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The York Pass
"Choose from a 1- 2- or 3-day sightseeing pass to suit your schedule and enjoy the flexibility to visit the York attractions that you want at a time that suits you best. Passes are valid for your choice of consecutive calendar days from the time of first use. After redeeming your voucher for your York Pass you’ll also receive a color guidebook with detailed information about the historical city and its famous attractions. Use the guidebook to plan your independent sightseeing with ease.The York pass includes entry to 30 top attractions around the c and discover Gothic architecture at its finest on a visit to York Minster — one of the largest cathedrals in Europe. Entrance to family-friendly attractions such as York Dungeon and York’s CHOCOLATE Story are included in the pass alongside lesser-known treasures like Clifford’s Tower.Free Entry to Select York Attractions:Barley Hall Beningbrough Hall Byland Abbey Captain Cook Memorial Museum in Whitby Castle Howard
From GBP38.00
Historical Walking Tour of Newcastle
"The tour begins at Earl Grey's Monument in Newcastle city centre and proceeds down Grey street to discuss the heritage of the Grainger Town. From there you stop on  Dean Street to look at the influence of Milburn House.Your next destina down onto Dean Street and up Dog Leap Stairs you focus on the 1960's and changes in physical geography. This leads to the Castle Keep - the location that gave Newcastle its name. From the Castle the you go up St. Nicholas's Street then to the Groat and the Bigg Market - both infamous and vital to the city. From here you continue onto Newgate Street. You pass The Gate go onto Low Friars Lane and then Dispensary Lane to Blackfriars - a medieval monastery.From Blackfriars you go to the Town Walls on Stowel Street looking at various battles in Newcastle's history. Following this onto Westgate Road and along to th"""The Historical Walking tour of Newcastle takes you through Newcastle's past from its roots in the Celtic age to the modern day. The tour shows you what has made Newcastle a world changing location! From the centre of town at Earl Grey's Monument this tour takes you on a journey in Newcastle's Past where Romes Soldiers
From GBP20.00
Gory Walking Tour of Newcastle
"The tour begins at Earl Grey's Monument in Newcastle city centre and you will first head down Grey Street where you will look at medicine at the past. On  Dean street you will stop at the site of the old Turf Hotel.Your next stop will be the home of many notorious  and sympathetic characters. You will join Dog Bank after going along one of the old Chares looking at the life for the citizens of Newcastle in the past.The Tour then rejoins Dean street and goes along the Si"""The Gory walking tour of Newcastle takes you though the darker elements of Newcastle. From Necromancers Criminals Doctors and Surgeons of low moral quality and Resurrectionists the Gory tour will expose you to the life of many people in the past! This tour will help you understand how people survived in harsh conditions in any way they could the effect of small decisions have on many and how our attitudes to law and order have changed. This tour is not a ghost tour and will not involve paranormal activities during the course of the tour."
From GBP20.00

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