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Biblical Highlights of the Galilee On A Small Group Tour From Tel Aviv
"Starting with pick-ups from your hotel in Tel-Aviv our small group begins the 2 hour drive north along the coastal highway towards Nazareth passing along the way lush green landscapes and a wonderful view of the Mediterranean as well learning on the cities and places you will pass by as you prepare for the rest of the trip. The very first site we will explore in the historic city of according to the New Testament Jesus spent most of his childhood is the Basilica of the Annunciation – a breathtaking church located in the center of the city and is believed to be built on the house of the Virgin Mary and Joseph parents of Jesus.From there a short walk to the nearby St. Joseph’s church - that stands where once Mary's husband Joseph lived and worked as a carpenter
From $89.00
Small Group Massada and Dead Sea from Tel Aviv
"Departing Tel Aviv our journey takes us through the Judean Hills and on to the Dead Sea the lowest point on planet Earth. Along the way we pass the Qumran caves where the Dead Sea scrolls were found. We stop to visit a Dead Sea cosmetics shop before continuing our journey south along the shores of the Dead Sea to Massada. We ascend by cable car and visit the impressive mountaintop fortress that was once home to King Herod; we visit the remains of the wall palaces and synagogue and learn the heroic story of of the zealots that managed to fend off the Roman army before committing mass suicide. After our historical trip to the fortress we descend by cable car and drive to one of shores of the Dead Sea for an opportunity to float in its mineral-rich water
From $114.00
Half Day Small Group Tour to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv
"Start your half day tour of Jerusalem with an amazing panoramic view over the city and its surroundings from the Mount of Olives. From there continue to the second stop at Mount Zion a religiously and historically significant location that houses the Church of the Dormition the Hall of the Last Supper and the Tomb of King David. Enter the Old City walls and proceed to explore the Armenian quarter. Pass along the Cardo an ancient Roman road that has been restored and is now part of a shopping arcade. Move on to the Jewish Quarter and head for the Western Wall also known as the Wailing Wall or the Kotel and many sees it as the largest praying location in the world. Your journey continues on into the Christian Quarter where you pass along the Via Dolorosa
From $57.00

Dr. Shakshuka Tips (10)

Dr. Shakshuka: Not authentic

The place is supposed to serve authentic shakshuka - a layer of spiced tomatoes and peppers with poached eggs on top of it. What was served was tomatoes/peppers with one egg mixed into it and the other one, still raw (!), on top of it.

Service was rude and the bill was too high (they charged more than what was written in the menue). Upon complaining the waitress was very unfriendly and uncooperative.

A very disappointing experience.

Apr 15, 2013

Dr. Shakshuka: Don't miss the best otenttic food in town

We enjoyed the best Shakshuka ever.
" In Rome act Like a Roman" Shakshuka is made out of soft Tommetoes and that what gives it the best taste.
The priceces at Dr. Shkshuka are resionable in Shekels and the atmospher is good.
Don't miss the visit to Dr. Shakshuka.

Oct 26, 2010

Dr. Shakshuka: DANGER! Rip Off and terrible food. Food Poisoning

DANGER! Do not go to this restaurant under any circumstances. I went with my family and was ripped off and scammed for some of the worst food I have ever eaten. This restaurant serves rotten disgusting food, which might actually be worse than prison food. Me and my sons have all been sick with food poisoning since eating here. STAY AWAY and warn other people who talk about going, no to go!

Favorite Dish I took my family here for Shakshuka and what was supposed to be great North African and Middle Eastern Cuisine turned into a total rip off, with almost inedible food and rude, obnoxious service. Its not worth writing more about this place, because it will most likely be out of business soon. The bottom line is the people running this joint are con-artists who the beautiful and fine nation of Israel should expel for giving Shakshuka, a normally delicious Israeli dish, a bad name. Also don't eat the meat or their cool vegetables, which are most likely infected with some sort of Staph or Ecoli bacteria. I have had diarrhea since eating there two days ago. For that matter if you see this place just walk in the opposite direction and if anybody says they will be eating there, do them a major favor and warn them about this posting.

Aug 01, 2010

Dr. Shakshuka: Dr. Shakshuka, try the Shakshuka of course

Dr. Shaksuka specializes in food originating in Tripoli and one of the foods is their famed "shakshuka". This basic restaurant, situated in a passage between two old buildings in the old quarter of Yaffo, serves up good service and good food. This is a good place to stop in while you are wandering the streets of the "Shuk HaPishPishiem" (flea market) of Yaffo.
This time Zohara and I opted for the lunch for two which included Shaksuka for each (and you eat it from the frying pan), several small spicy dishes, green salad, half a loaf of bread, a pitcher of lemonade and tea, all for 88 NIS (about US$23).

Favorite Dish As I said Shakshuka of course....this is the food and the name. It is basically a tomato and egg mixture, made up like eggs sunny side up with some extra spices thrown in....if you know the spices and the proper way to cook this up it is fairly easy and can be done at home, but there are several places in Israel where they do an extra special job and Dr. Shakshuka is one of them.
Also the "Schwarma" is fantastic, lamb meat roasted on a spit and thin sliced as the outsides of the meat become browned to perfection.

Martin_S.'s Profile Photo
Jan 31, 2010
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Dr. Shakshuka: Wildly overpriced meal/Tourist Trap

The restaurant is actually a quite cute, hole in the wall in Yaffo. The hostess was extremely sweet. The food is tasty, above average, north african dishes, specializing in their shakshuka which was fairly tasty.

BEWARE: Waiter did not give us a menu, just said in broken English (even though I speak fluent hebrew) that he would "take care of us." Apparently that meant charging $50 a person for, like I said, an above average meal (NOTHING SPECIAL), a cute but not in ANYWAY elegant atmosphere, and an all-in-all uncomfortable experience. If you are looking to get ripped off by an obnoxious, pretentious manager, then by all means, visit this restaurant. I am MORE than willing to spend a good deal on a fancy, well prepared meal in an elegant atmosphere. This place, though, IS NOT AS ADVERTISED. When you see it, you will know what I am talking about. YOU WOULD NEVER GUESS THAT THEY WOULD CHARGE SO MUCH at an establishment like this. Once you receive your bill, the charm of the restaurant and the cheap tricks that the waiter attempts to pull off will be long forgotten, and all you will remember is how you've been ripped off like every other tourist that visits this "establishment."

Favorite Dish They were all fine.

Dec 22, 2009

Dr. Shakshuka: This is really great !! - Shakshuka

Ate there once in Feb 2008. I had the basic of the basic, The eggs and tomato dish called shakshuka.
Listed on the menu under vegetarian dishes !
I can tell you that it was really great and I enjoyed it from the first to the last "bite". I really recommend the place even if the service can be a bit rough sometimes.
I paid around 40 NIS for that simple dish and a coke.

Favorite Dish Shakshuka

1W1V's Profile Photo
Mar 03, 2008

Dr. Shakshuka: Don´t miss the Shakshouka!!

Shakshouka is a dish of eggs cooked in a savory tomato and pepper sauce. It is eaten either in the pan is cooked, on a plate or either in a Pitah.

I can still feel the smell of the Shakshouka dish coming to my nose.. yamiii
This is the main local dish at this restaurant and it is made with normal ingredients as onions, garlic, tomato paste, olives, salt, black pepper, cumin and eggs.

We took it along with some typical mezze as grilled aubergines, sesame paste, some salad, cuscus, ecc. Was really delicious for a good start!

David also managed to take a pic of me with Dino, the manager of the Restaurant. Was funny!!

Favorite Dish Of course, the main dish SHAKSHOUKA :-) It is a tasty, filling and inexpensive dish.

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Nov 11, 2006

Dr. Shakshuka: Shakshuka, less known but just as good

Anyone coming to the Middle-East knows about falaffel or hummus, but there are other popular dishes which are not as famous. One of these dishes is Shakshuka. This is quite a simple dish made from tomatoes and eggs with the addition of some vegetables and spices. Often done quite spicy and sometimes accompanied by merguez (hot Moroccan sausages).

In this place you can find the north African version of Shakshuka together with some more Tunisian and Moroccans dishes. All made here using old fashion, home-like, methods.

Favorite Dish Shakshuka and mafroum.

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Apr 20, 2005

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Dr. Shakshuka: Worth Trying - Shakshuka!

This restaurant serves original Tripolian and Moroccan food. After going around the Flea Market for a while I needed to rest, so what better to do than go and eat. My boyfriend knew this restaurant and wanted my sister and I to try it out too. We weren't sorry. We sat outside, as today was a nice sunny day, but we did take a peep into the restaurant, which to say the least is unusual - many many hangings from the ceiling. It is a well-known place (Kosher food is served), as many people came to eat there. The service was very good. The three of us had a plate of Shakshuka (my boyfriend had his with sausage), we also had about 9 small dishes of various salads, including one larger one with a regular salad. Sliced white bread came with the meal too. We ordered lemonade, which was very good, and one pepsi cola. The bill came to NIS 119. We were then given glasses of tea and sweet cake on the house.

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Apr 18, 2004

Dr. Shakshuka: The best Shakshuka in town!

Tripolitan Restaurant
Lots of beef's dishes, eight different salads comes with fresh white bread, peanuts tea (!) for dessert....

Favorite Dish The most famause dishes are north African ones: Couscous and Shakshuka ( Eggs fried in special tomatoes' sauce) served in the frying pot. Authentic fresh and delicious!
Open on all days until 1.00h,Fri 9 am-17 pm, Sat. night open.

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May 09, 2003

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