Yazd Things to Do

  • Zurkhaneh warmup
    Zurkhaneh warmup
    by Orchid
  • Twirling the BIG clubs
    Twirling the BIG clubs
    by Orchid
  • Drummers, counting the Beat
    Drummers, counting the Beat
    by Orchid

Most Viewed Things to Do in Yazd

  • 1. Saryazd citadel

    Saryazd citadel is an ancient citadel near yazd belonging to Sassanid era(3th to 7th century), and was used to protect grains and valuables. It has a moat round it. The citadel is good preserved and...

  • 2. Deserts and stargazing

    Yazd is surrounded by some incredible deserts. There are endless options to enjoy your time in desert. Don’t miss desert safari in Yazd or just walking barefoot...

  • 3. Windtowers

    What catches soon your attention around Yazd are the windtowers.Iranians invented windtowers to face the harshly variable climates of the country.They caught...

  • 4. Bazar

    Yadz bazar is located betwen Khan square and Khan school. It is not a huge bazar but in my opinion it is still better than the Tehran one. The bazar is...

  • 5. Malek o Tojjar Hotel

    Our driver and guide insisted telling us that we should visit this hotel as it was unique. It is inside the bazar and the entrance is very anonymous so that you...

  • 6. Amir Chakhmaq

    The wonderful three floors facade of this building is one the most unusual architectural examples of all Iran. Recently there have been added some portics to...

  • 7. Jameh Mosque

    This Mosque also known as Friday Mosque dominates the old city.The gate covered with majolica tiles is one of the highest of all Iran and next to it there are...

  • 8. Atashkadeh (Fire Temple) 

    The flame inside the temple, is considered to be the symbol of the God of Light. The flame has been burning for the past 3000 years, which makes the place one...

  • 9. The Mausoleum of Seyed Roknaddin 

    The beautiful blue dome that marks the Mausoleum of Seyed Roknaddin, is easily visable from all the city center. Here you will find the tomb of the Islamic...

  • 10. Alexander Prison

    This prison is usually believed to have been built by Alexander the great in 15th century.The prison is in the centre of the old city and it's hardly missable...

  • 11. Sights Sounds and Smells of the Zurkhaneh Club

    The Zurkhaneh Club will delight your eyes, your ears, and your nose will get a workout as well. The Saheb a Zaman Sports Club is just off the Amir Chaqmaq...

  • 12. Refreshing Watermelon

    It can be hot work wandering the dusty lanes of this adobe city. And eventually you will need some refreshment You are heartily sick of Delester! Keep a...

  • 13. Jameh Mosque

    In keeping with our rule to select only the finest religious buildings for a visit, we chose the Jameh mosque. It is renowned for its brilliant tilework, and...

  • 14. Moments with Arthur Upham Pope & Phyllis Ackerman

    One of the merits of the Great city of Esfahan is the river passing through, called "Zayandeh-Rood". So there are lots of bridges built on the river some...

  • 15. Walking from Jame Mosque to Alexander Prison

    One of the greatest places you can see in Yazd is its Jame Mosque with the enormous gate and dome and its nice combination of colors-navy and khaki-all under...

  • 16. About Vank Church in Esfahan

    For me after visiting Esfahan's numerous palaces, gardens and mosques It was undoubtedly worth to see how christianity exists in Iran and that was my second...

  • 17. Zoroastrians' Fire Temple

    The Yazd province is home to the largest population of Zoroastrians in Iran. Zoroast was the ancient prophet of Persians, who had brought a religion,...

  • 18. The Power House : Iranian Traditional Sports

    My local Yazd friend brought me to this place. I've never seen something like this before. I am not so sure where it is, may be somewhere near Amir Chaqmah....

  • 19. Para Gliding at The Desert

    My local Yazd friends took me to this desert (about 20 minutes drive from the town). We want to view the sunset. So happen that there were some para gliders at...

  • 20. Zoroastrians Fire Temple,

    First time, the of this temple was brought to Aqda of Yazd province from Karian, Pars and it was kept there for 700 years, then it was moved to Turkabad of...

  • 21. Adobe

    Adobe bricks are a natural building material made from sand, clay, water, and some kind of fibrous material (sticks, straw, dung), which is shaped into bricks...

  • 22. Yazd Water Museum

    A qanat is a water management system used to provide a reliable supply of water to human settlements or for irrigation in hot, arid and semi-arid climates. The...

  • 23. Badgirs - windcatcher

    A windcatcher is a traditional Persian architectural device used for many centuries to create natural ventilation in buildings. It is not known who first...

  • 24. Fire Temple - Ateshkadeh

    The sacred eternal flame is said to have been burning since about A.D.470. Above the entrance of the hall is a symbolic bird-man symbol of Zoroaster (see more...

  • 25. Towers of Silence

    Towers of Silence are circular raised structures used by Zoroastrians for exposure of the dead. The towers, which are fairly uniform in their construction, have...

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