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  • Prehistoric landscape
    Prehistoric landscape
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  • Caution: man raising umbrella
    Caution: man raising umbrella
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  • Silbury Hill - largest man-made mound in Europe
    Silbury Hill - largest man-made mound in...
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Most Viewed Things to Do in Avebury

  • 1. Avebury Stone Circle

    The reason for visiting the tiny village of Avebury is to see the stones. My daughter and grandson really like this place better than Stonehenge because you can get up close and personal with the...

  • 2. Inhale Avebury!

    If you like the outdoors, rolling hills and natural beauty there are few places better than Avebury. Arguably more impressive (and interactive) than Stonehenge,...

  • 3. Avebury Manor

    The manor dates back to the sixteenth century, but has changed over the years. The National Trust, which owns the manor, recently undertook a major project...

  • 4. walk around the stones

    The Stone Circle at Avebury dates to about 2800 BC. It consists of a Great Outer circle which is 335m in diameter, a Northern Inner Circle 98m in diameter, a...

  • 5. Admire buildings in the village

    Although the village was built in the Middle Ages and some of the stones from the neolithic circle were used to build some of the buildings, it is worth seeing...

  • 6. Go to Silbury Hill

    This large man-made hill was constructed about 2500-2800 BC It is a mysterious Neolithic monument, the largest prehistoric monument in Europe. It is 40m high...

  • 7. Europe's Largest Prehistoric Artificial Mound

    The next thing that caught our attention, as we drove a few miles directly south of Avebury on the A4 highway, was the huge mound of Silbury Hill suddenly...

  • 8. Avebury circles

    The circles themselves are what most people come for and they are split up in four sections with the main road and the village in between the sectors so that...

  • 9. West Kennet Long Barrow

    We never made it here but it would be stupid of me not to mention this famous monument amongst the Avebury sites. It is a long barrow found between Avebury...

  • 10. Alexander Keiller Museum

    With the same entrance ticket as the above barn, this is a small but much more interesting museum about Avebury. Here you will find skeletons, pottery and other...

  • 11. Avebury Church

    People are so struck by the stones that they often forget to look at the rest of the village. That is a shame as for instance the church is very pretty. What...

  • 12. Silbury Hill

    Absolutely amazing in size, you're not surprised when told that it is the largest man made mound in Europe. No one knows exactly what it was used for and...

  • 13. Barn Gallery

    The Barn Gallery is indeed a gallery about Avebury, with various exhibitions on the stone circle, who might have lived here and what has been found. It is...

  • 14. West Kennet Avenue

    The West Kennet Avenue has its name from the fact that it is an avenue of stones in a long, long line from Avebury and down towards the West Kennet Longbarrow...

  • 15. Cherhill White Horse

    Also in the middle of nowhere, near Avebury, you will find the Cherhill White Horse. It is the work of Dr Christopher Alsop of Calne who cut it in 1790. The...

  • 16. The stone circles and the "avenue"

    Avebury's stone circles are far larger than Stonehenge. There is a large stone circle of around 100 stones which were put along an artificial ditch of natural...

  • 17. Avebury Church, Manor & Gardens

    Though a small church, Avebury Church dominates the scenery and makes a perfect picture when taken afar from where the stones are. My guess is that it's a...

  • 18. The Stone Circle

    The stones are over 5000 years old. There has been much speculation about the purpose of the stones. It was probably used as a religious and ceremonial centre....

  • 19. Silbury Hill

    Situated nearby is Silbury Hill, Europe's largest man-made mound. It is prehistoric in origin and no one knows why it was made. It looks like a burial mound but...

  • 20. The Village Within the Circle

    The number of houses within the roughly 1400-ft (428-m) wide circle of stones is not very large and they are clustered along the sides of the east-west streets...

  • 21. Neolithic Stone Circle

    Having entered the tiny village of Avebury by passing through its encircling ring of standing stones near the clump of trees in the photo, our first order of...

  • 22. West Kennett Longbarrow

    There are approximately 200 longbarrows in Great Britain. They were generally built as communal graves. West Kennet Longbarrow is situated 1 1/2 miles from...

  • 23. Stones of West Kennet Avenue

    Having finished with Silbury Hill, I realized that I had overshot a small, unmarked road that angled up into Avebury itself. Doubling back a short distance we...

  • 24. Overton Hill Barrows

    The first of the attractions around Avebury that caught our eye were the Overton Hill Barrows, several of which are located at the top of a hill beside the A4...

  • 25. Visit the pub.......................

    ....................because it's got a real fire, and decent beer. Serves food, and has lots of interesting Avebury-linked photos/ drawings etc on the walls....

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