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The Royal Yacht Britannia
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Royal Edinburgh Ticket Including Hop-On Hop-Off Tours and Edinburgh Castle Admission
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The Royal Yacht Britannia
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Royal Yacht Britannia - Leith Tips (21)

A Royal ship now docked in Leith

It was not the first visit to Ocean terminal, however it was the fist visit to the Royal Yacht Britannia. The interesting thing that the visit does is to confirm the class divide as a tour of the cramped staff rooms are compared to the Royal apartments.

The ticket includes an audio guide available in a number of languages.

There is a shop and restaurant.

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May 13, 2014

El Yate Real - Britannia - The Royal Yatch

The Yacht Britannia has been used by the Royal Family for important ceremonial visits, for diplomatic missions and for the Royal Holidays
The boat is out of service since 1997 and is docked at Ocean Terminal, from which you can access for visiting the engine room , all rooms including the Queen¨s bedroom, many of their memories and at the end you can take a snack or tea at The Royal Deck Tea Room, where you may see great views of the Harbour

El Yate Britannia ha sido utilizado por la Familia Real para recibir las visitas protocolarias importantes, para misiones diplomáticas y para pasar las vacaciones reales
El barco está desde 1997 fuera de servicio y está atracado en la Ocean Terminal desde donde se puede acceder para visitar la sala de máquinas, todas sus habitaciones incluida la habitación de la Reina, a muchos de sus recuerdos y al final te puedes tomar un tente en pie o un té en The Royal Deck Tea Room desde donde se pueden ver grandes vistas de la bahía

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Nov 13, 2013

Royal Yacht Britannia

My interest in things royal continues. Strange because I am a republican! Anyway, really enjoyed my tour of the royal yacht. Very interesting to see the luxurious surroundings in which the royals travelled and to compare it with the somewhat more spartan quarters of the crew.

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Feb 07, 2010

Royal Yacht Britannia

The ship was the Queen's private yacht until "retired" a few years back. Its a floating palace.

I was sceptical about going (being a fervent republican etc) but I enjoyed it and its well worth seeing (but expensive - £10 per head). I suppose it will be high maintenance.

It takes 2 hours max to get round.

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May 04, 2008
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Britannia Way, Ocean Drive, Leith, Midlothian, Scotland EH6 6JJ, United Kingdom
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41/4 Constitution Street, EH6 7BG
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Royal Yacht Britannia

This was once used by the Queen and the Royal Family for holidays and official occasions and is now open to the public. From ashore it doesn't look that fantastic or big, but once aboard is very interesting. Visitors have access to virtually all areas, from HM's surprisingly spartan bedroom to the lavish dining room to the cramped quarters where the 200-man crew lived and worked. It's worth noting that access for the disabled is very good.

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Aug 04, 2007

The Royal boat Britania

This ship is were the Royal family spent lots of there summer holidays. I didnt go inside but apparently if you are into the Royals then you would find this really interesting. It is recommended that you allow about 2 hours for your visit so to see everything.

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Feb 24, 2007

Royal Britannia

In Leith is a new shopping mall located, Ocean terminal, next to it the Brittania is docker after it was discarded by the Queen.
I made a tour on the ship. You get some sort of phone (in most languages) and this gives you the information.

All in all it didnt give me the impression this was a royal yacht. It was very outdated and in my opinion not at all luxurious. It was big for sure so there was plenty of space.
I think this is more for the Brittish who are way more connected with the Royal family and have more knowledge of this boat.

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Sep 23, 2006

The Royal Yacht Britannia

Tread the decks Princess Diana trod, see pictures of Royalty, see the Queen's Bedroom... You go to Ocean Terminal and go to the top floor, pay your money and pick up an audio baton in the language of your choice. You then press the appropriate buttons when you reach the numbered plaques around the ship.

I felt very proud to be British when I visited the Yacht.... it was a symbol of our country abroad. I liked all the history and the stories about the boat. The funny thing is that it is not as luxurious as I would have expected it to be, very low key and austere for a Royal Yacht. The old fashioned communcation system was like something from WW2, but of course the boat was built just after that. Technology was not like it is today.

If you are feeling like doing something a bit special, you can hold corporate events on the ship. The Kitchens are still working kitchens!

You can get 10% off the ticket by printing the discount voucher on the website.

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Sep 13, 2006

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Touring Britannia: Peeking into the Queen's life.

One day we took the bus to the Britannia. The bus dropped you off right near to the dock. I can't remember how much it costs any more but it was worth it. Of course, we were there off season, so it may be crowded during the popular times, but we literally had the ship to ourselves.

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Jun 17, 2006

HMY Britannia

Britannia was used by the Royal Family for state visits, holidays and honeymoons. Built in the 1950s on the river Clyde in Glasgow, she was decommissioned in the late 1990s and docked in Leith (a controversial and decidedly unpopular decision with Edinburgh's Glasgewian rivals) for visits by the public. Entry to the yacht/ship is via a large shopping mall, and the audio tour is quite informative. The (inevitable) souvenir shop is full of royal memorabilia.

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Jun 14, 2006

Welcome a board

Situated at the ocean terminal take bus 22 there and costs just 1 pound to get there.

Located on the second floor of the shopping mall the tour can take up to a 1 and hour and shows all the areas of the ship from crew quarters through the queen’s bedroom. You are free to take as many photographs as you like and there is audio tour system in operation that has various languages.

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Apr 27, 2006

Royal Yacht Britannia

Ths ship was launched at John Brown's Shipyard in Clydebank in 1953. She served the Royal Family for 44 years, on 968 voyages all over the world. Decommissioned in 1997, she is now on public display. If you want to know about Britain's royals, this is a must-see.

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Mar 21, 2006

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Getting to Royal Yacht Britannia - Leith


Ocean Terminal, Ocean Drive, Edinburgh EH6 6JJ


  • Sunday 09:30 to 16:30
  • Monday 09:30 to 16:30
  • Tuesday 09:30 to 16:30
  • Wednesday 09:30 to 16:30
  • Thursday 09:30 to 16:30
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