T'bilisi Local Customs

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Most Viewed Local Customs in T'bilisi

  • 1. Local cats

    Although Tbilisi is a city with well over 1 million inhabitans, I was quite surprised to see many cats, not only in the old town, but also in busier parts of the city. Among the cats I took photos...

  • 2. Public Holidays

    On my first trip to Georgia in 2014 I was lucky enough to have been in Tbilisi during Georgia's Independence Day on the 26th of May. The day is a public holiday commemorating the independence of...

  • 3. Local cars

    When wandering around the streets of Tbilisi many old Soviet cars can be seen, both still driving on the streets or abandoned parked on private ground. Among the most famous cars from the Soviet era...

  • 4. Local currency

    Like many other former Soviet Republics, also Georgia is a country of cash, which means that credit cards are not as widely accepted as in Western Europe. The local currency of Georgia is the...

  • 5. Imereti Khachapuri

    Imereti Khachapuri- simple bread with fatty cheese baked cheese inside.Khachapuri is a filled bread stuffed with melting cheese. It is justifiably considered to...

  • 6. Kharcho

    Kharcho - A meat stewThis soup is actually of Georgian origin, which is bordered by the Black Sea to the west, Russia to the north, Turkey and Armenia to the...

  • 7. Bardijani

    Bardijani - Grilled Eggplant with yoghourt mixed with garlic is the best combination.The one-two punch of garlic and salt melts into the subtle creaminess of...

  • 8. Churchkhela - the "Georgian Snickers"

    A popular sweet snack in Georgia is Churchkhela.Nicknamed the "Georgian Snickers", Churchkhela is a string of nuts covered in a thickened sweet grape juice with...

  • 9. Salty mineral water

    I had read in our guidebook that Borjomi is considered the most popular non-alcoholic beverage in Georgia, and that it is something of an acquired taste.I must...

  • 10. Georgian "lemonade"

    During our visit to Tbilisi in February 2013, we soon learnt that the term "lemonade" on a Georgian restaurant menu doesn't have the same meaning as it does in...

  • 11. Religious life

    During Soviet rule religious life was not encouraged in Georgia, writing this is an euphemism. Way more than where I live, religion is still deeply integrated...

  • 12. Streets, balconies. . .

    The streets of Tbilisi are well known for the balconies which give them a real special character; you can see balconies almost everywhere (and certainly have...

  • 13. Allo! Iossif Vissarionovitch? . . . .

    During the Cold War there was a direct telephone link between Washington and Moscow, at least that is what we learned from the press and history books; the...

  • 14. Faces of Tbilissi

    I must confess that I like to walk in places where I am sure I will have some nice unexpected (but I secretly expect, of course) encounter, meet locals far from...

  • 15. Trictrac and parks

    Life is cool in Tbilisi and in the shade of the trees during the summer days people like to have a rest, relax a bit, playing trictrac, a variety of backgammon...

  • 16. Drinking

    Wine is the most popular alcoholic beverage followed by "vodka". Another Georgian specialty which is nonalcoholic are fresh juices where are sold at stands and...

  • 17. Verandah

    Oriental influences came during the periods when Tbilisi was under Turkish , Mongol and Persian rule. The most notable influence is the the "verandah". Almost...

  • 18. Acharan Khachapuri

    Acharan Khachapuri - Oven baked cheese pie where raw eggs are added after beeing pulled out of the oven. They are cooked on a simmering bed of cheese You have...

  • 19. How Georgia became Western

    The new trends of the current power of the day in this rather cute Caucasian republic are to move West as fast as possible. The reality shows that such hurry...

  • 20. Blending in - not exactly

    Blending in with the locals is always good idea and the opportunity in Tbilisi is the new pedestrian bridge. The masses have come here with their digital...

  • 21. Double standards by Mother Georgia

    Mother Georgia is a huge metal statue standing majestically over Tbilisi old quarters offering protection and hope to the subjects below. A plain level approach...

  • 22. Taste of Georgia..wines

    Historically,well known winemaking regions in Georgia is Kakheti,with Alazi river valley in it.Alazi Valley is located at 200-500m above the sea level and is...

  • 23. The Old Flag

    This flag was the Official flag during soviet time. After independence the Georgian government decided to go back to their historic old flag that you see on the...

  • 24. Enviromental Day

    During my visit to Tbilisi. There was an Enviromental Day in one of the parks. It was neet. The distributed posters incliding all kinds of Georgian plants and...

  • 25. Avoiding Discussions about Russia

    Russian and Georgian relations are at an all-time low (as of May 2007) and the subject of Russia, particularly their involvement in the civil unrest in South...

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