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Full Day Private Tour: Treasures of Bahrain
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Trader Vic's: Fun Restaurant/Lounge

Trader Vic's, from the American chain, is one of the more popular and fun hangouts in Bahrain. It is both a restaurant and a bar/lounge with live music, located in the Ritz-Carlton complex by the swimming pool and beach area. The menu offers mostly seafood in Pacific islands cuisine. I went there for a drink late one night and found it to be quite entertaining. Whether you are staying at the Ritz Carlton or not, try to go there for a drink to see a good mix of locals, expats and tourists.

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Apr 04, 2011


This is an ALERT to Parents of minors!!! Most clubs in Bahrain allow minors to enter , as well to drink alcohol, mingle and dance with adults. I have been to most of them to check how did my 16 year old manage to get in . My husband and I found out that sometimes places like LATIN QUARTERS, don't have anyone at the door and other clubs did not ask for ID. Girls don't pay entrance so I walked in but my husband was left behind and soon surrounded by prostitutes. I don't think this is the places we PARENTS want our kids to hang out. So PARENTS check it out where your kids are going. Juffair"s clubs are in general AWFUL in every aspect. I did not see any police or enforcement to control the entrance of minors so PARENTS WATCH OUT we are alone in this one. We have to protect our kids because no one else is in Bahrain. What a shame!!!

Sep 17, 2011

Night clubs: Arabic entertainment

You can choose to go at a regular place like BJ's, Diggers or Warblers. Wich most people would recommend. But i say, why not do something, you can't do at home. So try out one of the night clubs (arabic, indian or russian) up to you.

Arabic is obviously better since you get a taste of the arabic culture unlike the russian where they pretty much just rip you off.

They're placed around the hotels, one i liked particular is the one at Elite Hotel in Juffair. Really cool atmosphere, big band etc. etc.

Dress Code Ofcourse no shorts allowed

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Aug 22, 2007

Lots of sights to see, if you...

Lots of sights to see, if you enjoy the good nightlife Bahrain has a selection and there are so many foreigners here that come midnight at a club you probably won't remember you're in the Middle East unless the DJ plays a random arabic dance song.

Clubs to go to in Bahrain include:

Area 51: Mostly a young/underage teen crowd though. It may not be very popular at the moment although when I last visited Bahrain it was pretty busy.

Barnaby Joe's: I love this place, it's in a quiet little area in Adliya but has a great crowd and music. The age range is pretty big, from 18 or 19 upwards to late 30s. This is a good place to meet people, dance and have a really good time. Monday is ladies' night, and they often have shows or singers performing here too. This club has consistently remained the most popular club in Bahrain since it opened 3 years ago.

J.J Murphy's: A nice pub/bar next door to Barnaby Joe's (BJ's). This is a beautiful place, a lot of care's been taken in maintaining the bar. In addition the menu here's a treat so meals here are a nice idea.

Inferno: Oh dear, I'm not a fan of this place. It used to be a teeny-bopper hangout but has since declined and I believe it's now frequented by poorer working expats.. It looks nice inside though, so maybe just walk in, walk out?

Key Club: I haven't been here, but have heard reports that this is actually a tiny room where old, old men attempt to hit on some clueless young girls.. Stay away!

Savage Garden: For some salsa dancing and a relaxing time this is definitely the place to go. Few 18 or 19 year olds here, the youngest here are generally in their mid-twenties and many people go early for meals. The atmosphere can get pretty lively here though and it's definitely worth a try.

The Warbler: This used to be a big American hangout, along with Hunter's Lodge which is downtown too, I don't know if it's still as popular but if you like pool, or if on game nights you and a bunch of mates need to watch a good game of footie and relax with some beers then I recommend this place.

Henry's: This is a very, very old bar with a nightclub upstairs that used to be popular 3 years ago. The bar's still great though but only go with friends, as it's difficult to meet people there.
Savage Garden, Henry's and Barnaby Joe's are arguably more upscale. Hunter's Lodge and Warbler are big American hangouts (marines and army fellas from the bases nearby). Therefore these are usually great pick up places but if you're not into that, prepare for some hassle (this is for the ladies, men don't really get 'hassled' in the clubs in Bahrain, although I did my best when I was living there)

Dress Code Savage Garden and Barnaby Joes are more dressy, it's rare to see people in jeans or sneakers here (I'm pretty sure there's an official dress code too). Most other places have no dress code and you can go in jeans, shorts whatever although most women tend to dress up a bit when they go out in Bahrain.

Aug 26, 2002
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The Warblers bar in Baisan...

The Warblers bar in Baisan Hotel is great for meeting US &European expats, watching footie on big screens & having great 'Western' food!
JJ Murphy's is a very friendly Irish bar in Adliya with again excellent food, social, entertainment & a good crowd.

Dress Code No shorts, but usually casual eg jeans & chino type.

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Aug 24, 2002
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"Al Bahrain - the 2 oceans"
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"Bahrain, the two waters"
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"Bahrain.. An Easy Get Away From Saudi Arabia"
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"Middle East's little Island of Paradise"
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"Bahrain - The Two Seas"
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