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Dodgy Areas Tips (34)

Rough areas in Birmingham

I came to live in Birmingham from Darlington in the north east of England. I have also lived in Manchester. I now live in Witton which is an area of Aston in Birmingham. Everyone says Aston area is rough but I have not encountered any problems. I have been mugged in Darlington and in Manchester but never in Birmingham.

All the brummies seem to be very nervous and their defination of rough seems to be given much more readily than what other people call rough. If you read some reviews on Birmingham you will see that half the suberbs in Birmingham are mentioned as rough areas. Most people can think the place is rough if they have been called a name once or had one bad experience of the place. Let's face it there are only a few cases of gun crime a year and Birmingham has well over a million inhabitants.

Because of the cultural diversity many people have disagreements with others. Birmingham also has a drugs problem. If you keep out of it all they leave you alone. If you smile at people they smile back. People often mention the ethic areas are being the rough areas but in actual fact I decided not to listen to the Brummies and mix with the different cultures and found them to be more friendly than the native white brummies (on the whole). If you move to Birmingham and area afriad the area might be rough just follow the sensible actions: be careful that you do not carry too much money in your pocket, avoid lonely and quiet places on a night time, be polite to people and make a point of smiling. Do not give people dirty looks or look down on people for being black or muslim!

Ok if there are some areas to avoid then I might have to say Nechells, Newtown, Soho Road Area and Lozells Road Area. I only know the north of Birmingham so I cannot comment much on the south. However if you ask people which areas of Birmingham are ok they will normally tell you the posh areas like Edgebaston and Harbourne. You cannot just avoid most areas of the city. Birmingham is very interesting city with many cultures and many different areas. There are cheaper areas which are ok too. Just be sensible and look at the houses and see if they are well maintained and then you will probably have nice neighbours.

Jul 12, 2010

bad brum

i have lived in brum all my life and i grew up in an area called perry bar and about 5 years ago moved to shard end: i would say that Birmingham is is a ruff place to live, places like Aston, handsworth, lozzells, highgate, ward end, washwood heath, great bar, bromford, newtown, ladywood, boardsly green, bearwood and many other places across Birmingham are full of gun crime, knife crime, drugs, prostitutes, crack heads and *** like that. another reason why its so bad because of how multicultural the city is i would say that 60% of the city is black or Asian. so if you could try and avoid those particular areas.

Jun 02, 2010

Dodgy Areas: Birmingham

There are many areas in Brum that you should avoid if you are not familiar, in other words don't go wandering around these areas and looking out of place (especially at night) if you are an outsider.... off the top these would be: Lozells, Newtown, Hockley, Aston, Nechells, Handsworth, Alum Rock, Small Heath, Ladywood, Washwood Heath, Saltley, Winson Green, Perry Barr, Bordsely Green, Highgate, Lee Bank, Five Ways, most of Smethwick, most of Quinton, most of Bromfrod, Balsall Heath, some of Erdington, some Stechford, some of Edgbaston and Moseley , Sparkhill/Sparkbrook

Sep 13, 2009

rough areas

if i were u i wudnt step foot in lozells, aston, handsworth, newtown, balsall heath, alum rock, nechells, ward end, washwood heath, small heath, mosely, ladywood, winson green, bordsely green, acocks green.

places lyk castle vale , chelmsley wood, great barr and kingstanding r stil dodgy places but not as bad be careful

Jun 06, 2009
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Five Ways

Birmingham has the lowest combined crime rate of the 8 major cities in England. This surprises many people, but this is because burglary, robbery and car crime have been much reduced. One of the reasons is the booming economy but the big reason for the reduction in the city
centre is CCTV. The pedestrian areas of New Street and Corporation Street are monitored and well patrolled.

Gun crime is sadly on the increase, but this tends to occur in areas where gangland activity is rife - Nechells, Lozells, Aston, Handsworth into West Brom. These are not usually places that tourists or day shoppers venture into. These aren't no go areas by any means, and the majority of the victims knew who shot them and shootings happened close to where they lived. Again, sadly, local teenagers seem most at risk. All this said, you are much more likely to be killed by a car mounting the curb, as Birmingham, due to large highways going through the centre, has a higher death toll from road accidents than slow driving London, for example.

The mugging hotspot, at least in the centre, is around the end of Five Ways. This is because it is on a drunken route home to the university halls of residence from Broad Street and many students from comparatively affluent backgrounds aren't 'streetwise'. 18 year olds staggering back to their rooms on their own at 4 in the morning is a common sight. There are less cameras here too. Don't use a cashpoint around midnight; a favourite trick is to make you get a standard 250 a day limit out just before 12 and then just after.

Sep 03, 2007

Areas to avoid!!

Lozells, Handsworth and Aston are the places to avoid if u can. Shootings and stabbings a weekly event here. Majority of the people are sound, normal people, but until the problems are under control, try to avoid!!

May 01, 2007

No Go Areas

Stay away from areas like Handsworth and Aston at night as it can be quite rough and dangerous. We broke down one night after football and there were gangs standing on street corners and the sound of glass and bottles breaking everywhere, it was quite scarey.

DUNK67's Profile Photo
Jun 12, 2004

Be careful but don't miss out!

Ok, everyone's mentioned Handsworth, Aston, Newtown as areas to avoid....even in daylight. Well, I've spent alot of time wandering around these areas during the day and I wanted to expand a little....
Yes, they're 'dodgy' in places, fairly litter-ridden and crime is high. In particular, Aston recently saw the terrible shooting of two young girls and Newtown has pretty much nothing going for it (sorry guys!). However, Soho Road in Handsworth is a wonderful cultural experience these days, reflecting the changing ethnic make-up of the area, and Handsworth in general has some lovely architecture. But you do have to be careful...don't flash jewellery, money or cameras. There are some wonderful interesting people in Handsworth but unfortunately you need to be vigilant.....and night wandering is NOT recommended.

laurey81's Profile Photo
Mar 15, 2003

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Dodgy Areas...

I can't pretend that Birmingham doesn't have places which are off limits to people. As a local, there are places I wouldn't go wandering around in the dark. These include, Highgate, Balsall Heath and Handsworth.

That is not to say that these places are totally unsafe, on the contrary, there are areas of them that are fine, it's just that if you don't know what is and isn't safe, then you shouldn't really be going there. My advice, call a taxi, because the money you may save from walking through one of these areas, you may lose by being mugged!

J_P_B's Profile Photo
Nov 26, 2002

Handsworth Park!

Do not walk in or near Handsworth Park at night, this is where most gangs hangout, and it is not pleasent at all.

TracyG's Profile Photo
Jul 06, 2003

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