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Jerusalem Full Day Tour from Tel Aviv
"After Tel-Aviv hotel pick ups our small group tour departs to Jerusalem the holiest city in the world. The first stop is Mount of Olives where you will enjoy a panoramic view of the city.We then proceed to Mount Zion home to the room of the Last Supper which commemorates Jesus last supper with his disciples; the Dormition Abbey a marvelous church marking the site where Virgin Mary is said to have died and arrive to visit King David's tomb.We enter the Old City to discover it's different quarters. We walk through the Armenian and Jewish quarters
From $89.00
Jerusalem Full Day Tour
"You start your day tour with a visit to Mount of Olives for a panoramic view of the Old City . You will continue to Mount Zion to visit the Room of Last Supper the Church of the Dormition and King David’s Tomb before moving on to the Old City itself. Then enjoy the surrounding sights of the Old City as the tour makes its way through the Armenian and Jewish quarters of the city – including the recently excavated Roman road (Cardo) – before visiting the world-re you'll pass along the Via Dolorosa (the “Way of Sorrows”) and take the time to visit the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Then proceed to the New City to visit Yad Vashem Israel’s memorial to the Holocaust."
From $71.00
Jerusalem Jewish Heritage Private Tour From Tel Aviv
"We’ll start our tour at the Western Wall – “Kotel” as it is called in Hebrew. Visitors who stand at the Western Wall most often have a sense of not only the rushing presence of the “now-and here” but also of all those who for centuries streamed to this the most sacred place to the Jewish people. Two thousand years ago it was a part of the most magnificent building Jerusalem had ever seen – The Temple. We’ll further proceed to the Jewish Quarter where plenty of religious and historical sites of worldwide importance are actually “squeezed” together. We’ll walk through The Cardo which had been Jerusalem's main street 1500 years ago and is now one of the most interesting sites in the Jewish Quarter. And we’ll visit “Hurva” (“Destructed”) Synagogue which was the largest building in the Jewish Quarter prior to its destruction during Israel's War of Independence. For decades only a lone arch remained as symbol of the Quarter’s destruction.We’ll descend the Herodian Quarter
From $506.00

Sherut (mini van) Tips (11)

On Eagles' Wings

A convenient and inexpensive way to get to Ben Gurion Airport from Jerusalem is to go by Nesher Taxi (nesher = eagle). This is a shared taxi (usually a van, with place for luggage) that you order by phone about half a day in advance. You tell the dispatcher when your flight is and he tells you what time to be ready for pick-up. The cost is 64 shekels per person (around $16). There is no extra charge for baggage and no need to tip the driver.

The phone number of the Jerusalem office is 02-6257227 (you only need the "02" area code if you are dialing from outside Jerusalem).

gilabrand's Profile Photo
Jun 20, 2013

To Jerusalem from Ben Gurion Airport by Nesher

Jerusalem is about 50 km west of Ben Gurion airport, a journey that can take as little as 40 minutes or much, much longer. I chose to travel by Nesher/Sherut, the private mini-van service that leaves from right outside arrivals. This is a very user-friendly option as you just have to step outside the terminal building and you're immediately ushered to a van. It's also very reasonably priced considering it's a door-to-door service and you will be dropped off at your accommodation in Jerusalem. These are the advantages but of course there are disadvantages as well. The first of these is time. If you're in a hurry then this is not the wisest choice. The vans take about 10 passengers so you must wait until it's filled with people travelling in approximately the same direction. Once you get to Jerusalem there's an awful lot of driving round in circles dropping people off. All this is fine if you're in relaxed mode and enjoying the scenery but if you need to be somewhere by a certain time, it's irritating in the extreme. Also, make absolutely sure your driver knows your ACTUAL destination. In my case there was a misunderstanding and I was asked to get out and take a taxi. In fairness to the driver, once I refused he was prepared to drive me to my destination but it was a pretty frustrating situation for both of us. Another VT member travelling to WorldMeet2008 had the same problem and did end up having to take a taxi, so you have been warned.

In the guide books it says that this service should be booked 24 hours in advance but my experience was that you walk out and there are vans lined up waiting for passengers.

The price in September 2008 was NIS 50 which works out at approximately EUR 10.

Ekaterinburg's Profile Photo
Dec 03, 2008

Shared taxi

Sherut, the shared taxis are the most convfenient way to go from Tel Aviv airporto to Jerusalem, They are just outside the airport, if you do not see them follow the direction"to Jerusalem", they are minivan and they leave you just in the place where you have to go: hotel bus stop or whatever. The price is about 70 NIS per person (about 15 euro).

xaver's Profile Photo
Jan 07, 2012

Take a Sherut

I went outside the airport to find a ride to the Jaffa Gate and found many sheruts (mini vans) lined up and the drivers were rushing people into the available seats, they were in a hurry, this was late Friday afternoon and they had to be home by sundown to honor Shabbat -- their sabbath.

Everything shuts down at sundown on Fridays, so if you arrive on Friday, make sure you leave for Jerusalem and arrive before Shabbat.

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Dec 24, 2003
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Sherut Taxi

The sherut taxi is a van that normally take 8 - 10 passengers and the price is the same is in the busses so that soemtimes more comfortable to do this ride from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem unless if you feel better in a big airconditioned buss.
If you're coming to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv then you can take this Sherut (sherut means Service) Taxis from the central bus station.

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Jan 15, 2005

Nesher from Jerusalem to the airport

I just phoned nesher to change a sheroot booking I had because of a family emergency. When a family member is in critical condition in hospital you generally expect a little understanding, but I was violently shouted at and then told to 'F**K OFF'

I recommend everyone avoids NESHER as this is how much they care about their customers.

There are trains to the airport from malcha station which make from a much pleasanter ride!

Jul 17, 2011

Sheruts from Tel Aviv

Sheruts from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem depart from outside the central bus station in Tel Aviv. The other way, there are sheruts leaving to Tel Aviv from Jaffa Street, outside the new big bus station in Jerusalem. The drivers usually wait until the minivan gets full, which will not take much time as the sherut is still a very popular way of moving around in Israel.
The trip costs about 20 NIS one-way.

jacobzoethout's Profile Photo
Jun 04, 2005

Shared taxi from Jerusalem to Ben Gurion airport

Nesher Company offers shared taxi from Jerusalem to Ben Gurion airport. This service is available everyday and 24 hours a day.
I have travelled with them and everything was perfect.

NIS 64,0

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Nov 12, 2015

Top 5 Jerusalem Writers

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"The Spirit of Jerusalem"
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"Jerusalem: Monotheism's Controversial Capital"
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"The most special city in the world"
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"Martin_S.'s Jerusalem"
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Nesher = Vulture

These guys do not know what manners mean.
The most unfriendly and arrogant service you have ever known.
Do not hesitate If you can avoid them .
I tried Menashe service and I was quite pleased, but you really need to book ahead.

Aug 10, 2014

reservation can be made directly with the drivers

We intended to book the shared taxi on Saturday. We went to their office(Ben Yehuda 23) directly on Wednesday and made the reservation. They said it was too early and reservation could only be made one day in advance. I think this is very very stupid!
We were actually busy on Friday morning and couldn't call them. When we were at their office, it was Friday afternoon and they were off. Then we went to the CBS station and made a reservation with the driver directly(there is a sherut stand there). Luckily it worked out. The driver gave us his telephone number and picked us up on time. He charged us 70 NIS for each. It was supposed to be 64 NIS. I don't know whether it was a shabbat surcharge or what.
By the way, if you go to their office and make a reservation with them, their office building is locked and you have to contact them via the interphone. The company is number 11 on the phone.

Apr 03, 2016


I would like to thank you for dropping me off at the wrong hotel I kept telling the driver I was staying at the A Little House in the Bakah Hotel on 1 Yehuda St and he drop me off at the Little House in the Colony. And had to take a long walk after a 25 hour plane trip. This happen on the December 17 2014 about 8:30 pm do I get a refund? they do not give out receipts and I do not have the drivers name. The Hotel called to complain. All I know is there was a lot of local residents and since I do not speck Hebrew and the others did. Is this how you treat tourists?
The Hotel Manage says I was the second person in the last two day to have this problem. I will be leaving on the 16th at about 5:00 pm and believe you should pick me up for free.
My Rabbi from Chabad recommended you and I will report back to Rabbi Gurary in Simi Valley California when I have dinner with his family on the 19th. About my trip.
Robert Borovay
The Little House in Bakah
1 Yehuda St Jerusalem
972-2-6737944 Room - Plum 4

Dec 05, 2014

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Monastery of the Cross

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Biblical Zoo

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