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Portobello Road Tips (67)

Portobello Green Market - Vintage & fashion market

One of the markets at Portobello Market is Portobello Green Market. It is located at the northern end of Portobello Market - further away in Notting Hill. I always enter the market from Notting Hill Gate station and walk down to the Portobello Green Market - which takes one all the way through the main market area.

At Portobello Green Market one can find a great selection of vintage and new clothes. There is an excellent selection of vintage fur-coats here, with quite a few stalls specialising in vintage fur. There are more than 800 stalls here and it can get really crowded.

On different days of the week there are different stalls here. On Fridays mostly vintage, antigues, retro. On Saturdays designer clothes, accessories and fashion. On Sundays clothes, books and CD´s and records.

This is such a lively area of the market. Walking further north is the end of the market with vintage clothe´s stalls lining the street. Opposite Portobello Green Market is Acklam Village Market, with more vintage clothes and the restaurant stalls.

Walking down the path, with myriads of stalls, to leave the market, one can get stuck and has to follow the crowds. But one is stuck anyway and the long walk up to Notting Hill Gate station takes quite a while, so I sometimes leave Portobello Road Market here behind Portobello Green Market.

Opening hours: Friday-Sunday from 07:00-18:00.

Regina1965's Profile Photo
Jan 13, 2013

Portobello Road Market.

Portobello Road Market in Notting Hill is by far the most popular market in London - if not in the world. There has been a market here since 1870. Back then it was only a Saturday market.

To get to the market I take the tube to Notting Hill Gate and from there are good directions to which exit to take to Portobello Road Market and where to find it. One has to walk for ca 5 minutes to get to the market.

Portobello Road Market is such a varied market, one can buy almost everything here, bric-a-brac, antique, vintage clothes, vintage fur-coats, fashion clothes, food etc., etc. There are some lovely Antique Arcades here. My sister loves antique and I know she would love visiting Notting Hill and Portobello Road Market. I hope we will be able to visit it together one day.

On Saturdays Portobello Road Market is almost painfully busy. You have to be there to understand how unbelievably busy it gets. I do visit it on Saturdays from time to time, but I am a fast walker and almost feel trapped in here. I prefer visiting it on a normal weekday, although the whole market isn´t open, then there are several stalls open and it is much less busy. All the stores are open on weekdays and food-stalls, restaurant and cafés, so it is also fun visiting it on a weekday and I have made some bargains there.

I add some photos from how busy it can get on Saturdays - compared to what it looks like on a weekday. It is the same street on both photos. One can see the numbers painted on the street where the stalls are located on Saturdays.

One part of the market is called Portobello Green Market and the organic international food-market opposite PGM is called Acklam Village Market (see my additional tips on Portobello Road Market).

There are stores on both sides of Portobello Road - after you cross Westbourne Grove. The only part of Portobello Road, which has almost no stores, is the part leading from Pembridge Road to Westbourne Grove. There are many cafés and restaurants on each side of Portobello Road, but the stalls almost hide them completely - especially when it gets so crowded. But if one wants to take a break one can go behind the stalls and try to find a seat in a café or a pub - or just browse in the stores behind the stalls.

The main Portobello Road Market is open on Saturdays from ca 07:00-17:00, although some of them are open a bit longer and very few people arrive so early in the morning. The official hours for the market are: Monday-Wednesday: 09:00-18:00. Thursday: 09:00-13:00. Friday-Saturday: 09:00-19:00. Closed on Sundays.

Regina1965's Profile Photo
Jan 13, 2013

Portobello Road Market - Acklam Village Market.

Acklam Village Market is the food-market of Portobello Market. Of course there are many food-stalls and restaurants along Portobello Market, but at Acklam Village Market one can only find food and drinks. And live music in the inside bar, where one can bring the food and have a drink.

I have been here several times and my partner has tried their food. Acklam Village Market is an authentic food market, which only serves organic ingredients and authentic international recipes.

There are some lovely murals at Acklam Village Market (see my photo).

Next to the market are stalls with vintage clothes - maybe we should call this part of the market "old clothes´market". When you visit you will know what I mean.

Opposite the Acklam Village Market is Portobello Green Market with more than 800 stalls.

Regina1965's Profile Photo
Jan 13, 2013

portobello road and market

Portobello market is the world largest antique market.
It s open every saturdays. It starts around 8am and finishes around 5pm.
It has over 1500 dealers selling every kind of antiques.
Further down the road you will find the food market and the clothing market (new clothes, second-hand clothes, you ll also see some young designers trying to promote their clothes until maybe they make it to fame!)
It attracts thousands of people from collectors, visitors, or just locals.

sylvie-uk's Profile Photo
Aug 17, 2004
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portobello shops

The shops are open six days a week, some of them being antique shops like the one on the picture.
It s really a different atmosphere when the market is not open, you might even like it better if you are not so fond of crowded places as on saturdays the crowd can be a bit too much sometimes.
you ll also find clothing shops, coffee beans shops, tatoo shops, pubs, little cafe places, lots of shops with products coming from india(decorations) and more....
The carnival also takes place in portobello in august.

sylvie-uk's Profile Photo
Aug 17, 2004

Saturday ritual

I've been visiting Portobello Road for more than 30 years now and, although it has changed a lot over that time, every Saturday morning that I'm in London finds me heading down the Road for a browse among the antique stalls, a coffee at 11 with a group of 'Road regulars for a "show and tell" session of their latest finds and a visit to the Travel Bookshop and Books for Cooks in Blenheim Crescent. Coming to the end of the antique section of the market we'll stop for a purchase of some fruit from a favourite stall holder and then it's time for lunch - what will it be? Something from one of the many street stalls that have sprung up in the last few years, a walk around to Ottolenghi's or a pub? Portobello Gold is one of our favourites, both for their good food and the gorgeous conservatory you eat it in.

So that's my Portobello Road experience, a ritual that has developed over many years. What brings the hordes that throng the Road every Saturday?

Hundreds of antique dealers operate in and around Portobello Road, selling their treasures (and some trash) out of everything from street barrows to some very posh shops indeed. Doorways on the street open into warrens of arcades crammed with small shops. Rickety stairs in some of them lead to basements and upper floors and more shops. Size and location is no indicator of quality - the funniest little stall in a tucked away corner can be selling exquisite porcelain or perfect small "objets de virtu" - the catch-all name for the precious trinkets of a by-gone age. Silver, jewellery, books, maps, prints, textiles, furniture, clocks, there is something for everyone here

Out on the Road, things are more mixed as more and more barrows are taken over by general bric-a-brac stalls, pashmina sellers, CDs and other odds and ends. There are still some genuine dealers out on the Road though, so don't dismiss it all as junk.

Don't just stay up in the antique end of the Road however. Once you've had your fill of antiques, keep on walking to the produce end with its colourful fruit, vegetable and flower stalls. Venture into some of the side streets too - Blenheim Crescent has some fabulous food shops as well as those bookshops I mentioned and Westbourne Grove is another great street with some of London's trendiest shops. There are plenty of great cafes and restaurants too - it's impossible to list them all, Notting Hill could qualify for its own dedicated site here on VT.

If you're a serious antique shopper, come early - especially on a fine day. The Road can get impossibly crowded.

The antique section of the market - including the shops in the arcades - is only open on Saturday. Everything else is open all week, though the food market has half-day closing on Thursday afternoon.

TheWanderingCamel's Profile Photo
Dec 05, 2008

The World's Largest Antiques Market

The vibrant Portobello Market became world-famous by the movie “Notting Hill” with Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant; most of the guidebooks about London mentions it among the top sights of London. There is one single difference only compared to the living city, namely in the film there are much less people on the street.
Mainly for its numerous, beautiful and valuable antique merchandise is well known.
The antique fair is held on every Saturday - it is worth to go there early in the morning - with more food than you will know what to do with. It is highly recommended, not to eat your breakfast before heading to Portobello, making you unable to consume the delightful delicacies.
It is a great place to browse for antique and beautiful jewellery; there is something for everyone here, from shoes, scarves, costume, jewelry, coats, hats, cheap and second-hand clothes to the newest trends and local designs.
A much smaller market selling fresh vegetables, luscious fruits and fragrant bunches of seasonal blooms is held there on other days.

Open: Saturday 8am to 5pm
Portobello Antique Dealers Association:

csordila's Profile Photo
Jun 12, 2009

A local tourist's viewpoint

I live in an area close to Potobello Road, and visit the well-known market regularly. It is busiest on Saturday, but on other days of the week there is plenty of activity, but less crowding.

The southern end of the Market closest to Notting Hill Gate is the most 'touristy', and consists of numerous stalls and shops offering items that purport to be antique. Picturesque as this is, especially on a Saturday, the best part of the market is for me further north. The market is a mixture of stalls selling crafts and quite a lot of useless items AND a great selection of foodstalls. These stalls sell meat, fish, cheeses, cut-price confectionery, oils, olives, and a wide range of fruit and vegetables. I would say that Portobello easily outrivals Borough Market.

Shops line each side of Portobello Road, one of my favourites being the Oxfam Bookshop. Another of my haunts is Coffee Plant, which serves high quality coffee at reasonable prices. Another good place for coffee is The Portobello Garden Café. And, don't miss the small stall that sells books published by the Holland Park Press, which is opposite the Portobello Garden Café on Saturdays.

I could go on and on, but why don't you go there and see for yourself?

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Jan 04, 2016
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Shop Portobello Market

Portobello Market is billed as the World's Largest Antique Market. Lining both sides of Portobello Road are antique stores and in front of them are stalls - most selling antiques as well. You can find just about anything there from collectibles to engravings to knobs and knockers! The shops are open 6 days a week and the market is only open on Saturdays. A few stalls sell souvenirs as well. Even if you don't buy it's fun to look at everything including the people!

The market is packed with people and we walked and walked and walked for hours. We ended up in other markets and flea markets – that sold everything from fruits and vegetables to Bollywood movies to “designer” fashions.

It's a great way to spend a sunny Saturday!

If you're looking for something specific, check the website or visit the information booth (open Saturdays only) at the junction of Porobello Road and Westbourne Grove.

Donna_in_India's Profile Photo
Jun 03, 2011

A great place to shop

If you want to shop anywhere in London, come here. There is so much to see! The prices are not bad either. Might I also add that this is a good place to get a bite to eat, there are many vendors with lots of very appetizing food.

The antique shops are open 6 days a week, but the infamous "Portabello Market" is only open on's worth the wait!

Happy shopping!

stressball's Profile Photo
Feb 24, 2005

a beautiful district!

Notting Hill is one beautiful rich district in West London. It used to be the area of immigrants some years before, and also an artists' alternative scene for many years but in our days I can say it's only a cosmopolitan district but worth the visit.

1.The annual Notting Hill Carnival take place here every August for two days. There are years that the carnival has attracted up to 1.5 million people!

2.The Portobello Road houses the famous second hand & antique market. Some say it's a tourist trap but I like markets anyway. Expect to find many people here because it's one of the most visited places in London. I cant wait to go back, last time I saw some beautiful box gloves! just for decoration! :) Some years before I bought many vinyl records there.

3.The area became famous because of the film "Notting Hill" (1999).

mindcrime's Profile Photo
Mar 21, 2010

Portobello Road Antiques

This place was a hive of activity and colour. I just loved it. The whole street is lined with stalls selling anything from fruit to feathers. Arcades along the road lead you through labyringths of antique stalls. A bit stuffy inside and quite hot if you stay too long but full of interesting stuff. Antique jewellry, books, china, dolls...anything and everything.

lou31's Profile Photo
Jun 05, 2005

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