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Oxford University Walking Tour
"This 2-hour Oxford University walking tour starting in central Oxford at 2pm (departures at 11am and 2pm on weekends) is designed to show you the world behind the doors. Using Oxford University students as your guide the walking tour unearths the drama behind this historic institution with a unique style. Small intimate groups enable the guides to concentrate on more diverse aspects of University life and you to ask more from them. Go inside one of ol as well as the Bodleian Library experience a taste student life. Get an in-depth history of the University colleges including All Souls College
From GBP15.00
Walking and Biking Tour of Oxford
"The Oxford walking and bikingh tour combines the best of both worlds. Being on foot for part of the tour allows you to not only go into pedestrian areas such as the Christ Church meadows but also to go inside the colleges. The tour will visit some of Oxford’s oldest colleges detailing their development throughout history as well as the fun and curious aspects of this route.The tour will additionally enter the Bodleian Library. Established in 1602 it is undoubtedly the academic heart that keeps Oxford running. An organizational marvel soaked in history along with some modern elements. For example
From GBP35.00
"Oxford Stratford and the Cotswold Villages Day Trip from London ""After our central London pickups we make our way to the birthplace of William Shakespeare Stratford- Upon- Avon. Here you are given access to his home (entry included) and are taken back in time to discover how he lived his childhood as well as the early years of his married life with Anne Hathaway. Millions of Shakespeare enthusiasts flock h boutiques to bookshops and plenty more.We then take a scenic drive through the beautiful Cotswolds villages an area in Southern England renowned for its beauty and unspoilt honey stone-built houses historical towns and stately homes and gardens. The coach will stop at certain point so that you can take some wonderful pictures of the scenery and surroundings. Our last stop of the day is to the city of Oxford
From GBP53.00

Christ Church Meadow Tips (5)

Watching the rowers on the Thames

The grounds of Christchurch are vast and very beautiful. They stretch down towards the Thames and end in a nice meadow where you can relax in the shade of old chestnut trees. Sitting there reading a book, watching the ducks, geese and swans being fed by passers-by or simply enjoying life is one of my favourite good-weather weekend activities.

The meadow is also a great place to watch the numerous Oxford rowing teams practicing. All different kinds of rowing boats from single sculls to eight oars with coxswain are training hard to do Oxford's rowing teams credit. I'm not really familiar with all the techniques and boat types, but even for an amateur it is really interesting. The teams start their course down the river at Iffley Lock (see another tip) and move upstream in what seems to me an incredible speed. Shortly before Folly Bridge, their trainers who accompany them by bike on the Thames Path will give them a sign to stop rowing and slow down. On weekend afternoons, they are immediately afterwards urged to free the area behind the finishing line as there are so many practising teams. In case you want to know which college the rowers belong to, check the boat itself: On its front or rear end, there is always a little abbreviation that tells you the college. E.g "SEH" stands for "St. Edmund Hall", "WDH" for Wadham and so on. Alternatively, you can purchase a book or a postcard which shows you the colour of the blades and which college they belong to.

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Jun 14, 2010

Christchurch meadow

We walked through here to get to Christchurch and Follys Bridge, we were by the Botanical Gardens. The walk turned out to be really pleasent walking past some well maintained grounds and down a path leading to the river. We met an elderly woman who said she used to be a professor there and she was drawing the trees on a massive piece of paper which gets reduced down & she turns them into poetry books and cards. She was a very interesting person to chat to & her love for the enviroment was evident so we bought a card from her.

Do note the closing time is 9pm as I think a vt'er whose pages I read said she got stuck in the gardens although I am not sure it was this particular one.

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Aug 04, 2008

A walk around Christ Church Meadow

One of the nicest walks in Oxford is the roughly 2km long path around Christ Church Meadow. Old trees line the path, students sit on benches or leaning onto the roots of a huge chestnut or beech tree reading academic books, tourists daring enough try to manoeuvre their punt on River Cherwell, and around every second bend you discover another stunning view on Christ Church. It is a must to bring your camera here - you would so much regret being there without it!
The meadow has been unchanged for several centuries - no farming, no mowing, no manuring, only some cows who tranquilly chew the grass. Whether these are the same cows that the college statutes of Christ Church allow its students to own in order to be able to have fresh milk for breakfast, I don't know. Nonetheless, they make a nice view.

With all this beauty in the middle of a city like Oxford, isn't it incredible that there actually were plans to build a four-lane main road across the meadow??? The city council concocted this stupidity in the 1990s to relieve the traffic on High Street, but fortunately the plan was never realized.

See my Christ Church Meadow travelogue for more photos! And keep in mind the gates closing times when you visit the meadow: In winter, the main gates will be closed as early as 4pm. You can still get out, though, by walking up the parking lot. Its gates normally close at 9pm.

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Apr 10, 2013

Take a picnic, and enjoy the scenery...

Whether you take a picnic, just have a stroll, or just relax and take in all the surroundings, Christchurch Meadow is a place that you can do all of those things. It's a nice little patch of greenery that makes Christchurch special.

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Apr 19, 2006
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Christ Church Meadow

A beautiful park behind Christ Church College. It's a nice place for a picnic at the river. You can watch the people punting - some look like they know what they are doing and some don't!

Apr 27, 2003
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Christ Church College

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Tom Tower

Tom Tower is a bell tower named for its bell, Great Tom. It is over the entrance to Christ Church Oxford in St Aldates leads to Tom Quad .The octagonal lantern tower was designed by Christopher...
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Carfax Tower

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Magdalen College

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Radcliffe Camera

Radcliffe Camera a lovely round building in Oxford. Designed by Jame Gibb in neo-classical style it was built between 1737 -and 1749. for the Radcliffe Science Library. The name Camera is Room in...
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Balliol College

Balliol College is one of the oldest colleges in Oxford. 1263 is given as official founding year, its founding fathers were John de Balliol and the Bishop of Durham. Famous alumni include Adam Smith,...
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