, but it will stop for people who need help. The trip lasts between 30 and 40 minutes.
I’ve been on the wheel twice, once in the light and once in the dark, and there’s no doubt that there are some great views to be had, but with the prices that Merlin charge I don’t see myself going back up any time soon. Their website doesn’t make it easy to view the prices but it looks like an adult has to pay £24.95, which is a lot of money for a half an hour experience.
The Merlin organisation seems to be the successor to Tussaud’s which was also a company that charged a lot of money to see famous visitor attractions. I wasn’t a fan then, and I’m not a fan now.
Obviously it goes without saying that if you intend forking out this sort of money, then you want to choose a time when the weather conditions are clear. Merlin encourages people to book in advance, but personally I would rather choose a time when I know it’s going to be worth it.

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Jun 21, 2016

London Eye

Across the Big Ben/Houses of Parliament you will find the London Eye. When you go in here, you will have good views of the erea (up to 40 kilometers in all directions).

The London Eye opened in March 2000. Since then it has become an attraction for London. Every year 3.5 millions are using the London Eye.

The opening hours are:
October to May 10am - 8pm daily
June 10am - 9pm daily
July and August 10am - 9.30pm daily
September 10am - 9m daily

Prices are from 1 April 2009:
Adult (16 plus) GBP 17
Child (4-15 years) GBP 8.50
Child under 4 free
Senior (60 plus) GBP 14
Disabled GBP14

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Jan 31, 2009

London Eye

The world's largest observation wheel. I didn´t enjoy the eye it took to long time for the wheel to turn.

Price for the London eye is cheaper if you book your tickets in advance via internet.

This pricelist is if you book online.
Adult (16 plus) £15.17
Child (5-15 years) £7.59
Child under 5 FREE
Senior (60 plus) £11.74
Disabled £11.74

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Dec 23, 2008

The London Eye

London's newest and modern icon, the London Eye is the 3rd largest obesrvation wheel in the world. Erected in 2000, it symbolizes the turn of the new century and the beggining of the uprise for London's modern architecture.

It's a definitely must-do when visiting London since it is one of the only few tall buildings in London open for the public and toursts. Get a view of London from above.
Advice: if you have claustrophobia, you might bail out on this one since you will be in the pod for 30 minutes (duration of the ride). Visit the toilets before coming in too.

Kids will enjoy being inside a giant ferris wheel so travelling families are most welcome.
For intimate moments, the pods can also be rented privatelly with champagne service (maybe if you want to pop the question!)

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Nov 09, 2008
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the London Eye

This is supposed to be the highest observation tower ever built. The Eye is a huge circle with observation bubbles all the way around that goes around very slowly so that you can get panoramic views of London. When we picked up our tickets we discovered that we could go then if we wanted, about an hour early, and it took about ten minutes to get on board. As some engineer’s idea of a practical joke, the Eye moves so slowly that it does not stop and you line up and run on board before it goes past you. While it’s still moving. And believe me, two miles per hour seems like warp speed when you have to step out over the water to get into this little bubble made of plexiglass. If you're afraid of heights this would be a good way to get over it. This is what we were in, but it did enable you to take fabulous

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Sep 26, 2008

London Eye

Located in the south bank of the Thames between Hungerford Bridge and Westminster Bridge, the British Airways sponsored London Eye became one of London's greatest tourist attractions since its opening in the year 2000. It's a beautiful Ferris wheel on the bank of a river but in my humble opinion that's all. I don't think it's worth the money nor even the time one has to spend there. Why? Because one can enjoy some other great or even greater panoramic views of London from various other sites in the town without having to stay inside a capsule for half an hour plus the long time spent in the queue. For instance, from the high walkways of Tower Bridge or from the top of St Paul's Cathedral great town views can be enjoyed. One can have champagne while enjoying the views by taking the "Champagne Flight". Isn't it lovely?

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Aug 23, 2008

The London Eye

This thing is a magnificent addition to the Thames side. I am a bit acrophobic (fear of heights) and was very dubious about getting on but had no difficulty or fears. My daughter-in-law has acrophobia worse than I do and had no problems either. It towers some 135 meters and has about 30 glass pods, each of which will accommodate about 25 people. Each revolution takes 30 minutes so you have almost no sensation of movement, but the most spectacular views you can imagine. We have been at night, mid-day and early evening and each is a good time. Just hope for a time when it is not too cloudy. In the high season, it fills up so book a reservation via phone, internet, your hotel or at the office at the base of the Eye. Standard adult fare is 15.50 GBP as of June 2008. Discounts for seniors and youth as well as lots of specail flight with extras. Check their website.

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Jul 14, 2008


A FANTASTIC THING TO DO AND SEE !!!NOT ONLY IS THERE THE LONDON EYE BUT ALSO IN 2008 THE SINGAPORE FLYER..The London Eye stands 135 metres high on the South Bank between Waterloo and Westminster Bridges 2007 Prices
1 January - 31 December 2007
Adult: UKP 14.50
Child , 5-15: UKP 7.250
Child, under 5: Free
Senior 60+: UKP 11
Disabled adult: UKP 11

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Jul 01, 2008
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London Eye

I must say that I was expecting long queues in July, but I was probably queuing up for twenty minutes which was not bad. To enjoy this ride fully you must pick a clear day to be able to see the most. The capsule is quite secure and you do not feel any movement because of winds etc. what I mean is that this is not your hometown fair wheel. The ride only takes you round once and turns around quite slowly. The ticket for a ride is a bit expensive at £13.50 and lasts about 25 minutes.

Apr 10, 2008

London Eye

You might find it a bit expensive but the ride which takes you at a height of 135 metres is worth while. The views from up there are spectacular especially on a sunny day when you can see many things in the distance.
The 32 capsules of the London Eye (or Millenium Wheel) can hold up to 25 passengers each. You can either sit on a bench at the centre of the capsule or walk around it to catch different point of views.
A standard flight costs £15.50 from April to December 2008. Children aged 5 to 15 will pay £7.75 during this same period. You can also choose the "Champagne Flight" formula (at certain hours only) but it will cost you £33 for a glass (!) of champagne. The ride takes 30 minutes. Very enjoyable experience.

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Mar 27, 2008


I have to admit, I did not like it at first, but it has grown on me. It is officially called 'The British Airways London Eye' as British Airways sponsors it. It also called the Millennium Wheel because it was opened in 1999 and was one of a series of building projects in London designed to coincide with the year 2000. It is labelled an 'observation wheel' because of its large passenger gondolas and it the largest of its type in the world. It is 443 feet tall (135 meters) and does not actually stop to take on passengers! Its moves so slow that you can gently walk on.
And the views are superb. The best of London you will see without a helicopter or airplane.

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Jan 24, 2008

London Eye

This is a must for the best possible views across London. Truly breathtaking however be ready for a wait. This is a very very popular attraction and queueing times can be anywhere from 30 mins up to 1 or 2 hours or even more on a busy day. Best to pre-book tickets however this is a must if you are visiting London!

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Dec 28, 2007

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