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  • Palace of Irakli II, the bedroom
    Palace of Irakli II, the bedroom
    by JLBG
  • Irakli's sword
    Irakli's sword
    by JLBG
  • Telavi, Batonis Tsihké
    Telavi, Batonis Tsihké
    by JLBG

T'elavi Things to Do

  • Landscape on the city of Telavi

    The city of Telavi is here seen from the tower. It is densely populated (25 000 inhabitants) but the pert seen here looks more like a large village than a true town. Other parts of the town (see next tip) are more “city looking”In the background, there should have been a landscape on the Alazani river valley and the majestic Dagestan mountains....

  • Remain of the Dzveli Galavani

    This half tower is one of the best kept remains of the Dzveli Galavani (ancient city walls) when Telavi was the stronghold of the first kings of Kakheti in the Ixth and Xth century. There are other remains of this first enclosure but we did not see them.

  • Museum

    The museum is displayed in a soviet style building and the museum itself is of the same style : no caption for most of the items on display. Nevertheless, it is worth a fast visit.When we visited, there was a girl with a with a broom and a floor cloth at the entrance. She followed us closely, mopped behind us, then locked each door as soon as we...

  • Palace of Irakli II, the office

    In another room is the office of Irakli II.Photo 1 shows the desk with in the foreground his sword presented under a glass show boxPhoto 2 gives a close-up on the swordPhoto 3 shows the fire place : as Telavi is at an elevation of 500 m, winters are cold !

  • Palace of Irakli II, the bedroom

    Irakli II was both born in this bed room and this is where he died too.Photo 1 and 2: the bed is surmounted by a red carpet and several guns are hanged.Photo 2 and 3 : on a small round table a tin plate and a tin ewer are all what was available to have a wash.

  • Palace of Irakli II, room of the throne

    Room of the throne is not very large but impressive with its soberness. It is an almost square room with an arm chair standing on a two steps stage covered with a red carpet now surmounted by a full portrait of Irakli II. On the walls are hanging various engravings.

  • Palace of Irakli II

    The palace is a low building that was built in 1672 in Persian style by Artchil II, king of Kakheti when he moved his capital from Gremi to Telavi..Photo 5 is a statue standing in front of Erakli’s palace that I have been unable to identifyI have found a news agency information from October 7th 2009, reporting that due to heavy rains five vitrages...

  • Unidentified buildings

    Inside the complex are mentioned two churches : the Irakli Chapel (previous tip) and the small church built by King Archil II when he transferred his residence from Gremi to Telavi in 1672; This small church is said “in poor condition”. I am not convinced that this is the building shown on the first photo but I have seen no other one matching...

  • Irakli II chapel

    Irakli II chapel was built in1758. It is all made of bricks and leaning along one of the towers of the defense wall. The church itself has three tall narrow windows on each side and on the eastern side a side entrance. The main entrance is through a smaller building that seems to have been built later.The inside (last photo) is bare (photo 4)

  • Old vine stock

    Georgia is considered as the cradle of vine growing and therefore of wine making. I had never seen such an old vine stock. It be several centuries old. This was in April and therefore, it had not yet any leaves but though it has been already strengthened by concrete, it is obviously still living !

  • Eastern entrance into Batonis Tsikhé

    The Eastern entrance is the entrance opened for visitors (photos 1 and 2). It has an outstanding iron grid.The western entrance, which was the main entrance at the Irakli period is not open and shows on photo 3.

  • Defense walls of Batonis Tsihké

    Batonis Tsihké means “Fortress of the Master (king)” It was built in the XVIIth century. It is a very strong wall that protected efficiently the royal residence and that remains, even nowadays in good condition. This is the only defense wall of Georgia from that period that remains almost unchanged.


T'elavi Local Customs

  • Low hedge !

    We had our snack just outside of Telavi. A cow looked at us from an “enclosure” of hedges that had been drastically pruned down to the soil. I wonder if it will ever grow again after such a rude treatment but for the cow, that remained an efficient enclosure and she did not try to overpass it !

  • Booths in Telavi

    In another part of the town, we stopped to buy a snack that we would have for a quick dinner along the road as we had a busy journey : Tbilisi, Gombori pass, Chouamta, Telavi, Ikalto, Alaverdi, Gremi, Sighnaghi and back to Tbilisi. No time to go to a restaurant.In this part of the town, there were various booths and we found what we were looking...

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T'elavi General

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    Mixed sights in Telavi

    by JLBG Updated Nov 12, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: The three photos give mixed sight from the city of Telavi, taken from the car (this is why they are not very good).
    Photo 1 shows a 5 levels building of housing, typical of the poor condition of housing in Georgia.
    Photo 2 shows a ten levels building, not seen from Batonis Tsihké
    Photo 3 and 4 show old buildings representative of the local style

    Housing in Telavi new building in Telavi Mixed sights in Telavi Housing in Telavi
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