Lebanon Warnings and Dangers

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    Setting up
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    Streets of Tripoli
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    Nightlife in Beirut!
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Lebanon Warnings and Dangers

  • Visa

    If you travel under Romanian or Moldavian passport, you can enter in Lebanon for tourism on a 30 days free visa-on-arrival. The site of MAE will tell you different and force you to make useless trips to Lebanese Embassy. Check the website of Lebanese Frontier Police.

  • Thieve

    Like many other places, you have to watch out from thieves. While walking make sure you are holding your bags carefully. Most of robberies happen on the road while walking or in the car with wide open windows. Most of thieves use the scooters.

  • Driving

    If you ever think about driving in Lebanon you have to be a pro in reading others' minds. You have to expect what other drivers might do. We have lots of driving rules but it is not mandatory :D My advice: do not drive in Lebanon unless you visited it several times and you have an idea about our driving concept.

  • Current Lebanon situation

    The airport is still closed.Things are not good, 26 people got killed in fighting yesterday alone.No-one can predict whether things will have calmed down by June or whether this country will be in all out civil war by then. So you'll jist have to wait and see - and do err on the side of caution : In peaceful times Lebanon is a great country to...

  • depending what religion you are !

    well depending what religion you are as far as staying in Beriut,where Isreal Bombed in the summer of 2006 was the muslin area,and more toward the northern part of the city is the christen area so take it from there

  • Entering Lebanon

    I didn't have any difficulties to enter Lebanon. It was very easy both at the airport in Beirut and at the Syrian border (Masnaa).But I met a Polish woman travelling with her boyfriend (Adam and Ewa) in Syria and Jordan (in 2002). They were going to Lebanon for a couple of days but she couldn't enter. Ewa was told the reason was that she was under...

  • lebanese girls

    If you've come here just for the women (and they are very beautiful) then good luck but you'll please don't email me asking me where to go to find them or what to do whilst you're there... especially if you email me under the guise that you're actually interested in the rest of the country and it's culture... if you are only looking for lebanese...

  • men hitting women

    Normally here in the west (USA) if a man strikes his woman in public others will stop it. In Beiruit it is different. I saw this going on at a pool resort and my Lebenese friend and I were very unhappy and converged in the direction of this wife beater guy. The sister of my friend stopped us and warned us not to do so. When we asked why, she said...

  • Bombs and terrorists

    Be careful around Beirut as everyone in lebanon is a terrorist or is at least related to one....WAKE UP!! the middle east is nothing like you see on the news, it's not a complete war zone where people are behind us 50 years, it's one of the best places in the world. If you are here expecting desert, camels, bandits and strict muslim countries then...

  • Red Tape

    As i've already said in my Tripoli tips that one thing that is both good and bad about lebanon is the distinct lack of Red Tape at historical sites etc. It's good because you can get unspoiled photographs and you can climb on the ruins etc... it's bad if you have kids because safety features are not exactly standard here.eg i was standing on the...

  • Checkpoints and millitary areas

    goes without saying really but don't take any pictures of a checkpoint or a millitary training area or you will be arrested and probably beaten to a pulp... ok i'm exaggerating there but it won't be taken lightly

  • Military Check Points...

    You might encounter some military check-points especially in the south of Lebanon.Just act cool I guess & if you are on a public transport, it's just a wave to the driver by the police & you won't even realise that you pass through any check point !You will also encounter some military check-points to The Cedars in the north of Lebanon...

  • The Visa Thing !

    If you want to go to another country after Lebanon, please make sure that the visa to that new country is secured from your side.This is important as the public transport which will take you to the next country might not let you in, in their vehicle but instead asking you to take a taxi !This happened to me in Tripoli, in the north of Lebanon where...

  • The Driving !

    Oh Dear ! The driving here is crazy !There were a few times when I thought the vehicles that I was in would involved in an accident ! That's bad isn't it ? Yes it is !Nevertheless, it's wise not to hire your own vehicle but instead getting somebody to drive for you !No matter how hard we feel about the driving, at least they are err, good at it !...

  • Useful Phone Numbers in Lebanon

    International Calls Operator 100Telephone Directory 120Telephone Repair 113Police 112Civil Defense 125Fire Departement 175Red Cross-Lebanon 140General Security 1717

  • Beit ed-Dine Festival

    An international music and arts festival is staged at Beit ed-Dine in summer every year. This year (2005) the centrepiece will be the hit musical "Mama Mia", other acts are still to be announced. The whole palace complex is given over to the Festival and the courtyards are filled with tiered seating - great for the Festival but it does rather spoil...

  • Road closed!

    If you are planning to drive yourself in Lebanon and take the road over Mt Lebanon via the Cedars and Bcharre and on to the Bekaa Valley, you need to be aware that the road is often closed due to snow and ice. The photo here was taken on May 24, and we didn't know until 10am whether it would be open or not. Ask your hotel to check for youleyle

  • Languages

    The Lebanese are so proud of there knowledge of French or English,but several time when you talk with a Lebanese soon you will find that even the knowledge of the second language French is superficial.But in general any one will realize that its a civilized country, and that people do everything to be similar to the Europeans .its good for the view...

  • Not for those with fear of heights

    Many of the tours within Lebanon are excellent but involve travel along mountain roads which wind up to several thousand feet. Although the roads are quite good, the protection barriers are not always very high, and the experience can be a nightmare for those who do not like heights. This is especially so if visiting the national parks. The trip up...

  • A lot of wires

    Never, in any other country, have I seen so many loose wires hanging everywhere as in Lebanon. To me it doesn't look to safe. The picture is from Sour (Tyre).

  • Don't miss your stop

    I went to Jbail (Byblos) twice. The first time was on my second day in Lebanon. I had the name Jbail written on a paper in Arabic and said to the driver where I wanted to go.There are a lot of buildings along the coast north of Beirut and difficult to see where one town ends and the other starts. I never saw a sign saying Jbail. After some time I...

  • Cabs!

    Watch out from the Taxi trap.Yes if a person doesn’t know the system in Lebanon he or she will be certainly stolen!*People who do not know the system may get TAKEN FOR A RIDE* Thanks to my dear friend Nat b1bob for the terminology!As in Lebanon you can stop a Taxi and ask him before you go for a ride with him the famous question:How many “services”...

  • The Knowledge of languages!!!

    The Lebanese are so proud of there knowledge of French or English,but several time when you talk with a Lebanese soon you will find that even the knowledge of the second language French is superficial.But in general any one will realize that its a civilized country, and that people do everything to be similar to the Europeans .its good for the view...

  • After 1am Midnight!

    The name of the street is Sabra!Its not that it's insecure!Vice versa Beirut is a much secured place nowadays!but this street is public and it could be dangerous to face a thief or a gang after Midnight but it's really rare!

  • Israeli border is dangerous

    Stay away from the border to Israel since fights between Hezbollah and the Israeli army are not uncommon at all. Also notice that there have been a few bombings in Beirut during the last two years.

  • Personally I don't have any...

    Personally I don't have any bad experience in Lebanon, but be prepared for a lot of Hezbollah presence, especially when traveling to/in Baalbek. Military checkpoints for every 5 minutes, lots of Hezbollah flags and billboards. It’s probably best to avoid contact, like I did.

  • Make sure to agree with the...

    Make sure to agree with the TAXI before you get in. Most taxis will tell you 'no problem' regarding the price which definitely will put you in trouble as he will dictate his price later. Make sure to negotiate the price as they will always ask for more.

  • The political situation was...

    The political situation was still unstable when I visited Libanon in '98. I have to admit that I didn't follow the country's development since but I would recommend to ask, for instance at the rental car counter, if there are still areas you shouldn't go to - if they don't tell you anyway. We were advised to stay away from certain parts of the...

  • DRIVING: unless you are...

    DRIVING: unless you are suicidle, don't try driving in Lebanon. For some, it could be lots of fun (real size bumper cars). WATER: Drink only bottled water. No Tap water for sensitive stomach.

  • With the exit of the Israelis,...

    With the exit of the Israelis, things have changed.In January, I wanted to go from Ba'lbak to Hasbaya, but drivers were afraid to go that way - now, expect that's all OK. Be prepared for cold in the mountains & the Biqa' in the winter, especially at night.

  • Supernight clubs = brothels...

    Supernight clubs = brothels with expensive drinks.A supernight club is a bar frequented mostly by Russian women who are available for a fee. You are met a the door by the owner or a henchman and asked to by an overpriced drink, then you are approached by a lady.....need I say more. There is a number of these clubs in Jounieh.

  • Try to stay away from tap...

    Try to stay away from tap water, instead drink any kind of bottled water. Keep some kind of medicine with you so you can enjoy Lebanese fruits and vegetables without having stomach problems. Be careful of sidewalk venders, if they are only selling bread it's not a big deal, but don't buy any kind of meat product. You don't know how long they've...

  • Take due care if you drive in...

    Take due care if you drive in Lebanon, no one, and I mean no one has a motor insurance.If you're not used to eat raw meat, don't even try it.Picture: the Corinthian columns of the Temple of Jupiter - Ruins of Baalbek.

  • Just a word on the weather....

    Just a word on the weather. Lebanon's climate is moderate, but it can get really cold in winter. When traveling to Lebanon in summer, pack a sweater for your stay in the mountains.

  • Clothing:If you go to Baalbek...

    Clothing:If you go to Baalbek (which you should), it could be wise to consider how you dress if you are female. I went there with my girlfried, and she wanted to wear her new shorts. This was a friday, which is the musilm resting day. We walked around the city, and she got quite a lot of disapproving stares. I curse myself for not realizing that it...

  • There are some places where a...

    There are some places where a tourist is best to avoid : ghettos and such...Crime is a rare thing in Lebanon, theft as well. But poverty is on the increase, so ...As about the food, it's mostly harmless,but foreigners have to know that it's very greasy, so if u have heart problems, watch out !!!A lot of tourists seem to enjoy the row meet,...


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