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  • The Boston Belle
    The Boston Belle
    by MikeBird
  • View from the River Witham
    View from the River Witham
    by MikeBird
  • Boston Belle at the Sluice Gate moorings
    Boston Belle at the Sluice Gate moorings
    by MikeBird

Boston Things to Do

  • The Space, The Haven

    Boston town council has recently opened (July 2005) it's latest addition to it's very grand sounding 'cultural quarter'.The Haven is a smallish gallery, that will host travelling exhibitions and local artists work.It is mercifully free of a shop and cafe !Check out the website to see if there is anything of interest to you.The gallery was...

  • Wildlife watching from the Boston Belle

    If you enjoy wildlife and have an interest in looking for birds and seals from the comfort of a large boat then you would probably enjoy a trip on the Boston Belle boat.A local RSPB group had chartered the boat one Saturday morning in early October. Apparently it was the last sailing of the season apart from a Haloween trip. I'd guess the birders...

  • Boston's Fydell House

    This is known as the grandest house in Boston. Built in 1726 for Samuel Jackson, it was purchased by the Fydell family. They were prominent business leaders and produced some of Boston's mayors. In 1938, this old house hosted the US ambassador Joseph Kennedy (you recall, he was the father of Jack Kennedy). The American Room is a reminder of that...

  • Guildhall Museum - sit in the original...

    The Guildhall Museum is undergoing extensive re-furbishment at the moment, and is not due to re-open until 2007 at the earliest.Many visitors will still however be most impressed by the section that won't be re-furbished : the original courtroom and cells that the Pilgrim fathers were tried in and held. These highlights of the museum however can...

  • Central Park in Boston.

    How to confuse an American. Tell them Central Park is in Boston, say you've been there & have pictures to prove it.

  • Boston's Guildhall

    The Guildhall of St Mary's guild is where the leaders of the Pilgrims were tried for attempting to leave the country without the King's permission. It also houses the cells where they were imprisoned. Built around 1450, it was the business center of the town. It now houses a local museum.

  • Boston's Stump

    With a 272-foot tower, this is the largest parish church in England. Its real name is St Botolph's, but locals usually refer to it as the Stump. Boston was one of England's busiest ports during the Middle Ages, so this church was well-endowed. Begun in 1309, the tower was added during the 15th century. Work has continued off and on ever since.

  • Boston Town Centre

    This is the original Boston. During the Middle Ages, it was the busiest port in the east. Here the Pilgrims tried to leave England, only to be caught, tried, and imprisoned. Their leaders were tried and put into the gaol at the historic Guildhall. Boston's church, known as the Stump, is the larget parish church in England.

  • Maud Foster Mill

    This is the tallest working windmill in the UK. Now used to grind flour (which is for sale on the ground floor). An unusual feature is that it has five sails, or sweeps.


Boston Hotels

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  • Premier Inn Boston

    Wainfleet Road, Boston, PE21 9RW, United Kingdom

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

  • White Hart Hotel

    High Street, Boston, PE21 8SH, gb

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

  • Boston West Hotel

    Hubbert's Bridge, Boston, PE20 3QX, United Kingdom

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

Boston Restaurants

  • a good Italian

    It used to be the case, when I first moved to this town, that the only sit-down Italian restaurant was the 'Italian connection'. It's still going, so some people must like it.I personally prefer to miss out on sitting with roomfuls of accountants or lardy shopgirls on their 'works night out' and seek a bit of intimacy in one of the two newer places...

  • I could hardly finish it...

    With my usual watering hole closed, I had to consider partaking of my Sunday lunch elsewhere. The alternative of actually cooking it myself was just not on the agenda.To my surprise this homely little village pub turns out one superb traditional Sunday roast, with a choice of Beef, Lamb and Chicken. The usual pub menu is available too.Served on...

  • 60's psychadelic pizza hut

    One of the vast chain of pizza restarants that circle globe. This one in boston has a real 1960's 'grovvy' feel to it with rounded sofas and 'pods' on the ceiling with soft coloured lights behind.It is sad reflection that in a town such as this, the local pizza hut is one of the better choices, especially with children like me in tow.

  • Great customer service

    I was taken to the 'Sack store' for Lunch in Boston today. The adults sat on the leather sofa and chairs (retailing for up to a thousand pounds or so) and went on about how good the cafe was and how nice the Java blend coffee was (whatever that is!)Every member of staff came over to me and said how lovely I looked, although they all seemed obsessed...

  • Nice windmill, shame about the food

    Visited the the Maud Foster working Windmill on Saturday as part of our walk (well wheel then) around the town.The attached tea room is very nice and my parents claim they make nice tea. Food was however saidto be quite disappointing, with a rather mean cooked breakfast and a Millar's lunch that would only have been appreciated by a mouse with a...

  • Lattes all round

    Taken today to he country gourmet store in Pen Street Boston. My mother and aunt commented on what a nice little store it was with good sandwiches and coffee. A pleasant change to the big chains like Costa Coffee.They thought the price of coffees were very reasonable and they ordered themselves a few lattes.Can't see the problem myself, I just cry...


Boston Nightlife

  • Nightlife in Boston

    After Dark This nightclub is generally for the younger clubbers most of them being underage! its the perfect place for 16 years olds to party the night away if they LOOK old enough... iv been going since i was 15/16 sometimes the bouncers can be strict but not very often!good shots. theyr £2 each and have exotic names such as titty twisters,dogs...

  • Full of little P***Ks

    Cactus jacks had gained quite a following, especially on the weekends.It seems quite a well managed place with the kiddies and complete riff-raff (i.e those who can only aspire to 'chav' status) being kept out.The bar section at the front follows, as the name of the place suggests, a Mexican theme. It is heavily into selling cocktails, but normal...

  • My Dad says I'm a babe-magnet

    My Dad says my arrival is not going to stand in the way of his Thursday night curry. So I get carted along to Wetherspoons for Lamb Rogan Josh and a beer for four quid. (well OK, I stuck to milk)The family eating area is non-smoking, but you have to order your food by 6pm and be out by 7pm. if I accompany them. And they call that...


Boston Transportation

  • sourbugger's Profile Photo

    The Incredible hulk - take the green...

    by sourbugger Written Sep 18, 2003

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The central trains service (I use the word advisedly) at least departs from Boston on about an hourly basis until around 9.30/ 10.00 at night.

    To the North is the run to Skegness whilst to the West most trains go to Grantham (connecting to the East Coast Main line to London / Scotland), Nottingham and beyond.

    Sleaford, about 20 minutes west is very useful as you can change to travel up to Lincoln or down to Peterborough, which is again on the main line.

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Boston Shopping

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  • Boston's shops.

    Boston borough, despite only having 35,400 people, has better shops than one expects in a town of this size; including a department store, Oldrids (just hidden by the bend on the right of the picture). Opposite Oldrids is Woolworths. Behind this picture, in Market Place, is M&S. The Co-op department store is on West Street.Asda apparently have a...

  • Tips on Local food supplies

    1) Some of the finest Sausages ever :The Boston Sausage company is a Butchers in the old "Mountains" building in Boston.Their range is quite limited, but the appeal of the Sausages and pies is growing fast.In county renowned for these products (indeed the words "Lincolnshire Sausage" is known throughout the world) have to be extra special to win...

  • Thanks be to 'George'

    I was brought home on Tuesday 30th 2004 November from the Pilgrim hospital in Boston.The very next day the new ASDA superstore opened in Boston. Despite the useful parent and toddler spaces I found the aisles of the store a little to narrow - my smooth passage and sleep around the store were thus interrupted.I would advise that the 'George'...


Boston Warnings and Dangers

  • Chavs.

    The main problem with Boston is the people. It would be an ok place if it wasnt for the people! Theres alot of obviously uneducated what we in england call 'chavs' roaming about in large packs ready to pounce on their nxt victim... iv probably totally scared you all now! ha its not that bad just as long as u dont look at anyone in the 'wrong way'...

  • Lincolnshire Police Fixed Penalties.

    £30 Fixed Penalty Notices are issued by Lincolnshire's Police Officers, Community Support Officers and Traffic Wardens for "Non Endorsable" offences: e.g. dropping litter, cycling offences, illegal parking and minor moving traffic offences: ...e.g. "Driver not in proper control of vehicle", which covers a multitude of misdemeanours such as drivers...

  • Standards of B & B's

    Do not on any account book any of the Bed & Breakfast establishments in Boston (except for the rather fine establishment on Spilsby road - see other tip) until you have viewed it first.I'm not going to be done for libel, but a certain establishment I looked at recently seemed to have the unique selling feature of smelling like a cross between a...


Boston Off The Beaten Path

  • Portakabin delights....

    I could not really bring myself to write about the Riverside cafe in the restaurant tip secion.It's name would suggest a bucolic location by the side of a winding stream. In fact it is situated on the side of a muddy truckers yard on the Riverside Industrial Estate.'Cafe', too might conjure up images of fine french food served by immaculate waiters...

  • Watch Airplanes Take Off Over Your Head!

    YES, I've actually managed to write a tip title the same example that VT gives.The first Squadron of Eurofighter planes (now called Typhoons) are to be based at RAF Coningsby about 8 miles north of Boston.The Eurofighter was originally commissioned as a dog-fighter to counter the latest Russian MIG. Billions of pounds later, and years behind...

  • Full of Christmas cheer !

    Went out to Leverton tonight, a small village four miles north of Boston on the Skegness road.'Meadow Bank' is a cul-de-sac of about twenty houses just off the main road.In December it will be easy to spot, as nearly every house in the street covers itself in lights and various assorted snowmen, reindeer, Father Christmasses and even (with somewhat...


Boston Sports & Outdoors

  • Boston United FC.

    Boston must be one of the smallest towns in England to have a soccer team in one of the top 4 divisions. Because money talks in football nowadays, Boston are in Coca Cola League Two. If you're an ex-pat, or slightly out of touch, that's equivalent to the 4th Division in old money.Fading Premier League (the old 1st Division) & ex-international stars...

  • Bicycle, bicycle, I want to ride my...

    Boston lies at a convienent position on the national route 1 cycle network.To the south you head out towards Wisbech, whilst to the north the route heads out to Woodhall Spa and then onto Lincoln.The trip to Lincoln especially makes for a pleasant day trip from Boston (approx 4-5 hours), and if you plan it carefully you can return on the train via...

  • A very tough Marathon

    The Seabank Marathon does exactly what it says on the tin - The Marathon course runs alond the seabank over fairly rough ground and stiles etc. At least the terrain is flat. You won't get a good time - reckon on an extra hour. If you like bracing sea breezes look no further!The direction is usually reversed each year between the two town of Boston...


Boston General

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  • Home of a comic film genius

    "Old mother Riley" the Irish washerwoman was a comic creation of Arthur Lucan. Arther was born as Arthur Towle in 1885 in the small village of Sibsey, near Boston.He moved to Boston with his family when he was five. It was Shodfriars Hall (which housed a theatre) within sight of his home, that first saw Arthur first tread the boards. The hall still...

  • Dont come to Boston!

    To be honest Boston is pretty rubbish...culturally its disgraceful. Its a town full of yobs and noone seems to appreciated real fashion and culture. They seem to thing style is a fake adidas tracky and tons of 9carat 'bling'...however boston sometimes has its brighter advise visiting Bostons party in the park which was last weekend....

  • Unusual road names

    I love the unusual road names that crop up - around Boston, such a Slippery Gowt Road (the road out to the council refuse tip), Pipe Office lane and the poetic 'Spain Lane'. There is also "mountains passage' (completely flat) and 'Muster Roll lane'.I also like the combination of road names you can take in as you walk up West street from the station...


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