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  • Inside Church of Nativity
    Inside Church of Nativity
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  • Spot marking birth of Jesus.
    Spot marking birth of Jesus.
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Most Viewed Things to Do in Bethlehem

  • 1. Bethlehem- Church of the Nativity

    The site of this basilica, located in Bethlehem, West Bank, was the first to be listed under Palestine by UNESCO as an Heritage Site. The original monument, commissioned in 327, by Constantine and his...

  • 2. church of the Nativity

    99% of Bethlehem visitors come for the church of the Nativity. The fortress-like church on top of the cave where Jesus was born is one of the top attractions in...

  • 3. Milk Grotto church

    Not really far from Manger square Milk Grotto was the first church we visited in Bethlehem. It’s the Grotto of Virgin Mary, a serene grotto in a soft white rock...

  • 4. Catholic Shepherds’ Fields

    "And there were shepherds living out in the fields nearby, keeping watch over their flocks at night. An angel of the Lord appeared to them, and the glory of the...

  • 5. Greek Orthodox church (Shrine of the Shepherds)

    According to orthodox tradition Eusebius (265-340AD) marked this place as the spot where angels came to tell the shepherds about the upcoming birth of Jesus...

  • 6. remains of old basilicas and Tomb of the Shepherds

    At the back side of the Orthodox Church (Shrine of the Shepherds) we noticed some ruins. According to a sign on the wall these are the remains of three...

  • 7. church of St. Catherine

    Church of St.Catherine is located right next to nativity church so we decided to check it this church too which is still part of an active Franciscan monastery....

  • 8. Manger Square

    Manger Square is the main square in city center of Bethlehem and is named after the Manger where Jesus Christ was born. It houses the main attraction for...

  • 9. mosque of Omar

    Mosque of Omar Bin Al-Khatab is open to non muslims too but expected to wear respectful wear. It’s located on Manger square, on the other side of where Nativity...

  • 10. graffiti at walls

    On our way out of Bethlehem the taxi took us to the main gate but it was closed, we just took some photos and walked back to the other gate. The Separation Wall...

  • 11. Church of the Nativity

    On Christmas day there were still hundreds, perhaps maybe a thousand, pilgrims in the town, in spite of the recent troubles. On other years tens of thousands...

  • 12. Church of the Nativity: Grotto of the Nativity

    this will be tip and pictures of the Small Grotto of the Nativity situated below the main altar of the Church of the Nativity where the Traditional site of...

  • 13. Church of the Nativity: Main Altar & Side Chapels

    this will be tips and pictures of the main altar of the Church of the Nativity, which is under the control of the Greek Orthodox Church and the side Chapels on...

  • 14. Church of the Nativity: Main Apse and Columns

    This will be tips and pictures of some of the 44 main columns inside the Church of the Nativity decorated with Crusader era Paintings of the Holy Family and the...

  • 15. Church of the Nativity: Door of Humility

    The Main Entrance to the Church of the Nativity is a small door that leads to a bigger wooden doors and finally to the Main Apse and Altar of the the Church....

  • 16. Church of the Nativity: Overview

    this will be a multi part tip of the Church of the NativityThe Church of the Nativity is the star attraction of Bethlehem and is the reason for the vibrant...

  • 17. Church of Saint Catherine: the caves

    this will be my pictures around the caves and rock formations under the church which lies just a few feet away from the grotto of the nativity.The Church of...

  • 18. Church of Saint Catherine: Inside

    this will be my pictures of the church proper, where the latin patriarch says the christmas eve mass.The Church of Saint Catherine is just beside the Church of...

  • 19. Church of Saint Catherine: Courtyard

    this will be my pictures of the front and courtyard of the churchThe Church of Saint Catherine is just beside the Church of the Nativity, in fact, they are...

  • 20. Milk Grotto Church 2

    Part two of of milk grotto tips with more pictures inside.The milk grotto is a Roman Catholic Grotto with a Chapel topside which is under the custody of the...

  • 21. Milk Grotto Church 1

    this will be a two part tip with more pictures around the Grotto.The milk grotto is a Roman Catholic Grotto with a Chapel topside which is under the custody of...

  • 22. The Bethlehem Separation Barrier

    If The Lord Jesus was born at the present, then there will be no Christmas in Bethlehem nor would Joseph and Mary could go to Bethlehem for the registration...

  • 23. Mosque of Omar

    It is ironic that Bethlehem is now a Muslim Majority Town but it only has one mosque. The Only mosque of Bethlehem is the Mosque of Omar, situated just a...

  • 24. Manger Square

    The Huge Manger Square is located at the front of the Church of the Nativity and across from the Church is the Mosque of Omar and beside the commercial...

  • 25. Shepherd's Field Helena Cave (Roman Catholic)

    This will be my tips and pictures of Restored Cave Like Chapel inside the Roman Catholic Part of the Biblical Sheperd's Fields in the Town of Bait Sahour, which...

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