Iran Shopping

  • Over the top tableware
    Over the top tableware
    by Orchid
  • Sorry , i dont have picture from shop
    Sorry , i dont have picture from shop
    by donya.amini
  • Halva shop - Masuleh
    Halva shop - Masuleh
    by suvanki

Iran Shopping

  • Golden spice

    Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world and Iran produces 90% of the world's supply. Why is it so expensive? It is the stamen of the autumn crocus, each flower produces 3 stamens, and it takes 20,000 stamens to produce just 100grams of the spice - every one of which must be picked by hand in the short (3 week) flowering season. The Iranian...

  • Souvenirs

    Best shopping in Iran is in Esfahan and Shiraz if we talk about souvenirs.You can negotiate about each piece you want to purchase.Carpets and kilims are extraordinary and even if you think it's expensive and seller will rip of your skin, you'll pay nothing compared to prices in Europe/USA.Also there are some local crafts tipical for region and you...

  • Lavashak

    I developed a serious liking for this Iranian fruit snack, and sampled many flavours and types during my trip.Lavashak is made by cooking, then pulping fruit - either just one type or as a mix of fruits. The puree is then spread thinly on greased trays, and left to cool then set.My first Lavashak hit was a commercially produced 7 fruits variety,...

  • Wonderous Iranian Carpet

    From my rather scant knowledge, learned from Japanese "Chikyu no Arukikata" Guidebook, visiting a number of Persian Carpet shops in Japan, as well as chatting with salespersons here in Iran: Wool from Dry Iranian Highlands is the most suitable material, as it is resilient. More valued now are the natural dyes rather than synthetic. Such natural...

  • Detail of Iranian Embedded Inlay "Hahtam...

    A typical design is produced by bundling long triangular rods about 10-15cm length, and 1-2mm width. Each rod comprises for example wood, camel bone, brass, shell, etc. Results of this bundle becomes a roughly pencil diameter and pencil-length "inlay rod", whereby the cross-cut shape of this rod reveals the hexagonal or triangle beautiful...

  • Iranian Embedded Inlay "Hahtam Khali"

    For really jewel-quality work which is much harder to find, precious metals or ivory may be used, though it's known that importing ivory is forbidden by Washington Convention, so be careful when purchasing.

  • So Cute!!! "Persian Carpet" mouse...

    I have to admit I fell for the temptation of "cuteness". I first noticed one being used by the attendant at our hotel's internet cafe, and afterward noticed them everywhere in the bazaars.Excellent souvenier gift, don't you think? Not very much at all! Even by bargaining, it is a matter of saving a few dozen cents...

  • Iranian Books and Music

    Classical Persian Literature, such as Shirazian Sufi Master Hafiz (1320-1389), and Rubiyat of Omar Khayyam (1048-1123)As for typical Persian Music, we asked for recommendations, and purchased two different artists as shown. One is a long-standing musician, and the other is a popular youthful band where this particular release is a benefit for the...

  • Iran's Wonderous Persian Rugs

    These carpets were purchased in various shops in Esfahan. Recommended particularly; two shops within Abbasi Hotel as well as some shops across the street from the hotel, as the best quality are available here, and certificates of authenticity with shop name are offered. Credit cards are also welcome in these shops, but the discounting leverage is...

  • Iranian Enamelware "Meena Khali"

    These stunning designs are found as vases, tea sets, plates, hanging wall plates, etc. In the bazaars, you may find an artisan making a work in progress, and can purchase his/her completed pieces.The construction is a bronze base covered with white porcelain enamel. Then the artist paints the design with a few-hairs-thin paintbrush (cat's hair, as...

  • Iranian Cotton Print Cloth Garam Khal

    Garam Khal is made by a woodblock print upon cotton material with natural material ink (the synthetic inks should be accordingly cheaper), such as traditionally red, beige and mustard colour, also with blue and black.Typically used as tablecloths, bedspreads. Price-wise makes fine gifts. You may see the maker printed on the reverse, and oftentimes...

  • Gaz - Sweets

    Here is the type of sweets which is good for distributing as presents or for your family, friends and colleagues, as it is the only sweets I found which were individually wrapped.The white Gaz is a type of nougat embedded with pistachios, and with pleasant rosewater aftertaste. Though it's good, it tends to be really sweet - and I think it's best...

  • Iran Sturgeon Caviar - Finest Taste

    ...but perhaps easier to find in restaurants along Caspian Sea???It seems that Sturgeon Caviar is not classified as "Iranian Cuisine", and that the Industry is designed mainly for export.As far as we asked where we could eat in Tehran, it seems that only the Japanese Restaurant "Serina" (almost next door to Homa Hotel) offers Iranian Caviar Sushi....

  • Saffron!

    I love Saffron. In rice, and in Indian Desserts. My cupboard smells lovely, just by storing the unopened tins. Well, as TheWanderingCamel has already made an excellent commentary about Iran's Saffron, I'll suffice only to add the English Description found on the back of this box of Farzad Saffron:"Not only Saffron is used in most of foods, drinks,...

  • Sohan - yummy sweets!

    I'm not sure exactly how Sohan is created, but due to reading various accounts, including one here on VT, I sought this sweet intentionally. It is very yummy indeed.This tin says in English:Saffron, Flour, Sugar, Wheat Sprout, Butter, Yolk, Almond, Cardamoms, Pistachio.It is not hard candy, I think it tastes something like carmellised coconut,...

  • Paradise I and II

    There are numbers of shopping malls in Kish island, but main shopping complex are Paradise I and II, which are always busy with people strolling around and shopping. People can easily move from Paradise I to II, there is elevator connecting these two shopping malls. Better with cash

  • The finest mosaic

    You'll see this work everywhere you go in Iran -minute, intricate mosaic inlay, on boxes, trays, photo frames, coasters, anything it can be applied to. Of course the quality of the work varies and you will get what you pay for, but there is something for every budget and to fit every suitcase or backpack. You will even find the patterns printed on...

  • Dates from Bam

    As well as its magnificent citadel (sadly and catastophically damaged in the devastating 2003 earthquake), Bam is famed for its dates. Anyone in Iran will tell you they are the best you can get, and I would have to agree. Small and black with an intense flavour that is the very essence of a date and a wonderful, almost liqueur-like, texture they...

  • Magic carpets

    Everywhere you go in Iran, there they are - wonderful carpets - hanging from doorways, displayed in elegant shop windows, laid out on the floor; all sizes - tiny mats, small rugs, long runners, room-sized carpets; rainbow coloured tribal rugs, faded kilims, delicate silk gardens, naive jejems - tempting you, saying "Take me home." And the carpet...

  • Carpet buying

    The local market has many beautiful crafts to buy from the delicate enamel ware, tradtional designed tablecloths and carpets, and the silver and bead jewellery/ enamel warecarpets it depends on quality

  • Zaytoon Shopping Center

    This is the nearest shopping center from the airport. Clothes to Jewelry. Credit card is accepted. But bring some cash is always useful.

  • Cool stones

    Well its not just one shop but its a shopping centre where you can buy many different things. All that you want except for Big Electronic items under one roof. i would especially recommend the precious and Semi-precious stones. They are worth buying. You can find very amazing variety in rings and necklaces and earings. There is no end to it. As...

  • Shopping in Tehran

    Tehran is a very fast paced city. You can buy anything nearly in all the areas, but one thing to keep in mind is that for everything there is a special area. How do you know where to go for what? Well, that's where the locals will come in handy. Go to reception or ask the shop around the corner. You want gold, go to "Karim Khan", shoes for children...

  • Bazaar, the traditional way

    Each city has it's Bazaar and is organiced around it, all the city runs around it, the mosque, the governament building, madrasas, caravanserais, and all the shops.The Bazaars are covered, some times with a construction of bricks or stone, and some times with uralite.all the people came here to buy theirgoods and needs, you can find here all what...


Iran Hotels

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  • Escan Hotel

    Enghelab Ave., Mousavi, Tehran, Iran

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

  • Hasht Behesht Palace

    We stayed 4 nights in a spacious 1 bedroom apartment in this conveniently located Hotel. The evening...

  • Homa

    The Homa is designated a 5 star hotel, and it does have the facilities of a top hotel - but they...

  • Silk Road Hotel

    I stayed at Silk Road Hotel in Yazd. I paid IR40 000 (Nov 2008) per nite for an underground dorm bed...

  • Manouchehri House

    No. 49, 7th Emarat, Sabet Alley, Mohtasham St

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

  • Dariush Grand Hotel

    I was allowed to have a look to this hotel, that looked like a museum. It was wonderful, but too...

  • Homa

    Well the hotel is located in the best part of mashhad, the rooms are very good comparin the other...

  • Pars

    great views

  • Pars Hotel

    Farhangian Cross Road Jomhouti Blvd, Kerman, IR

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