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"1-Day Small Group Tour: Yerevan
Areni Wine Factory"One-Day tour to see Yerevan-Khor Virap-Noravank-Areni Wine factory-Yerevan"Be picked up from your hotel and visit monastery of Khor-Virap which is very famous place in Armenia. Here in Khor-Virap monastery was imprisoned Grigory illuminator who was spreading Christianity in Armenia and because of whom Armenia became first count visit another region of Armenia that is very famous for its wine producing traditions and according to recent discoveries exactly in this region in a little cave were found the oldest wine pots in the world. It is already fact that Armenia is the first c have lunch in a unique natural cave restaurant in awesome Noravank gorge. After lunch visit Noravank monastery which is one of the masterpieces of medieval Armenian architecture. After this long but beautiful trip return to Yerevan."""
From EUR38.00
Day Trip to Tatev Monastery
"The tour starts at 7am early in the morning. You will have breakfast on the road. The first stop is Khor Virap which is the closest place to mount Ararat. You will then continue to Areni wine factory where you can enjoy wine tasting. After tasting why not buy some of the local produce.You will then move on to Halidzor village where you will one of the biggest monasteries in Armenia. You will then return to Halidzor village by cable car. Continue the tour to Noravank monastery the only only place where you can see God Fathers face carved. Enjoy the lunch with fantastic view of the red cliffs before returning to Yerevan.""""The tour starts in Yerevan Armenia
From $120.00
4-Hour Tour: Garni Temple and Geghard Monastery
"You will be picked up from your hotel in Yerevan and driven to the Pagan Temple of Garni. The temple is the only non-Christian temple currently standing in Armenia. Gracing the hillside the pagan temple was dedicated to the God of Sun Mithra. It was built in 77A.D. by the Armenian King Trdat I. The architectural complex of Garni was Armenia's foremost center of Hellenistic culture and the summer residence of Armenian kings.You will continue driving for 9km's from Garni where you will reach the Monastery of Geghard that is included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Geghard is an incredible ancient Armenian monastery partly carved out of a mountain. Though the monastery has been around since before the 4th century the main cathedral was built in 1215. It is said that the holy lance that pierced the body of Christ was kept there. The architectural forms and the decoration of Geghard's rock premises show that Armenian builders could not only create superb works of a but also hew them in solid rock. You will then be returned to your hotel in Yerevan."""
From $160.00

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To Sevan from Dilijan

Nune from the guesthouse was going to Yerevan the same morning as I was going to Sevan. We decided to take the 10 o’clock minibus together. As we arrived at the bus stop (near the roundabout) it...
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to visit the monasteries...

To visit the monasteries of Goshavank and Haghardzin you will need to hire a taxi. The guesthouse where you are staying will likely help you to find one - or else go to the main roundabout and you'll...
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To Haghartsin and Goshavank

I took a taxi from the guesthouse in Dilijan (Nune at the guesthouse called one for me) to Haghartsin and Goshavank. The whole trip took a bit more than three hours and then I went home to the taxi...
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From Vanadzor to Dilijan

I was told the minibus to Dilijan, from Vanadzor, left at 9.00. When I had breakfast I was told it left at 8.30 and hurried up, didn't want to be without ticket. 8.15 I arrived at the bus station and...
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Things to Do

Haghpat Monastery

In spite of suffering destructions by earquakes and armed forces, much of the complex is still intact and stands today without substantial alterations. It is believed its foundation took place in 976....
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Things to Do

Sanahin Monastery

This complex, UNESCO World Heritage site, was founded in the 10th century. it belongs to the Armenian Apostolic Church with numerous khachkars (stones with elaborate engravings representing a cross)...
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