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  • Caesarea
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  • The ancient port, Caesarea
    The ancient port, Caesarea
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  • The Byzantine baths, Caesarea
    The Byzantine baths, Caesarea
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Caesarea Things to Do

  • Diving in Caesarea

    We all know that the Dutch are the world’s champions in drying seas, but was it their invention? Definitely not! When Herod was building his city he wanted everything to be luxurious, and so had to be the harbor. For this purpose he had to start building in the water. Even then the Roman technique of hydraulic concrete already existed and huge...

  • The beautiful "Bird Mosaic" floor

    This is the beautiful "Bird Mosaic" floor; its size is 14.5m x 16m and it is located on a hilltop, some 500 m outside the city wall of Byzantine Caesarea. The "Bird Mosaic" is believed to be the remains of a villa from the Byzantine period (the second half of the 6th century-first half of the 7th century CE). From the plan of the parts that were...

  • Golf Club

    The only golf club in Israel. This sport is not that popular here, so if you're into it, this is your place.

  • Mosaics in Commercial and Administrative...

    In the commercial and administrative are you will find some nice mosaics, which are worth to be seen. Keep your eyes open in the ruins for them!

  • The Aqueduct

    At the beach north of the Caesarea National Park you will find the remains of the Aqueduct bringing water to the city. This was necessary as there were no other sources available here. So water had to be transported over kilometers from far away into town. If you have time you can bring your beach stuff with you and stay here for some time.

  • Harbour

    The harbour had a 400 meter long outer quay, an inner quay and an area where the boats could set the anchor. It was built during the rule of Herod and made Caesarea an important town. Nowadays not much is seen above the surface, but for divers it is possible to visit the remains hidden under water.There is a diving center. If interested try the...

  • Temple Platform

    There are ruins of a temple platform from Herods time on which a temple dedicated to Roma and Augustus was built. In later periodes other religious buildings were erected here, a mosque and a cathedral.

  • Pontius Pilatus

    Close to the Promontory Palace you will find a lime stone block set up which carries an inscription telling the name of Pontius Pilatus, the man who send Jesus to the crucifixion. According to a documentory (and stated on wikipedia) this is the first physical evidence found of him beside what is written in the bible. It was found in the theater in...

  • Promontory Palace

    The Promontory Palace is located directly at the sea in the west of the theater. It originates from the Roman and Byzantine Periode. You can see a pool in the remains which, according to scientists, was used as the cities fish market for a while.

  • Herodian Amphitheater

    The Amphitheater is a huge and long structure between the harbour and the theater. A long row of seats can be seen along the impressive arena floor which extends over 250 meters in length and 50 meters in width. About 10.000 people could attend events here. Walking along there you can clearly imagine spectacles taking place.

  • The Theater

    The theater in Caesarea is in a very good shape, as the seats seem to be restored. It is pretty large and the most ancient in Israel. 4000 spectators could find place in it. According to the flyer, which is handed out at the entrance, the theater was converted into a castle towards the end of the Byzantine periode. After the Arab conquer it was...

  • Herod's Amphitheater

    Caesarea's ancient amphitheater is an impressive semi-circular structure built by King Herod.Its location is superb, near the coast, with a view of the Mediterranean from the balconies.The ampitheater was reconstructed so that it is fully functional now. It's a unique experience to sit on the 2000 year old stone balcony, see the extensive ruins of...

  • The Baths

    You can get an idea of the splendor and elegance of ancient Caesarea when you visit the baths. This public building was constructed in the Byzantine period, with mosaics, marble floors and marble pillars. Before and after the bath, bathers used to exercise in the paleastra; in the baths, different pools had different water temperatures: a real spa.

  • The Hippodrome

    More than 250 meters in length, the U-shaped hippodrome is one of the most impressive remains of Roman Caesarea.It was built in Herod's days, and could seat 10,000 spectators, who came to watch the horse and chariot races, gladiator fights, athletics, hunting games and other forms of entertainment.It used to be called "amphitheater" in Herod's...

  • The Roman Palace Ruins

    Near the Southern end of the Roman city, on a small promontory jutting into the sea, there are the ruins of the upper and lower palace. Not much has remained of the upper palace: a few marble and mosaic floors, the bases of a few columns, some steps... Still less has survived in the lower palace, of which you can only see the general layout half...


Caesarea Hotels

Caesarea Restaurants

  • Koya's onion soup should not be missed

    Okay this is NOT a restaurant that you will stumble over as you wander the streets of ask why not, well because it is NOT in Caesarea, it is in the industrial zone a few kilometers away. Now you ask how did I find it, well I didn't, I got directions from a friend and now you have them also. This is a small workaday restaurant, not...

  • heavenly Bistro in Caesarea

    Golf Bistro ( right at the entrance to the golf club) in the middle of Caesarea.great food,lunch deals & amazing desserts too ! very french but lite !don't miss the breakfast,they bake their own bread,freas salad & goat cheese. sit on the porch... amazing way to start your day.resnable prices too !!!the chef is a very talented guy.enjoy...

  • Some of the Best Focaccia Anywhere

    The Focaccia was arguably the best I've ever had. This experience to come as part of a visitors attraction where elsewhere around the world you'd be ripped off and still get the worst quality possible. I'd be lying if I told you I'm not impressed!


Caesarea Nightlife

  • Restaurants by the sea

    Near the Old fortress there are a few restaurants and cafes. sitting there at night can be very lovely ... just to smell the sea feel the breez and enjoy the special sorrounding.

  • Concerts by the sea

    Its been many years now that this Amphi theatre being used for concerts. Many of the famose names in the world has been preformed there and also Many of the most famose Local artists.Its Location is so great just a few meters from the Sea therefore it can be great to see a concerts there in the summer, to Listen to a great music enjoy the breez...

  • Caesarea Hotels

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Caesarea Transportation

  • Getting to Caesarea by Public...

    There used to be no public bus service to the Caesarea Archaeological Park; The nearest town to Caesarea is Or-Akiva. Bus # 921 goes from the central bus station in Tel-Aviv to Or-Akiva (60 km, 96 minute bus ride, NIS 24.5 only). From Or-Akiva one needs to take a taxi to the Caesarea National Archaeological Park. The price is about NIS 30 one...

  • Caesarea National Park from Jerusalem

    This is an easy and delightful day trip from Jerusalem Central Bus Station. Bus Number 947 leaving at 8:30am arrives at 10:30am for 66 NIS return trip. Get off at Or Akiva at Highway 2, walk back to cross the tunnel under the highway. Follow the signs to Caesarea - walk straight to toward the Mediterranean Coast toward the old Port City. Use the...

  • Best choice is by car

    The best choice to get to Caesarea is by car. there are busses that arrives to this area but it doesnt get inside the neighborhoods and tourists area. (dont worry about the Locals there... this is the most expensive neighborhood or area in Israel... whoever lives there doesnt need a bus... )


Caesarea Shopping

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    The glass factory: The art of glass

    by Sharon Updated Aug 2, 2003

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    In this Store you can find lots of glass Arts, many kinds of special glasses and many other kind of souveniers from Caesarea or Israel in General.

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Caesarea Off The Beaten Path

  • edvin_br's Profile Photo

    Rally Museum

    by edvin_br Written Oct 3, 2004

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    The museum located at one of Caesareas new neighborhoods (not at the area of the ancient town).
    The museum offers an interesting art gallery and including paintings and sculptures by Salvador Dali.

    Rally museum, Caesarea
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    • Arts and Culture

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Caesarea Sports & Outdoors

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    golfing at caesarea

    by orke Updated Apr 4, 2011

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    if u cant have a vacation with no golf ...well i think caesarea is the only place with golf. (maybe there is another 1 somewhere but there arnt many....)

    anyway golf while u can :-)

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Caesarea Favorites

  • Dor Haboniem area

    That is Rob, risking his neck to look over the cliff into the "Blue Hole" as they have labeled this cleft in the rocks along the Dor Haboniem seashore. You can actually go down into it and stand on a shelf above the water and listen to the action of the waves.Nathalie and Zohara found a shallow cove to wade in.A small cove where I took the photos...

  • Dor Haboniem shells

    Here at Dor Haboniem beach I enjoy wading the shallows and looking for shells almost as much as I enjoy swimming. Most shells are partially destroyed by the time they make it to the shore for you to find, but occassionally you do find the perfect one. The next three photos shows the erosion caused by wave action on the cliffsides along the...

  • Dor Haboniem Beaches

    Head just north of Caesarea to arrive at the Dor Haboniem beach area. You can see a short section of the beach and one of the small camping areas provided. The water is clean and they also have several more protected areas where kids can swim safely. For some reason this nature preserve is not listed on VT.


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