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Manchester City FC Behind-the-Scenes Tour of Etihad Stadium
"Head inside Etihad Stadium with your entrance ticket and start with a 20-minute self-guided walk through a series of interactive displays and exhibits. Designed to give you the background on Manchester City FC the exhibition space documents the city’s so-called ‘dream team’ throughout the decades from the club’s early days in the late 1800s to visions for the future.Meet your guide after browsing the exhibition and set out on your behind-the-scenes tour of the stadium to see the places where famous games have been won lost celebrated and commiserated. Visit the home dressing rooms
From GBP17.00
Manchester Music Walking Tour
"This Manchester music walk covers most of the city’s important bands and venues from the 1960s to the present day.On this unique guided journey through the city you’ll get some insight into Manchester's great musical and industrial heritage from someone involved with the city’s music scene for 30 years.The tour will cover sites across Manchester including:The Free trade HallG-MexBridgewater HallThe BoardwalkKnott MillThe HaciendaIndia HouseFac 251Sackville StreetAfflecks PalaceOldham StreetDry 201""""Explore Manchester’s music scene on a 90-minute cultural city walk. Your insider guide Craig Gill from Manchester band Inspiral Carpets will cover the history of all the Manchester bands and show you the important venues from the 1960s to the present day
From GBP10.00
Manchester Music Walking Tour
"This Manchester music walk covers most of the city’s important bands and venues from the 1960s to the present day.On this unique guided journey through the city you’ll get some insight into Manchester's great musical and industrial heritage from someone involved with the city’s music scene for 30 years.The tour will cover sites across Manchester including:The Free trade HallG-MexBridgewater HallThe BoardwalkKnott MillThe HaciendaIndia HouseFac 251Sackville StreetAfflecks PalaceOldham StreetDry 201""""Explore Manchester’s music scene on a 90-minute cultural city walk. Your insider guide Craig Gill from Manchester band Inspiral Carpets will cover the history of all the Manchester bands and show you the important venues from the 1960s to the present day
From GBP10.00

Chinatown Tips (20)

Little China in Big Manchester

Manchester's Chinatown district is very central near Piccadilly Gardens and a short walk from Albert Square. Walking through the area, the most striking feature is the delightfully ornate Imperial Arch that welcomes you into Britain's second-largest Chinatown.
I enjoyed walking the surrounding streets and taking a look through some of the windows of the restaurants and shops. There is a veritable feast of restaurants in the area with Chinese, Korean, Thai, Malaysian and Japanese options. A must-visit for anyone who loves Far Eastern cuisine!

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Dec 03, 2013

Around Chinatown

Manchester’s Chinatown is a mainstay of the city’s socio-cultural geography; it flies the flag for Manchester, for independence and grassroots enterprise. The area is compact enough to retain a real sense of community and camaraderie but diverse enough to offer a rich and varied experience.

It has grown organically, from one or two pioneering laundrettes and eateries in the early 20th century, to a sprawling assortment of South East Asian cultures and businesses. Chinatown is a neighbourhood for a thriving community; home to some of the city’s top kitchens, and a cornucopia of characters and cultures, of all ages and origins.

We live in exciting times where change is commonplace, where newness and innovation carry the day, but equally it warms me to know that in Chinatown there are some sights, sounds and flavours that will be cherished and defended. The imperial arch that dominates our skyline, has long presided over Chinatown is one of the most beautiful in Europe. The pavilions that sit either side of the arch, resting places for the foot weary and people watchers have in recent years been beleaguered by miscreants and vagrants who litter and graffiti. Chinatown is by in large a peaceful community and as a result many of the difficulties and frustrations of our forefathers were born with patience and stoicism, however, the rise and rise of the East and 2nd generation of sino-British straight talking Mancs has brought about some key changes. ‘Generation Y’ of Chinatown is far more active, better equipped and prepared to make improvements , respond to detractors and speak out about ever tougher parking rules, immigration policy and community concerns.

I am gratified that I am a part of a community that safeguards the traditions, the conviviality and the quirks that make it unique. Chinatown has nourished, added to and served the city for many years, its identity and continuing preservation is vital to the geography of Manchester. Come and visit, try food that you might not ordinarily, ask questions and enjoy our stories, many of the families and businesses that inhabit the area have been around for longer than I have existed and long may they continue.

Yang Sing- dim sum
Fantastic family business with great food

I am Pho- Vietnamese summer rolls
Better than some that I've tried in London & Vietnam

Great Wall- Beijing style dumplings & Spring onion pancakes
Also try the hand pulled noodles

Yuzu- great fresh fish
Husband & wife duo do great food

Wasabi dessert room- Asian desserts
chill here & watch K-pop vids to your hearta content

Bali Healh Lounge- a hidden pampering gem
Come away feeling like you are a new person

ICFT- Taiwanese style drinks & teas
Awesome refreshing and warming drinks

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May 06, 2013


The U.K's second largest Chinatown (After London) and Europe's Third Largest is a fabulous distillation of the Orient.An abundance of Far Eatern restaurants,bakeries and supermarkets makes the area's main square one of Manchester's most distinctive and delightful districts.The focal point is Europe's biggest Chinese Arch,but the lanterns and Chinese characters that bedeck the area also add character-as does the aroma of Oriental cuisine which wafts through the streets from lunchtime till late in the night.There are not Chinese restaurants here but many other oriental nationalities like Malaysian,Thai and Vietnamese restaurants to temp you with their different flavours.The main area is bordered by Charlotte,Princess,Portland and Mosley Streets.

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Nov 28, 2012

The Imperial Arch - China Town

Manchester's China Town is the second largest in the UK and the third largest in Europe, so it is certainly worth a visit. Its highlight is the huge imperial arch which was erected in 1987 as a symbol to the prosperity of the Chinese community. It includes symbols of luck and success, for example dragons and phoenixes. It was a gift to Manchester by the Chinese people.

Around the arch, you find the typical array of Chinese and other Asian restaurants, shops, health centre etc. There were not many people there when I visited, I imagine that usually it must be much more crowded.

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Jun 30, 2012
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The first Chinese restaurants arrived in the city of Manchester shortly after World War Two with the Ping Hong in 1948, In the 1960's several restaurants opened across the city centre. It was in the 1970’s when china town became an area within the city when Chinese restaurants started to open in the old cotton warehouses such as Charlie Chan's, 1973, the Woo Sang, 1976 and the Little Yang Sing, 1978. These restaurants opened around Nicholas street, Faulkner street and George street.
The growth in restaurants in Manchester led to more Chinese businesses moving and opening in the area, such as Chinese medicine shops and supermarkets and legal services. A Chinese Arts Centre opened in 1989, and the celebration of the Chinese New Year complete with fireworks and dancing dragons started around ten years ago in the city.


Manchester’s Chinese Arch, stands proudly over Faulkner Street. The arch is painted in red and gold and adorned with dragons and phoenixes, these are the colours and symbols of luck and prosperity. The arch has been here since 1987 and Chinatown Manchester is less than thirty years old.

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Feb 28, 2012

China Town, Manchester

Manchester's China Town, second largest in Britain behind London, became prominent following mass Chinese immigtation in the 1950s and many decided to migrate in the city centre. China Town today mainly consists of Chinese businesses, pharamcies, restaurants, banks and solicitors. At one point, there was a Hong Kong government office when Hong Kong was a British colony and the Chinese Arts Centre was opened there in 1989.

China Town offers a wide range of Chinese restaurants and its buffet houses and is the heart for number of its cultural events including Chinese New Year that take place in the year.

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Dec 22, 2011


Personaly, I don't like chinatowns.

I don't like how they are maintained, the smells of them..I just don't like them at all...

BUT, some people seem to like them and Manchester has quite a big one too!
(and one of the cleanest I've seen, so..)

So if you want a cheap trip to China in one of the largest Chinatowns in the world..

(Nickie also says there are quite a few good restaurants including the world famous Yang Sing restaurant, so wander about and see if anything takes your fancy!

The website is very compelte if you need more info

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Apr 04, 2011


Manchester is home to the second largest Chinatown in the UK, and the third largest in Europe. Its origins go back to 1948, when Ping Homg, the first Chinese restaurant in Manchester, opened on Mosley Street.

Being neither a Port City such as Liverpool, or a Capital City such as London, the Chinese population of Manchester was only around 2000 prior to WWII. However, after the war there were massive Labour shortages and the government passed the British Nationality act, making entry to the country significantly easier for immigrants. In addition, the rapid Urban Growth of Hong Kong forced many chinese people out of their rural homes, who then decided to emmigrate. During the 1950's and 60's the chinese restaurant industry grew rapidly in Manchester, and by the 1970's other Chinese businesses started to emerge, such as medicine shops, chinese supermarkets and financial and legal services, all primarily to serve the employees of the restaurants. There was also a Hong Kong government office and a branch of the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corperation during the 70's. Today, Manchesters Chinatown has a wide range of not only Chinese, but also Thai, Singaporean, Vietnamese and other Pan-Asian restaurants and businesses.

Manchesters Chinese Arch was the first real Chinese Arch erected in Europe, a gift from the Chinese Government to the people of Manchester in 1987. One of the msot elaboratly decorated Chinese Arches outside China, it stands proudly on the corner of Faulkner Street and Nicholas Street.

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Nov 13, 2010

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A taste of China...

Chinatown is a fantastic area which consists of two/three streets dedicated to all things Chinese. Here you'll find all kinds of Chinese Restaurants, Chinese Herbalists, Supermarkets, Betting shops and even Chinese gift shops. We visited here during the day but I can imagine this area is buzzing with atmosphere after dark.

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Jul 04, 2009


Manchester's Chinatown is located in a square bounded by York Street, Portland Street, Oxford Street and Mosley Street. It not only contains many Chinese Restaurants, but Thai, Malaysian, Singaporean and other Pan-Asian restaurants, shops, bakeries and supermarkets, most of which have their main trading times on Sunday mornings.

Chinatown is dominated by the Imperial Chinese Archway, a gift to the City from the Chinese people, (pictured right), the only one in Europe, and even more decorative than that found in San Francisco

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Feb 18, 2008

A bit of Asia in Manchester

Manchester's China Town isn't really comparable to London's or New York's, but for a small cities it's not bad at all. It's a great place to watch the Chinese New Year celebrations and an even better place to go for chinese food (might be a given!). Also if you are looking for a late night place to drink there are a couple of casinos that seem to be open most hours.

There are several restaurants, but I haven't been to all of them so I don't know which ones are the best :) I tend to go where I see a lot of Chinese people going because that is generally an indication that it's good food. I also go to the (small) supermarket (there is a huge one on the outskirts of city centre boarder) and give sweet chili sauce and if I'm really adventerous I might pick up some vegetables. If you want to buy pig ears or weird smelling sweets, this is a good place to go!
Also Ho's Bakery is very good! It does hot and sour soup for only £1, and it's great. If you don't like the soup they have lots of bakery products, both savory and sweet. Some of the savory buns are delicious and a great alternative to Greggs...

If you've never been in Manchester it's defently worth walking through China Town, see the arch and have lunch or dinner at one of the restaurants. Or come at Chinese New Years and enjoy the festivities.

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May 07, 2006

Largest Chinese Community in Europe

Surprising but true, Manchester is home to the largest Chinese community in the whole of Europe. Chinatown consist of many oriental restaurants, shops selling souvenirs from the Far East, bakeries, Chinese supermarkets, bet shops and even a casino! It is rather busy in the weekends and I do recommend you watching your money where you go. Definitely worth a visit even if you are racist, lol! In serious need of a face-lift though.

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Aug 24, 2005

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