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London Old City Bike Tour
"Starting from Waterloo the tour discover hidden back streets old shipping docks an ancient Roman wall Harry Potter film locations  and much more! Along the way we stop for a pint of traditional ale in the oldest Thames riverside pub in London. Hear tales of sailors and smugglers from your guide and see the noose where pirates met a grizzly end! After a refreshing drink over iconic Tower Bridge past the Tower and then through the sights
From GBP28.00
"London Landmarks
London Landmarks Bike Tour - with Local Guides - Historic Ale Pub and British Bicycles"Get ready for an entertaining small group guided bike tour of London and discover London like you have never seen it before. Riding a classic English Pashley bicycle you will cycle along the quiet back streets of Westminster and Royal London with frequent stops to soak up the atmosph or a visitor to London you will find the London Landmarks Bike tour informative and fun with amazing facts and stories from your local native English speaking guides that will give you a fresh perspective on the city.You can discover all London has to offer on the Landmarks Bike Tour. The tour begins with meeting your guide and selecting your beautiful handbuilt British Pashley bicycles. Start by exploring th cycling along the river Thames
From GBP25.00
"London Bike Tour - East
"London is a city of stunning contrasts. Her rich past is well preserved while her modern face shows how architecture trade and culture have evolved in their own unique settings. For those trying to discover London on their own or hoping to glimpse her from bus or coach many of her secrets will remain a mystery.The London Bike Tour is a much more exciting way of exploring the city. You will be provided with a bike and guide and escorted on a tour though the cycle routes
From GBP24.00

Taxis Tips (9)

Dont Risk It

London like any other city in the world has it's fair share of unlicensed taxi drivers.these drivers are not real taxi drivers, they will charge you silly amounts. they will probably not even know where they are going. I see too many people being conned and too many silly drunken women taking these cabs as a cheap option home.Come on ladies do the maths.Dont risk being attacked or abused.Im sure you rather pay the extra cost of a real black taxi cab than spoil the rest of your trip or even the rest of your life!!!

Unique Suggestions Take a black taxi pay by the meter, the taxi is licenced, the driver will get you to your destination the fast way (they don't spend nearly 2 years learning 'the knowledge' for no reason).plus they are the best guides in London.

meerkatlondon's Profile Photo
Sep 30, 2010

Harry Potter Taxi Tours

Several operators offer "Taxi Tours" to the different Harry Potter film locations. In my opinion they are outrageously expensive (ca. 190 GBP), because most of the London film locations are easy to reach by tube, so you can easily do them yourselves by a fraction of this price. The locations are easy to google/research on the internet. As those locations are quite distant, I suppose it is impossible to put them into a two hour walking tour. The only Harry Potter walking tour loosely based on the books is the one "London Walks" offers (sadly on sunday evening, where most tourists already leave for the airport).

MichaelFalk1969's Profile Photo
Sep 12, 2007

unmarked cabs

Horrible people in unmarked "cabs" will be haggling you for rides at night. Especially if you've just come from somewhere that serves alcohol. Don't do it! These people are swine who will charge you an exorbitant amount of money if they get you to your destination in the first place. Always make sure you're getting into an "official" London Taxi.

Unique Suggestions Learn how to spot London cabs. Don't say yes to anyone who asks you if you want a ride. A real cab driver won't come to you ... you'll come to them. Don't get so pissed that you forget the above rules ...

Fun Alternatives Nightbuses ! At a mere fraction of the price ... though you better know what you're doing.

rephluxx's Profile Photo
Dec 22, 2004

Potential tourist trap

Black cabs can be very expensive in London. Sometimes it is better just to take the tube or bus (if they're working).
Note they are not all bad, but just beware.

Unique Suggestions Make sure you are not being driven around the corner and charged ý5 for it!

Fun Alternatives Public transport (when it works)

maryamy's Profile Photo
Jul 20, 2003
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Getting Around The City

The black taxis you see all over the city and at the airports are very expensive and not very necessary. The Tube is wonderful in that it takes you pretty much everywhere you want to go and it's cars accomodate luggage.

Unique Suggestions Look into the shared shuttles or express bus at the airport and if your traveling around London, look for the mini taxis.

May 27, 2003

Never accept an approach on a...

Never accept an approach on a train station concourse by a 'taxi-driver'. They are unlicensed sharks who will either take you miles out your way before taking you to your destination or simply take you speedily to your route and, in both cases, ask astronomical sums (an aunt of mine - 75 years old - accepted such a lift, was taken some 5 miles to travel from Victoria Rail Station to Victoria Bus Station - a journey of 500 metres. She was asked for 50 pounds! She never paid as she knew the scam and pointed out that the policeman across the street would be very interested in the situation.....). Get your taxi from the taxi ranks that are always outside the stations.

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Aug 26, 2002

Taxis or Cabs - Use black cabs...

Taxis or Cabs - Use black cabs only, the others are unlicenced, dangerous and a rip off. You might even end up getting robbed by them (if they don't rob you on the fare!). Check out Black Cabs for proper cabs!

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Aug 25, 2002

TRY to avoid black cabs. There...

TRY to avoid black cabs. There a rip off unless you are going a short distance. Try using the bus or tube.

Aug 26, 2002
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"My Current Home"
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"Maybe it's Because I'm A Londoner...."
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"Gor Blimey guv''r having a larf......"
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"Maybe it's because I'm a Londoner ..."
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This is a 'London Taxi'....ok...

This is a 'London Taxi'....ok you caught me, I didn't take this picture in London...but I had to put it *somewhere* :)

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Aug 25, 2002

Things to Do Near London

Things to Do

Lambeth Bridge

If you want to take pictures with Panoramic Views of Big Ben and Parliament and even side views of the famous London Eye, the best views are not from Westminister Bridge but from the Lambeth Bridge...
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London Duck Tours

Duck tours are fun do to while you get to see the most famous landmarks in London such as Trafalgar Square, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace and much more. They operate on land and in the water so...
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County Hall

The rather grand looking County Hall on the south bank of the Thames, used to be the home of the Greater London Council but this is now based in the shiny new City Hall further along the Thames. Now...
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Coca-Cola London Eye

The London Eye was built for the Millenium. Its like a big ferris wheel but the carriages are more like cable cars and hold up to 25 people at a time. It takes about half an hour to make a full...
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Big Ben

Big Ben is the nickname of the thirteen-ton Great Bell of Westminster and was named after the first commissioner of works, Sir Benjamin Hall. The tower officially known as Elizabeth Tower, renamed to...
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Lambeth Palace

On the south bank of the Thames next to Lambeth Bridge this medieval complex of buildings has been home to the Archbishops of Canterbury, the most senior bishop of the Church of England, for over 800...
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